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Episode 281: Michael Idov

Michael Idov is a screenwriter, journalist, and the former editor-in-chief of GQ Russia. His latest book is Dressed Up for a Riot. "It just goes to show that the best thing you can possibly do as a journalist is to forget you’re a journalist, go out, have some authentic experiences, preferably fail at something really hard, and then write about that." Thanks to MailChimp and Mubi for sponsoring this week's episode. @michaelidov Idov on Longform [01:15] "The Movie Set That Ate Itself" (GQ • Oct 2011) [02:00] Idov’s Archive at NY Mag [02:25] Dressed Up for a Riot (Farrar, Straus and Giroux • 2018) [06:35] “Samizdat” [14:00] "Bitter Brew" (Slate • Dec 2009) [16:55] Ground Up (Farrar, Straus and Giroux • 2009) [19:30] Adam Moss on the Longform Podcast [19:35] Jim Nelson on the Longform Podcast [21:40] "Georgia’s Next Leader May Be a Billionaire Zookeeper with Albino Rapper Children" (The New Republic • Sep 2012) [22:20] "Dosvedanie to All That" (Julia Ioffe • The New Republic • Feb 2014) [24:30] 4 (Magnolia Home Entertainment • 2009) [32:50] "My Accidental Career as a Russian Screenwriter" (New York Times • Jan 2016) [33:05] "Russia: Life After Trust" (New York • Jan 2017)

Episode 280: Liliana Segura

Liliana Segura writes for The Intercept. “My form of advocacy against the death penalty, frankly, has always been to tell those stories that other people aren’t seeing. And to humanize the people—not just the people facing execution, but everyone around them.” Thanks to MailChimp, Mubi, and Tripping.com for sponsoring this week's episode. @LilianaSegura Segura on Longform [01:50] "Dispatch From Angola: Faith-Based Slavery in a Louisiana Prison" (Colorlines • Aug 2011) [02:10] "What Happened to Rachel Gray" (The Intercept • Oct 2017) [02:15] "The Fire on Howard Avenue" (The Intercept • March 2017) [05:30] Bolton’s [06:10] Segura’s Archive at The Intercept [07:05] "Arkansas Plans to Execute Seven People This Month, Continuing Long Tradition of Assembly-Line" (The Intercept • April 2017) [11:00] "Playing With Fire" (The Intercept • Feb 2015) [25:30] "As Families in Charleston Share Stories and Pain, Dylann Roof Shows No Remorse" (The Intercept • Jan 2017) [25:30] "Will Dylann Roof’s Execution Bring Justice? Families of Victims Grapple With Forgiveness and Death" (The Intercept • Jan 2017) [28:50] "How a Daughter’s Search for her Biological Father Led to an Execution in Arkansas" (The Intercept • April 2017) [36:40] Segura’s Archive at Alter Net [38:40] "Five Women Are Accusing A Top Left-Leaning Media Executive Of Sexually Harassing Them" (Cora Lewis • BuzzFeed • Dec 2017) [46:10] "Publisher of The New Republic Resigns After Misconduct Claims" (Sydney Ember • NY Times • Nov 2017) [56:05] "A Living Death: Life Without Parole for Nonviolent Offenses" (ACLU Foundation • Nov 2013) [57:55] "Lead Prosecutor Apologizes for Role in Sending Man to Death Row" (A.M. "Marty" Stroud III • Shreveport Times • March 2015) [58:20] "A Prosecutor Seeks Redemption. Can We Allow Prisoners the Same?" (The Intercept • March 2015)

Episode 279: Seth Wickersham

Seth Wickersham is a senior writer for ESPN. His latest article is "For Kraft, Brady and Belichick, Is This the Beginning of the End?" “You want to write about something real. I hate stories that are, the tension of the story is, talk radio perception versus the reality that I see when I’m with somebody. I can’t stand those stories because to me, you’re just writing about the ether versus a real person, and that’s not a real tension to me. The inner tensions are the best tensions. You can’t get to them with everybody, but you try.” Thanks to MailChimp and Mubi for sponsoring this week's episode. @SethWickersham Wickersham on Longform [02:10] "For Kraft, Brady and Belichick, Is This the Beginning of the End?" (ESPN • Jan 2018) [05:35] "Spygate to Deflategate: Inside What Split the NFL and Patriots Apart " (Don Van Natta Jr., Seth Wickersham • ESPN • Sep 2015) [05:35] "The Secret Life of Tiger Woods" (Wright Thompson • ESPN • April 2016) [15:05] "Why Richard Sherman Can't Let Go of Seattle's Super Bowl Loss" (ESPN • May 2017) [16:35] "Sin City or Bust " (Seth Wickersham, Don Van Natta Jr. • ESPN • April 2017) [19:10] @bruceallen [25:05] “The Brady Hunch” (ESPN The Magazine • Dec 2001) [26:00] The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance (Tom Brady • Simon & Schuster • 2017) [26:50] “The Drive That Never Ends” (ESPN The Magazine • Sept 2016) [28:25] “Tom Brady's Most Dangerous Game” (ESPN The Magazine • Oct 2017) [30:15] “A Football Life: Meet Bill Belichick” (NFL Productions • NFL Network • 2009) [30:20] “Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Dressed Up as a Pirate for Halloween” (Nick Schwartz • USA Today • Oct 2013) [41:40] “Rick Carlisle Rips ESPN for Publishing LaVar Ball Story on Luke Walton's Job Status” (Chris Chavez • Sports Illustrated • Jan 2018) [44:20] "John Skipper Resigns as ESPN president; George Bodenheimer Takes Over as Acting Chairman” (ESPN • Dec 2017)

Episode 278: Nathan Thornburgh

Nathan Thornburgh is the co-founder of Roads & Kingdoms. "You have to remain committed to the kind of irrational act of producing journalism for an uncaring world. You have to want to do that so bad, that you will never not be doing that. There’s so many ways to die in this business." Thanks to MailChimp, Mubi, and Rise and Grind for sponsoring this week's episode. @thornburgh Thornburgh on Longform [01:45] Roads & Kingdoms [02:50] Pico Iyer [01:45] Coin Talk [05:35] "SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition Awards for Works Published in 2014 - 2015" [07:40] "The Prawn War" (Michael Snyder • Roads & Kingdoms • Sep 2016) [17:40] "The Mysterious Demise of Lucky Peach Magazine and Its Uncertain Future" (Tim Carman • Washington Post • March 2017) [20:15] "The Sound of Change: Can Music Save Cuba?" (Time • Nov 2008) [27:10] “Myanmar Unsanctioned" (Roads & Kingdoms • March 2012) [27:20] “Three Keys to Eating Well in Burma" (Matt Goulding • Roads & Kingdoms • May 2012) [28:10] "PRO MOVES by Breville and Roads and Kingdom" (breville • Feb 2015) [32:20] "Getting Kabul’s Milk to Market" (May Jeong • Roads & Kingdoms • Oct 4 2013) [39:20] Grape, Olive, Pig, Travels: Deep Travels Through Spain's Food Culture (Matt Goulding • Harper Wave/Anthony Bourdain • 2016) [41:00] "The R&K Guide to Accra" [41:15] "The R&K Guide to Tokyo" [41:30] "The R&K Guide to New Orleans" [48:10] The Trip

Episode 277: Kiera Feldman

Kiera Feldman is an investigative reporter. Her latest article is "Trashed: Inside the Deadly World of Private Garbage Collection." "I used to have a lot of anxiety that I don’t seem like an investigative reporter. Utlimately, my reporting personality is just me. It’s just, I want to be real with people. And the number one rule of repoting is to be a human being to other people. Be decent. Be kind." Thanks to MailChimp, RXBAR, and Tripping.com for sponsoring this week's episode. @kierafeldman kierafeldman.com Feldman on Longform [00:45] "Trashed: Inside the Deadly World of Private Garbage Collection" (Pro Publica • Jan 2018) [2:00] "With Child: The Right to Choose in Rapid City" (Harper's • Dec 2016) [2:00] "This Is My Beloved Son" (This Land Press • Oct 2014) [2:10] Longform Best of 2017 [03:00] The Investigative Fund  

Episode 276: Azmat Khan

Azmat Khan is an investigative reporter and a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine. "For me, what matters most is systematic investigation, and I think that’s different than an investigative story that might explore one case. It’s about stepping back and understanding the big picture and getting to the heart of something. It doesn’t have to be a number’s game, but being able to say: Look, I looked at a wide enough sample of whatever this issue is, and here is what this tells us. That is what I crave and love the most." Thanks to MailChimp and Barkbox for sponsoring this week's episode. @azmatzahra azmatzahra.com Khan on Longform [00:05] Coin Talk [01:55] Longform Podcast #125: Anand Gopal [01:55] "The Uncounted" (Azmat Khan, Anand Gopal • New York Times Magazine • Nov 2017) [02:35] "Targeting ISIS, and Killing Civilians" (Michael Barbaro • The Daily • Nov 2017) [02:35] "Counting Civilian Casualties in Iraq" (Michael Barbaro • The Daily • Nov 2017) [02:35] "The Unpaid Price of Civilian Casualties" (Michael Barbaro • The Daily • Nov 2017) [03:05] Longform Podcast #265: Michael Barbaro [26:25] "Ghost Students, Ghost Teachers, Ghost Schools" (BuzzFeed • July 2015) [31:35] "An Accounting for the Uncounted" (Robert Malley, Stephen Pomper • The Atlantic • Dec 2017) [34:10] "When War Comes Close to Home" (Zareena Grewal • NYTimes • Oct 2015) [52:40] "The Bombing of Al-Bara" (Frontline • Nov 2015) [53:15] No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban, and the War through Afghan Eyes (Anand Gopal • Metropolitan Books • 2014)

Episode 210: Ben Taub, New Yorker Staff Writer

Ben Taub is a staff writer at The New Yorker. “I don’t think it’s my place to be cynical because I’ve observed some of the horrors of the Syrian War through these various materials, but it’s Syrians that are living them. It’s Syrians that are being largely ignored by the international community and by a lot of political attention on ISIS. And I think that it wouldn’t be my place to be cynical when some of them still aren’t.” Thanks to MailChimp and Tripping for sponsoring this week's episode. @bentaub91 Taub on Longform [01:45] David Remnick on the Longform Podcast [07:45] "Was U.S. Journalist Steven Sotloff a Marked Man?" (Daily Beast • Sep 2014) [27:00] Taub on The Voice (YouTube) [32:00] "Journey to Jihad" (New Yorker • Jun 2015) [48:00] Rukmini Callimachi on the Longform Podcast (Part 1) [48:00] Rukmini Callimachi on the Longform Podcast (Part 2) [49:30] "The Shadow Doctors" (New Yorker • Jun 2016) [49:30] "The Assad Files," funded in part by a grant from the Pulitzer Foundation (New Yorker • Apr 2016) [51:00] "’They were torturing to kill’: inside Syria’s death machine" (Guardian • Oct 2015)

Episode 254: Maggie Haberman, New York Times White House Correspondent

Maggie Haberman covers the White House for The New York Times. “If I start thinking about it, then I’m not going to be able to just keep doing my job. I'm being as honest as I can — I try not to think about it. If you’re flying a plane and you think about the fact that if the plane blows up in midair you’re gonna die, do you feel like you can really focus as well? So, I’m not thinking about [the stakes]. This is just my job. This is what we do. Ask me another question.” Thanks to MailChimp for sponsoring this week's episode. @maggieNYT Haberman on Longform [01:45] "Manafort Talks With Senate Investigators About Meeting With Russians" (with Eileen Sullivan and Adam Goldman • New York Times • Jul 2017) [02:15] Haberman’s New York Times archive [02:30] Haberman’s New York Post archive [02:30] Haberman’s New York Daily News archive [03:15] readthissummer.com [03:15] "Paladino assails Cuomo’s parenting" (Politico • Oct 2010) [08:30] Harold and the Purple Crayon (Crockett Johnson • Harper Collins • 2015) [12:15] "Inside Donald Trump’s Last Stand: An Anxious Nominee Seeks Assurance" (with Ashley Parker, Jeremy W. Peters, and Michael Barbaro • New York Times • Nov 2016) [19:15] Private Parts [21:30] "Excerpts From the Times’s Interview With Trump" (with Peter Baker and Michael S. Schmidt • New York Times • Jul 2017) [32:45] "Trump and Staff Rethink Tactics After Stumbles" (with Glenn Thrush • New York Times • Feb 2017) [35:15] Steve Dunleavy’s New York Post archive [44:15] Broadcast News    

Episode 275: Tina Brown

Tina Brown, the former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, is the founder of Women in the World. Her latest book is The Vanity Fair Diaries. “I believed that my bravado had no limit, if you know what I mean. I see limits now, let’s put it that way. I do see limits. But you know, I’m still pretty reckless when I want something. That’s why I don’t tweet much. I’ll say something that will just cause me too much trouble.” Thanks to MailChimp and Squarespace for sponsoring this week's episode. @TinaBrownLM [00:00] Longform Best of 2017 [03:00] Vanity Fair Diaries (Henry Holt and Co. • 2014) [05:35] Tatler [12:00] "Darkness Visible" (William Styron • Vanity Fair • Dec 1989) [14:40] "Guarding Sing Sing" (Ted Conover • New Yorker • April 2000) [14:40] Longform Podcast #38 Ted Conover [16:00] "Dominick Dunne on His Daughter’s Murder" (Dominick Dunne • Vanity Fair • March 1984) [28:10] "10 Years Ago, an Omen No One Saw" (David Carr • New York Times • Aug 2009) [31:50] The Diana Chronicles (Anchor • 2007) [38:40] "Bruna Papandrea Options Tina Brown’s ‘Vanity Fair Diaries’ For Limited TV Series" (Nellie Andreeva • Deadline • Sept 2017) [41:43] Women in the World  

Episode 274: Mara Shalhoup

Mara Shalhoup was until recently editor-in-chief of LA Weekly. She is the author of BMF: The Rise and Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family. “I’m so fearful about what it will look like for cities without an outlet for [alt-weekly] stories. And for young writers, who need and deserve the hands-on editing these kind of editors can give them and help really launch careers … it’s a tragedy for journalism. It’s a tragedy for young people, people of color. It’s a tragedy for the subjects of stories that won’t get written now. That’s just the reality.” Thanks to Mail Chimp, Mubi, and Skillshare for sponsoring this week's episode. @mshalhoup Shalhoup on Longform [01:15] Creative Loafing [01:20] Chicago Reader [01:35] "Rich People Demolished L.A. Weekly To Build The Future They Want For Journalism" (Patrick Redford • Deadspin • Dec 2017) [06:55] "Brian Calle Wants to Turn LA Weekly into 'The Cultural Center' of the City " (Lauren Raab • LA Times • Nov 2017) [11:00] "LA Weekly Reveals Its Secret Owners: Mostly Men with Orange County Ties" (David Pierson, Lauren Raab • LA Times • Dec 2017) [12:25] @LAWeekly [13:10] "Armstrong Williams Wants to Buy Washington City Paper: Report" (Brett Samuels • The Hill • Dec 2017) [30:45] "A Touch of Gastronomic Magic Spices Up Voltaggio's ink.well" (Javier Cabral • LA Weekly • Dec 2017) [30:55] "James and Dave Franco Make a Great Film About the Worst Movie Ever: The Room" (April Wolfe • LA Weekly • Dec 2017) [36:15] "Hip-hop's Shadowy Empire" (Creative Loafing • Dec 2006) [36:15] BMF: The Rise and Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family (St. Martin's Griffin • Jan 2011)

Episode 273: Zoe Chace

Zoe Chace is a reporter and producer at This American Life. “Radio is a movie in your head. It’s a very visual thing. It’s a transporting thing—when it’s done well. And it’s louder than your thoughts. It is both of those things. It would just take me out of the place that I was, where I was lost and couldn’t figure things out. ... They had a very personal way of telling the story to you, so that you kind of felt like you’re there with them. Like it’s less lonely, it’s literally less lonely to have them there. And that felt really good.” Thanks to MailChimp, Mubi, Squarespace, and Casper for sponsoring this week's episode. @zchace [02:30] Chace's Archive at This American Life [02:30] Chace's Archive at Planet Money [04:00] Longform Podcast #239: Brian Reed [05:50] S-Town [16:10] Weekend Edition Saturday [25:45] "Donald Trump: Ban all Muslim travel to U.S." (Jeremy Diamond • CNN • Dec 2015) [28:55] "I Thought I Knew You" (This American Life • Jan 2016) [33:35] "Sex, Boyhood and Politics in South Carolina" (This American Life • Feb 2016) [41:35] "The Believer" (Julia Ioffe • Politico • June 2016) [43:00] "Will I Know Anyone at This Party" (This American Life • Oct 2016) [43:30] "Party in the USA" (This American Life • Oct 2016) [50:25] "Flake News" (This American Life • Oct 2017) [55:10] "Fighting Donald Trump Cost Jeff Flake His Job. But He's Not Going Quietly" (Nash Jenkins • Time • Nov 2017) [55:20] Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle (Jeff Flake • Random House • 2017)

Episode 272: Jason Leopold

Jason Leopold is a senior investigative reporter for Buzzfeed and the author of News Junkie. “I made the worst mistake that cost me my credibility and I could have done two things. I could have walked away, and said I’m done with this, no one wants me anymore. Or I could have—which I did—say, I’m going to learn how to do this differently, and be better. And that’s ultimately is what paved the way to this FOIA work. Because no one trusted me anymore.” Thanks to MailChimp, Credible, Mubi, and Skillshare, for sponsoring this week's episode. @JasonLeopold Leopold on Longform [01:50] "Promethea Unbound" (Mike Mariani • Ativist • Nov 2017) [02:10] FOIA.gov [03:45] Leopold’s Buzzfeed Archive [05:15] "Military-Industrial Complex Speech" (Dwight D. Eisenhower • Public Papers of the Presidents • 1961) [07:50] "How I Got Clinton’s Emails" (Vice • Nov 2016) [12:40] "Did Sebastian Gorka Bolt From the White House—Or Was He Pushed?" (Asawin Suebsaeng, Spencer Ackerman • The Daily Beast • Aug 2017) [13:50] "Sebastian Gorka Gave A Classified 'Tirade' About Radical Islam?" (Buzzfeed • Sept 2017) [16:30] "How the US Military's Fight Against the Islamic State Became 'Operation Inherent Resolve’" (Vice News • Jan 2016) [22:10] "A Bunch Of CIA Contractors Got Fired For Stealing Snacks From Vending Machines" (Jason Leopold, David Mack • Buzzfeed • June 2017) [26:10] News Junkie (Rare Bird Books • June 2014) [27:35] "Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to Reporters" (Truthout • May 2006) [41:00] "Air Force Pulls ‘Jesus Loves Nukes’ Ethics Training After Publication of Truthout Report" (Truthout • July 2011) [50:00] Citizen Four (Praxis Films • 2014) [53:10] "The Secret Correspondence Between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks" (Julia Ioffe • The Atlantic • Nov 2017) [53:40] "Secret Finding: 60 Russian Payments ‘To Finance Election Campaign Of 2016’ (Jason Leopold, Anthony Cormier, Jessica Garrison • Buzzfeed • Nov 2017) [59:15] Investigative Reporters and Editors [59:25] National Security Archive [59:35] "Effective FOIA Requesting for Everyone” (National Security Archive • 2008) [60:50] FOIA Online

Episode 271: Kara Swisher

Kara Swisher is the executive editor and co-founder of Recode. “I do the work. I just work harder than other people. I really do. I work harder, I interview more people, I call more people, I text more people. And so I find out, and they can not talk to me — fine. I know anyway. I’d like to talk to you, I’d like to give you a chance. I’d like to be fair. I’d like to hear your side of the story. And the most important thing is, I think smart people – and these are very smart people — like smart questions. They don’t like the fawning questions. They don’t like being licked up and down all day. Some of the day they like it. They want someone who knew them before they were billionaires. Because when you’re a billionaire, every day you’re so smart. Everyone wants something from you.” Thanks to Mubi, Findaway Voices, and Mail Chimp for sponsoring this week's episode. And thanks to Pop-Up Magazine for making our live show possible! @karaswisher [02:35] Longform Podcast #239: Brian Reed [02:50] Recode [02:55] Recode Decode [03:00] Code Conference [04:40] "Kara Swisher’s First Tech Article Was About Pay Phones in 1980" (Jesse Rifkin • A Step in the Write Direction • Nov 2017) [08:10] "McLaughlin Suit Settled" (Jim Naughton, Phil McCombs • Washington Post • Dec 1999) [10:00] "Pundit Power" (Eric Alterman • Washington Post • March 1989) [11:30] Longform Podcast #128: Jack Shafer [22:51] AOL.com: How Steve Case Beat Bill Gates, Nailed the Netheads, and Made Millions in the War for the Web (Crown Business • 1998) [35:25] Swisher’s Archive at Vanity Fair [41:20] "Uber CEO Kalanick Advised Employees on Sex Rules for a Company Celebration in 2013 ‘Miami Letter’" (Kara Swisher, Johana Bhuiyan • Recode • June 2017) [41:40] "A Top Uber Executive, Who Obtained the Medical Records of a Customer Who Was a Rape Victim, Has Been Fired’" (Kara Swisher, Johana Bhuiyan • Recode • June 2017) [41:40] "The Men and (No) Women Facebook of Facebook Management" (Wall Street Journal • Aug 2007) [41:50] "The Men and No Women of Web 2.0 Boards" (Wall Street Journal • Dec 2010) [43:40] "Will Twitter Add a Woman Director Before the IPO?" (Wall Street Journal • Sept 2013) [48:40] " Missing Milly Dowler's Voicemail Was Hacked by News of the World" (Nick Davies, Amelia Hill • The Guardian • July 2011) [58:35] There Must Be a Pony in Here Somewhere (Crown Business • 2003) [61:35] Pop-Up Magazine [61:40] California Sunday

Episode 270: Tyler Cowen

Tyler Cowen is an economist, the co-founder of Marginal Revolution, and the host of Conversations with Tyler. His latest book is The Complacent Class: The Self-Defeating Quest for the American Dream. “I think of my central contribution, or what I’m trying to have it be, is teaching people to think of counter arguments. I’m trying to teach a method: always push things one step further. What if, under what conditions, what would make this wrong? If I write something and people respond to it that way, then I feel very happy and successful. If people just agree with me, I’m a little disappointed.” Thanks to MailChimp and Squarespace for sponsoring this week's episode. @tylercowen www.tylercowen.com Cowen on Longform [01:10] @maxlinsky [01:30] Marginal Revolution [01:50] Tyler Cowen’s Ethnic Dining Guide [02:00] In Praise of Commercial Culture (Harvard University Press • 1998) [03:20] "Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer" (The Metropolitan Museum of Art • Nov 2017) [03:25] "The Exterminating Angel" (The Metropolitan Opera • Oct 2017) [09:30] The Complacent Class (St. Martin’s Press • 2017) [13:05] "Job Creation and Firm Dynamics in the United States" (John Haltiwanger • University of Chicago Press • April 2011) [13:25] "The School That Won’t Let Students Play Tag or Hold Hands" (Eleanor Barkhorn• The Atlantic • Nov 2013) [13:30] "Middle School Bans Student’s Star Wars T-Shirt of Stormtrooper Holding a Gun" (Alex Griswold • Mediaite • Dec 2015) [42:25] "Ethiopian" (Tyler Cowen's Ethnic Dining Guide • March 2006) [42:30] "Afghan Bistro" (Tyler Cowen's Ethnic Dining Guide • Sept 2016) [42:35] "Elephant Jumps" (Tyler Cowen's Ethnic Dining Guide • March 2014) [43:20] "Erdogan Guards Will Face Charges for Beating D.C. Protesters" (Caroline Bankoff • NY Mag • June 2017) [43:50] Cowen’s Archive at the Bloomberg View

Episode 269: Jodi Kantor

Jodi Kantor is a New York Times investigative reporter and the author of The Obamas. “Being a reporter really robs you of self-consciousness and shyness. You realize that it’s this great gift of being able to ask crazy questions, either really personal or very probing or especially with a powerful — to walk up to Harvey Weinstein, essentially and say, ‘What have you been doing to women all these years, and for how long? All of these other people may be afraid to confront you about it, but we are not.’ That is our job.” Thanks to MailChimp and Eero for sponsoring this week's episode. @jodikantor jodikantor.net Kantor on Longform 11/12: Longform Podcast, Live in Chicago with Zoe Chace 11/15: Longform Podcast, Live in San Francisco with Kara Swisher [00:50] "Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades" (Jodi Kantor, Megan Twohey • New York Times • Oct 2017) [02:10] "Promethea Unbound" (Mike Mariani • Atavist • Nov 2017) [03:30] "From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Tell Their Stories" (Ronan Farrow • New Yorker • Oct 2017) [03:45] "Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies" (Ronan Farrow • New Yorker • Nov 2017) [04:50] "New Accusers Expand Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Claims Back to ’70s" (Ellen Gabler, Megan Twohey, Jodi Kantor • New York Times • Oct 2017) [5:15] "Kevin Spacey Issues Apology to Actor After Sexual Accusation " (Michael Paulson • New York Times • April 2017) [8:00] "Bill O’Reilly Thrives at Fox News, Even as Harassment Settlements Add Up" (Emily Steel, Michael S. Schmidt • New York Times • April 2017) [9:05] "Women in Tech Speak Frankly on Culture of Harassment" (Katie Benner • New York Times • June 2017) [10:50] "Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace" (Jodi Kantor, David Streitfeld • New York Times • Aug 2015) [18:55] "Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Others Say Weinstein Harassed Them" (Jodi Kantor, Rachel Abrams • New York Times • Oct 2017) [38:10] "Working Anything but 9 to 5" (New York Times • Aug 2014) [46:10]Longform Podcast #198: Franch Rich [48:00]The Obamas (Little, Brown and Company • 2012)

Episode 268: Jim Nelson

Jim Nelson is the editor-in-chief of GQ. “One of the things that was initially a challenge was we would all think of like ‘the print side’ and ‘the digital side’ and now what we all think about is, ‘Okay, stop saying GQ.com and GQ the print edition. It’s just GQ!’ And once you cross that line, you don’t ever want to go back to it. I can’t imagine. The job has changed so much, even in the last three years, that when I look back, I think, ‘God, I was just such a quaint little fucker.’” Thanks to MailChimp and Squarespace for sponsoring this week's episode. [01:15] 11/12: Longform Podcast, Live in Chicago with Zoe Chace [01:25] 11/15: Longform Podcast, Live in Chicago with Kara Swisher [10:25] "The Horrible Bosses of Hollywood" (GQ • April 2014) [14:10] "Shipping Out" (David Foster Wallace • Harper’s Magazine • Jan 1996) [14:15] "Ticket to the Fair" (David Foster Wallace • Harper’s Magazine • July 1994) [19:15] Pineapple Street Media [21:30] "The AIDS Deniers" (GQ • June 2017) [28:35] "Rick Santorum Is Straight" (Robert Draper • GQ • Aug 2003) [32:35] GQ on Snapchat Discover [33:55] GQ on Instagram [43:25] "Upon This Rock" (John Jeremiah Sullivan • GQ • Jan 2004) [44:50] "TheIncredible Buddha Boy" (George Saunders • GQ • May 2006) [45:25] "Traffic" (Jeanne Marie Laskas • GQ • March 2009) [45:25] "Underworld" (Jeanne Marie Laskas • GQ • May 2007) [45:50] "Have You Heard the One About President Joe Biden?" (Jeanne Marie Laskas • GQ • July 2013) [45:40] "Inside the Federal Bureau of Way Too Many Guns?" (Jeanne Marie Laskas • GQ • Aug 2016) [45:45] "The Old Man at Burning Man" (Wells Tower • GQ • Aug 2015) [45:50] "Dear Leader Dreams of Sushi" (Adam Johnson • GQ • June 2013) [45:55] "No Exit" (Sean Flynn • GQ • Sept 2013) [45:05] "18 Tigers, 17 Lions, 8 Bears, 3 Cougars, 2 Wolves, 1 Baboon, 1 Macaque, and 1 Man Dead in Ohio" (Chris Heath • GQ • Feb 2012) [45:15] "Searching for Sugar Daddies" (Taffy Brodesser-Akner • GQ • Aug 2015) [45:15] "The Suicide Catcher" (Mike Paterniti • GQ • Aug 2010) [45:15] "The Uber Killer: The Real Story of One Night of Terror" (Chris Heath • GQ • Aug 2016) [50:45] "The Untold Story of Kim Jong-nam’s Assassination" (Doug Bock Clark • GQ • Sep 2017) [52:45] "I Surrendered My Wardrobe" (Sean Hotchkiss • GQ • Dec 2016) [54:45] "The Blind Faith of Juan Jose Padilla, the One-Eyed Matador" (Karen Russell • GQ • Oct 2012) [55:00] Fly Me (Daniel Riley • Hachette • 2017) [56:15] "Why Me?" (Elizabeth Gilbert • GQ • April 2002)

Episode 267: Sarah Ellison

Sarah Ellison is a special correspondent at Vanity Fair and the author of War at the Wall Street Journal. “There’s no lack of stories. ... There’s always an element where you’re going to be parachuting into something that someone has likely written about, to some degree. You can’t shy away from going into something that’s a crowded field.” Thanks to MailChimp, Quip, and BarkBox for sponsoring this week's episode. @Sarahlellison sarahlellison.com Ellison on Longform [00:15] 11/15: Longform Podcast, Live in Chicago with Kara Swisher [00:45] 11/12: Longform Podcast, Live in Chicago with Zoe Chace [03:00] Longform Podcast #111: Anne Helen Petersen [03:00] Longform Podcast #224: Hua Hsu [04:15] The Hive [04:20] Ellison's Vanity Fair archive [05:00] "Exiles on Pennsylvania Avenue: How Jared and Ivanka Were Repelled by Washington’s Elite" (Vanity Fair • Oct 2017) [05:45] "The Inside Story of the Kushner-Bannon Civil War" (Vanity Fair • May 2017) [07:30] Longform Podcast #254 Maggie Haberman [12:30] "The Man Who Spilled Secrets” (Vanity Fair • Feb 2011) [13:15] "Exclusive: Is Donald Trump’s Endgame the Launch of Trump News?" (Vanity Fair • June 2016) [19:30] "Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades" (Jodi Kantor, Megan Twohey • NY Times • Oct 2017) [19:45] "Inside the Final Days of Roger Ailes’s Reign at Fox News" (Vanity Fair • Nov 2016) [27:15]"After a Rape Story, a Murder, and Lawsuits: What’s Next for the Univeristy of Virginia?" (Vanity Fair • Oct 2015) [30:00]"Diana’s Impossible Dream" (Vanity Fair • Sept 2013) [34:35]War at the Wall Street Journal. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • May 2010) [37:45]"Has Trump Turned CNN Into a House of Existential Dread?" (Vanity Fair • July 2017) [37:45]"Has Megyn’s Star Already Been Eclipsed?" (Vanity Fair • Sept 2017) [39:45]"Ghosts in the Newsroom" (Vanity Fair • Apr 2012) [40:00]"Ex-New Republic Staffers Knew Chris Hughes Was Fed Up" (Vanity Fair • Jan 2016) [40:00]"The Rules of Succession" (Vanity Fair • Dec 2011)

Episode 266: Patricia Bosworth

Patricia Bosworth is a journalist and biographer. Her latest book is "The Men in My Life." “The [acting] rejections are hellish and ghastly. At least they were to me. And I got tired of being rejected so much and also tired of not being able to control my life. And as soon as I became a writer, I had this control, I felt more active, more energized. But it was a decision that took a long time coming.” Thanks to MailChimp, Squarespace, and Heaven's Gate for sponsoring this week's episode. @p_bosworth pbosworth.com Bosworth on Longform [00:05] Heaven's Gate [00:25] Snap Judgement [01:25] The Fest Presents: The Longform Podcast with special guest Zoe Chace [02:30] "Some Mother's Boy" (Atavist • Oct 2017) [3:10] Diane Arbus: A Biography (Afred A. Knopf • 1984) [03:10] Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (River Road Entertainment • 2006) [3:20] The Men in My Life (Harper • 2017) [5:55] Strumpet Wind (Gertrude Bosworth Crum • Covici Friede Publishers • 1938) [6:20] The Tempest (William Shakespeare • Simon & Schuster • 2004) [07:50] Colete’s Archive at The New York Times [09:40] Bosworth’s Archive at Playbill [09:45] The Nun’s Story (Warner Brothers • 1959) [14:15] Stoner [16:00] "To Vonnegut, the Hero Is the Man Who Refuses to Kill" (New York Times • Oct 1970) [18:05] Montgomery Clift: A Biography (Harcourt • 1978) [20:45] Marlon Brando: A Biography (Viking • 2001) [20:55] Jane Fonda: The Private Life of a Public Woman (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt • 2011) [22:30] "New Documents" (The Museum of Modern Art • 1967) [24:10] Harold Nemerov’s Archive at The Poetry Foundation  

Episode 265: Michael Barbaro

Michael Barbaro is the host of The Daily. “I don’t think The Daily should ever be my therapy session. That’s not what it’s meant to be, but I’m a human being. I arrive at work on a random Tuesday, and I do an interview with a guy like that, and it just punched me right in the stomach, and so I felt things.” Thanks to MailChimp, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Blinkist for sponsoring this week's episode. @mikiebarb Barbaro on Longform [00:55] The Daily [01:20] Barbaro’s Archive at The New York Times [03:15] samanthahenig.com [05:40] New Haven Register [10:50] Robert G. Kaiser's The Washington Post archive [15:10] David Leonhardt’s New York Times archive [17:30] "Wal-Mart Memo Suggests Ways to Cut Employee Benefit Costs" (Steven Greenhouse, Michael Barbaro • New York Times • Oct 2005) [19:25] "$1.1 Billion in Thanks From Bloomberg to Johns Hopkins" (New York Times • Jan 2013) [22:20] The Run-Up [19:55] “Trump: New York Times Reporter Should Resign" (Mark Hensch • The Hill • May 2016) [21:10] "Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private" (Michael Barbaro, Megan Twohey • New York Times • May 2016) [21:40] Longform Podcast #153: Tim Ferriss [27:00] “An Appreciation of Michael Barbaro and 'The Daily'" (Rebecca Mead • New Yorker • Aug 2017) [30:50] “The Climate Change Battle Through One Coal Miner’s Eyes” (The Daily • Mar 2017) [39:25] "A Conversation With a Former White Nationalist" (The Daily • Aug 2017) [39:30] "The White Flight of Derek Black" (Eli Saslow • Washington Post • Oct 2016) [40:20] "Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappropriately" (Megan Twohey, Michael Barbaro • New York Times • Oct 2016) [45:25] “Syria Strike and Senate Standoff” (The Daily • April 2017) [52:15] “Carlos’s Secret” (The Daily • Feb 2017) [52:45] Monica Davey’s Archive at The New York Times [53:30] "We Gotta Talk About Michael Barbaro, The Host of The NYT's Daily Podcast" (Mariah Oxley • Buzzfeed • April 2017) [56:05] Barbaro’s Reddit AMA

Episode 264: Vanessa Grigoriadis

Vanessa Grigoriadis writes for Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times Magazine. Her new book is Blurred Lines: Rethinking Sex, Power, and Consent on Campus. “I’m a controversial writer. I’ve never shied away from controversy. I’ve only really courted it because I realized a lot earlier than a lot of other people who are involved in this whole depressing business that clicks are the way to go, right? Or eyeballs, as we used to call them, or readership. I come out of a Tom Wolfe-like, Hunter S. Thompson kind of tradition. You don’t mince any words, you just go for the jugular and you say as many things that can stir people up as possible.” Thanks to MailChimp, Squarespace, and Casper for sponsoring this week's episode. @vanessagrigor www.vanessagrigoriadis.com Grigoriadis on Longform [01:20] Longform Podcast #40: Vanessa Grigoriadis [01:35] Grigoriadis’ Archive at Vanity Fair [01:40] Grigoriadis’ Archive at Rolling Stone [01:45] Blurred Lines: Rethinking Sex, Power, and Consent on Campus (Eamon Dolan • 2017) [02:00] "Shining a Light on Campus Rape" (Michelle Goldberg • New York Times • Sep 2017) [06:30] "The Passion of Nicki Minaj" (New York Times • Oct 2015) [06:30] "The Very Pink, Very Perfect Life of Taylor Swift" (Rolling Stone • Mar 2009) [06:30] "Justin Bieber: God, Girls and Boatloads of Swag" (Rolling Stone • Mar 2011) [08:30] "Meet the College Women Who Are Starting a Revolution Against Campus Sexual Assault" (New York • Sep 2014) [11:45] “‘A Rape on Campus’ What Went Wrong?” (Sheila Coronel, Steve Coll, Derek Kravitz • Rolling Stone • April 2015) [22:15] "A Power Player and her Sons Disappear Off the Bahamas" (Jacob Bernstein • New York Times • May 2017) [26:00] "Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Replaces Obama-era Guidelines for Handling Sexual Assault on Campus" (Lauren Rosenblatt • LA Times • Sep 2017) [36:00] "Emasculated? We’ll See!" (New York Post • Oct 2007) [39:00] "New York Times Publishes Eye-Popping Correction on Campus-Sexual-Assault Book Review" (Erik Wemple • Washington Post • Sep 2017) [44:00] "Glamour’s Cindi Leive Joins List of Top Editors to Exit" (Keith J. Kelly • New York Post • Sep 2017) [44:00] "Rolling Stone, Once a Counterculture Bible, Will Be Put Up for Sale" (Sydney Ember • New York Times • Sep 2017) [44:45] "An American Drug Lord in Acapulco" (Rolling Stone • Aug 2011) [45:00] "The Rise and Fall of the Eco-Radical Underground" (Rolling Stone • June 2011) [45:00] "The Tragedy of Britney Spears" (Rolling Stone • Feb 2008)