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Beach EPisode 2019 Yung Doji

Beach EPisode Timestamps New Morning Sun (Rise and Shine) 0:00- Hijacked by Pirates 2:27 Suikawari 4:41 Tanoshii Taimu 6:22 Gazing at my Crush During the Hanabi 8:44

Lofi Poser EP(2019)| YungDoji Free Download below

Download for free here and hope you enjoy! Lofi Poser Time stamps F I Y A F L Y 0:00- Inhale x Exhale 1:46- If I could then I would...Change for the better 3:30 Drifting on my Nimbus Cloud 5:56 StarGazin' Nightz 9:10 Mind of Solace 11:33 Uhh wait what? 13:40 Blurrberry Cologne 14:49 Drunk W' Nostalgia 16:44

experimental lofi
Gone Too Soon

Wun 4 Etika

S u m m e r B r e e z e Free DL Below

First track like this in maybe 5 years hope you like You want a download? Here ya go please share!

D A I K A Z O K U D R E A M Z 2 0 1 9 (REVISION)

Had to revise this after 4 YEARS...crazy hope you like

Pleasant Pastimes Of Youth (JVST 4 Drums Promo)
YungDoji thanks for this and be sure to download yours today!

sleepy trap
The F E E L I N G i can't express with W O R D S (4k Dedication THANK YOU!)

this is for all the support yall have given me this is the last thing i seriously made. i wish i can add more to it but im not capable to do it since my comp is dying and my hearing and my everything situation isnt right. So yea made this chill jam and i hope yall like thanks so much for everything i wish you all well!

Devilman Crybaby Japanese Rap Freestyles Remixes (YungDoji)

yea worked real hard on this might as well upload it right? hope ya like

Anxiety Meditation. YungDoji(lyrics in description)

this that liquid levimeditation its the hyberbolic time chamber for concentration since times are changing theres no more time for waiting venting my environment speak on the observation my thoughts uncontrollable im getting tired fam been zingin through my mind zip-lining like spiderman i dont know how to cope anymore i should just bite a xan but that might open doors i aint ready to set sights on so keep ya head up things gonna get brighter man you need to shut up and stop all of this lying, damn im so sick and fed up of all of this crying and i hate my second mom she wouldnt care if im dying i endured the abuse, i confront, they denying then switch up the blame, justifying justifying and you know whats divine? youre blind to the fact youll be alone in no time Understand, hurt people hurt people i get so depressed i feel like im dirts equal this arc sucks im waiting on 3rd sequel hope this character develops more and murks evil if not become hollow and further see-through tell me... What is my purpose other than being so worthless in this world everyone has value im feeling quirkless, like Deku my hands are shaking im nervous hearts breaking from panic attack surges and whats worse is i feel like i deserve it but im confident one day i will reverse it i just wanna be happy i dont want to be bitter or ima end up exactly what i said back on twitter (july 4 2017) i watch anime about family cause thats the life i wish for all day every day in a dark room, enable auto play, take a deep breath its gon be all okay... thats all i have to say so let the music fade

Sotaisei Riron - Love Is a War (YungDoji Remix)

banging out another one of her mixes i hope you enjoy

I Dont See What You See (World To Burn) - YungDoji (Lyrics in Description)

Its a real rough edit and its depressing AF i wrote this during my hiatus and decided to record it since im feeling kinda down again. I recorded this so many times my voice kinda went out LYRICS pressure on me man im just tryna chill (and do the right thing) for the longest time i been numb so its all surreal this life thing it aint working out im not sure how to feel i fail at everything, i fail at everything maybe i should peel (out) they say "things gon get better" but i swear it never does because when i think more positive more and more things get sus all achievements get undone and im right back at square one extremely overwhelmed nd i cant talk to anyone nothings fun anymore cause they wont understand all day stuck in my room snug in quicksand i escape to my comfortzone and i deal with it quietly throwing up smiles hiding my crippling anxiety i feel like im being fake and not being genuine hearts made of gelatin awfully damagin im sick of feelin like wreck i wanna be well again or the cycle continues and riding through hell again chorus- Im so sick of this life i just want the world to burn i just want the world to burn i just want the world to burn I dont see what you see ( i dont see what you see) All i see is complete failure but i bet you disagree yall put too much faith in me thats just too much pressure b Im boutta leave this planet so forget about me every single morning that i wake up im an empty shell homie you are worthless you are garbage which i often yell silently to myself in the mirror, and you are an error maybe you should just give up, hope? there is no glimmer nope, there is no winner, inna world like this is a crisis these cries for help make my eyes itch which sucks cuz im like the nicest guy to ever exist stop being indecisive and just commit persist and do not resist the quest until completed im too defeated im too anxious even to succeed it this life i dont need it but their faces i can see it which haunts me all the time how dare i conceive it im sorry i wont talk about these things anymore i promise, pinky promise i wont bring pain to your core ima try to straighten my life out with the hands im dealt cant cowardly turn the lights out when i feel imma melt i want to accept the positives and improve my health so one day one day someday i can finally love my self

If I Could Then I Would...change it all for the better

something new from me i hope you like

Welcome to XD, Baby


君に届きたい | I want to reach you ( Free DL )

idk something i thought was upload worthy

キス | Kiss | 2017 (Free DL Available) @YungDojikko

a revision of my most popular track i hope you enjoy On this version i made the sound more leveled and easier to enjoy and listen too at high volumes, I added more drums and made the drums a tad bit punchier, more hats variations and the percs and such not so ear piercing and ofc added my new tag and signatures <3

Tsundere Love (ft Arael)

Thanks to @araelsounds in 2014 for this collab i love this so much hope you all as well