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DJ Three - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

THE MORNING AFTER… Manic Monday, as it were. This was my first time getting into some post-Burning Man revelry. It’s as weird & wonky as you can imagine, as we let it all hang out one last time with dust-crusted brains and even crustier DJ gear. Perfect really… x Photo & Design: John Dill

Diplo - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

Photo & Design: John Dill

Christian Voldstad - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

Burn night, 4am. The man is a pile of smoldering embers. The heart lights up, people gather. I cue up my first track, and the morning unfolds... @christianvoldstad Photo by: John Dill

Pedro Arbulu - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

This whole experience was very emotional and humbling for me. As the bus drove out to the man early Tuesday morning, I felt an enormous amount of love and support from friends riding their bikes alongside, Burners dancing, family looking down on me and even from those who weren’t able to be there with me. I loved every second of it and I feel incredibly blessed and grateful. Photo: John Dill

Serge Devant - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

Something that once seemed like a distant dream, seven years ago during my first Burning Man, actually became a reality for me three years ago when I played the Robot Heart bus for the first time. I was beyond happy to make my way back for their 10 year anniversary this past summer. I have been greatly inspired through so many special dusty mornings at Robot heart, and have made countless friends and unforgettable memories over the years. I owe a lot to my changing the style and direction of my music to my first Burning Man and me experiencing Robot heart there. I am forever thankful for their existence and hope they will live on for many more years to come! Happy 10th anniversary :) Photo: John Dill

ACID MONDAYS - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

Absolutely buzzing to be able to share the recording from our set at Burning Man 2017! It was our first Burn and also our first time on the Robot Heart bus so being involved in the 10 year anniversary was a big honour which we’re really grateful for. We got to play as the bus drove out from base camp into Deep Playa and seeing all those people riding alongside on their bikes while we played was truly unique and memorable. Big thanks to all the Robot Heart team and everyone who was there for co-creating such a special experience. See you in 2018!! Photo: John Dill

Birds Of Mind - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

As we stepped on the bus we knew we would remember this moment all our lives. The lights, the colors, the energy of the crowd, the statue of the «Man» facing us and the sun slowly rising in the horizon everything seemed unreal and was intensely inspirational. We are honored to introduce you the recording of our musical journey played on Monday night on the Robot Heart bus for their 10 years anniversary in Burning Man. Photo: John Dill

Igor Marijuan - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

When I received my invite to play the bus last year the first thing I did was to tell it to my son NEO (7 years old) and speak about happiness and how people should follow their dreams staying true with what they like. I couldn't even think I would ever play one day at Robot Heart. And now .. this was about to happen. That night was truly special. It was the first night of Burning Man and you could feel the excitement of the Robot Heart crew and all the burners. We all were waiting for one year to arrive home. That evening on my way to the camp i was passing through my friends camps super excited and inviting them to come with me joining the bus trip. So this was me with my gang jumping in and the bus leaving the camp with the music on full power mode. Because it was the first night and there wasn't much traffic around, the bus was very active from one place to the other while the DJ's were playing with dozens of bikes and mutant cars and lights following it. Then it was my time to play and the bus stopped. I played for one hour and the feeling that I had it was like Robot Heart was dictating me what to play. It was like playing an instrument. Is a completely different sensation to any other gig and I loved it. When i finished I wanted to keep the emotion with me and I decided to jump out by myself in the middle of the Playa, then I met one of the Robot Heart founders and I hugged him... many times... and showed my gratitude for doing this... and I walked. Walked alone on a magical night on deep Playa. This feelings will stay with me forever. Thanks Robot Heart team and happy 10 years anniversary! Photo: Christian Lamb

Alex Joy - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

It was Sunday opening night on the Playa, excitement was in the air as new burn was upon us, some had just arrived some had been setting up for weeks, once that heart lit up we all knew where to go. Robot Heart has been a source of inspiration for me, in fact the track I opened with “Unity” was inspired by my experience at Robot Heat way back in 2012, my first burn. The other unusual sounds you are hearing are recordings from the rainforest of Indonesia and Gamelan rhythms from Bali island where I spend much time. The Rainforest’s of Indonesia are very close to my heart and we do a lot with our Rainforest Pavilion initiative to protect these wonders. To be included into the Robot Heart family and invited to play is a great honor, the experience lived up to everything I could have hoped for. Magic is the only word I can use to describe playing and swaying back and forth on that giant illuminated beautiful creation known as the Robot Heart Bus. 1000 thank you’s to Robot Heart for bringing something amazing to the Playa and stepping it up every year for 10 years. Can’t wait to see you all again.

Guy Laliberté - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

I felt privileged to play at Robot Heart, and cherry on (their 10th anniversary) cake, it was my first 🤖❤ set. Dreamlike vibe, memorable gig, happy tribe. From the bottom of my ❤: thanks. Photo: John Dill

Timujin - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

It all began right there on the playa, six years ago under the rays of the morning sun, immersed in the magic of the beautiful Robot Heart sound stage. A community so powerful and strong, it has become the biggest inspiration for my own musical journey. The people I met, the music I heard and the feelings I had that first night have left a lasting impression and inspired me to learn a new skill and start playing and producing music. In the modern world, traveling around the world, making countless acquaintances we get lost in this endless whirlpool of activity. We start seeking a sense of belonging, experiences that unite us and inspire to create. This is what Robot Heart does for many of us, whether you come here to dance, play or connect. My own experience led me to start experimenting with sound and styles, curating artists that would join us on the playa for a week and become family for life. We grew into a amazing community, which we call White Ocean, united by our love and passion for creativity and exploration. There is nothing more inspiring for me at the moment than seeing how music can improve our lives and open our minds to new adventures and experiences. It did it for me...... It has been the greatest honor to come back to where it all started and play my set for Robot Heart's 10 year anniversary on the playa. I wish your journey to continue for my years to come:) Love Timujin Photo: John Dill

Öona Dahl - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

Friday night on Robot Heart, well before the sunrise the veil between worlds was lifted. The beings from another dimension that visit us in our vulnerable visions and dreams were brought forth to connect with us in our realm. To reach out and show that love is the most powerful force in the universe. They have chosen me to be their channeler, their Veil Enchantress and to evoke them into our world. See with your heart… This was a special performance as my gift to Robot Heart in celebration of 10 years on the playa, I 🤖❤️ you all. Thank you for always being there and inspiring me through my 7 burns. And thank you to all my beautiful performers. In memory of Robert Miles Nov. 1969 - May 2017 Photo: John Dill

Lee Burridge - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

Each and every time I’ve played music at Burning man I felt privileged to do so. Its a truly special place full of truly special people.Sunrise. Sunset. Smiles. Tears of pure joy. There, i’m never one. I’m many. Connected. Connected to everything and everyone. One of the threads connecting me is music. Over the years the music has become a time machine that’s marked magical moments on my journey. To hear it again allows me to travel back in time to those moments. Perhaps you feel the same way too? If so, close your eyes, turn up the volume and get ready to depart. The bus leaves any moment now. Lee Photo: John Dill

The Scumfrog - Robot Heart - 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

After 6 years of creating sunrise soundtracks from atop the Robot Heart bus, it is a challenge to avoid submitting to a formulaic approach. One of the biggest perks of producing a Robot Heart sunrise is that you can take risks; explore soundscapes and dynamics, knowing that the mystical Deep Playa setting allows for pauses and quiet moments that don’t translate in loud clubs or multi-stage festivals. This year, the set was a journey starting with robots and ending with humans. I wanted the sun to come up to the sound of arguing AI robots. What you heard was a transcript from the actual negotiation between two AI bots at Facebook earlier that summer; Other than it creating a surreal environment as the sun came up, it also proved a perfect palette cleanser to transition from night into day. The sounds of flutist Claire Chase immediately afterwards set the tone for the 90 minutes to follow. I remembered Robert Miles (we lost him this year) with a beautiful guitar version of his song "Children", and then introduced spiritual emcee and rising star Elliott LaRue. He delivered a chilling live message from the top of the bus about our challenges and responsibilities as humans. And that about summed up the Scumfrog sunrise from 2017. Enjoy the memories! @thescumfrog Tracklist: 01) Duelling bots 02) Orche/Strada ft.Claire Chase - Calligraphy 03) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Shiva Manas Puja 04) Lord Of The Isles - Weh-In 05) Rabo & Snob - Let You Know 06) &Me - Avalon 07) Basti Grub - Ko Sar Ra Di 08) Del Gado - Children (Tini Monteca VS Saffa Remix) 09) Marc Lamarche - Ethiopo (Edit) 10) Gabrielle Aplin - Run For Cover (The Scumfrog Dub) 11) Amevon - Fuchsia (Mathias Hinds & Simon Kisk Remix) 12) Dee Montero - Aeon (Reprise Mix) VS Shlomi Aber - Foolish Games 13) Elliott LaRue - Morning Sermon 14) Lizards - Frontier (The Scumfrog Remix) 15) Joe Goddard - Home (Eric Kupper Remix) Photo: John Dill

Crussen - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

I like nature and music and I like deep dives into the depths of my own mind. It’s becoming more and more obvious that my mind is really busy - way too busy. It is always exposed - constantly receiving and absorbing, processing and changing. I have therefore become more cautious of what I want to let into consciousness and taking regular breaks from the endless stream of stimuli and simply paying close attention to my mind has helped me pierce through the spellbinding clutter of unstoppable thoughts. To me, what reveals itself on the other side is a profound state of calm. A calm from which natural curiosity, playfulness and love can spring freely. Music is a channel where I express this natural playfulness that I believe we all share deep inside. Playing my music on top of the Robot Heart bus at their ten year anniversary was one of those precious moments where I felt you were responding to this - we were playing together. When you express a similar joy and playfulness to that which I create the music with we set a beautiful feedback loop into motion. Getting eye contact with you and seeing how me and my wobbly harmonica notes crack you up into a big smile affects me and really fires me up. Your response inspires me to create more and feel more and express myself more. I would like to send a big fat virtual hug to everyone who rode their bikes deep out into the playa that morning and to Robot Heart for making me part of the family. If you by any chance feel the playfulness bubbling up inside of you - in any shape or form - please let me know, I would love to be in the loop with you. :) //Crussen Photo: Chris Flash

Mark Slee - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

Huge thanks to the Robot Heart crew for inviting me to start my week on the playa with a set on the bus. I played on Sunday night at the beginning of the week, just before Monday sunrise. There's something special about that early part of the week, a more low-key vibe as the city is being built all around us. An anticipation lingers in the air for the explosion of excitement and energy that is soon to come. I played a set that reflects that feeling - deep and smooth energy, but with a gentle insistence to keep pushing forward. Hope you enjoy it! @mcslee (00:00) We Need Cracks - Silky and Arid [Labo T] (05:44) Dust Yard - Chorus (Dovim Remix) [Lowless] (11:43) Pablo Bolivar, John Vermont - Awake [Peppermint Jam] (16:09) Sex Of Insects - I Can Hear the Light (Dave Pad Remix) [Ylotana] (22:23) Paul Hazendonk - Steelyard High [SOSO] (28:28) SIS - The Blind Side (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) [Crosstown Rebels] (33:34) Yuki Fukuyama - Jazz Beach (Vincent Casanova Remix) [Kanja] (35:08) Adana Twins feat. Jeppe Kjellberg - Relentless (Andre Lodemann Instrumental Mix) [Watergate] (41:34) Mihai Popviciu - Sandstone Folder (Pablo Bolivar Remix) [Bondage] (47:02) M.O.S. - After The Rain [Unreleased] Photo: John Dill

Oliver Koletzki - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

A long-awaited wish was fulfilled as I was invited to play my music at Robot Heart: the wish to express myself in such a magical setting, among kindred spirits and friends. Being given the honor of playing at sunrise right in front of the man made it all the more special to me. Thank you! Photo: John Dill

Joeski - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart Photo: John Dill

Wild Dark - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

On the first night of our first burn, we were blessed with the opportunity to share our passion for music with the beautiful souls who joined us for this dusty ride. We will be forever grateful to all who made it possible and we are honored to share this recording with the Robot Heart family <3 @wilddark Photo: John Dill

BLOND:ISH - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

Photo by: Christian Lamb Art Installation: