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Joeski - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart Photo: John Dill

Wild Dark - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

On the first night of our first burn, we were blessed with the opportunity to share our passion for music with the beautiful souls who joined us for this dusty ride. We will be forever grateful to all who made it possible and we are honored to share this recording with the Robot Heart family <3 @wilddark Photo: John Dill

BLOND:ISH - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

Photo by: Christian Lamb Art Installation:

Fleetmac Wood - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

Thanks to all the happy faces who stayed up all night or who set their dusty alarm clocks to come and dance with us Wednesday morning. Having been on the other side of the speakers for many a sunrise it was a treasured moment to play this music, which holds a lot of emotions for many of us. We want to thank Fleetwood Mac for the original magic and Robot Heart for creating the opportunity to crank it loud and proud. The edits and remixes included were created by us (Roxanne Roll and Smooth Sailing) and many of our producer friends who we’d like to thank for their work and passion: Psychemagik, In Flagranti, Antenna Happy, Twin Sun, Dean Kenny, Youth Edits, Cosmic Kids and Trail Mix. We hope you can feel the warm sunshine and hearts, see the great expanse of desert and feel that all possibilities are open to you when you listen to this mix. These were the wonderful feelings we had while we were playing. Big Love @fleetmacwood

DJ Tennis - Robot Heart Ten Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart Photo: Christian Lamb

Gorje Hewek & Izhevski - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

An epic sunrise and then a mesmerizing beautiful morning. No sand storms this time. Absolutely quiet and peaceful Playa. Feelings of of happiness, the fulfillment of the moment, and childish enlightenment were taking us over, and even of something more, something that is hard to describe, because it is rather similar to magic, that is flowing in the air over that giant heart on the top of bus. We'd like to spread our love and gratefulness to every one who was still with us at midday, while the sun was in its zenith. We literally got burnt under its rays. It must have been the hottest day of that week. But could it stop us? No way. That 3,5 hours were like one moment. Our congratulations and thanks to the Robot Heart team. You've been producing love for 10 years and granting happiness in Black Rock City. We could feel it from outside, and now we are honored to be part of it. We really appreciate it. Gorje Hewek @gorjehewek Izhevski @izhevski Photo credit: John Dill

Anton Tumas - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

Having spent countless magical nights and mornings on the bot, it was a huge honor to join the 10 Year Anniversary line up among so many talented friends. Our first morning out on the playa, just past sunrise, and the emotions are high! Surrounded by loved ones, this set traverses 10 years of music. Reaching into the deepest and farthest corners of my vast music collection, each song near and dear to my heart <3 @antontumas Photo: Christian Lamb with @carytauben

Bedouin - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

Happy to share the recording of our Sunrise set from this year's burning man 2017. This time was even more special as we celebrated 10 years of Robot Heart and welcomed the first rays of Friday with a 2 hour journey. Photo: John Dill

Behrouz - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

10 Years ago I was invited to play on this bus called Robot Heart by my good friend Swamy at Burning Man. We were on the bus and I remember it would continuously break down but we didn't care because we were a bunch of friends doing this for the love of music and we had no idea this bus would become the magical Robot Heart bus that we all have come to love the past ten years. Every year my set at Robot Heart has become one of the most integral parts of my journey at Burning Man. This is my gift to the playa and to each one of you and it comes straight from my heart. We come to Burning Man to search about humanity and love and to be good to others around us and the bus helps us deliver this message through our music. Thank you Robot Heart, Geo, Swamy, Robert, Benjamin and everyone on that bus that puts so much effort throughout the year to make sure that bus brings so much love to our community! Photo: Christian Lamb

Mira - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

"I am not a friend of over indulging when it comes to my own sets. While planning my Burn this year I just tried to let go of everything. Eventually this turned out to be some very moving days of my life. One special moment this year was at the Robot Heart bus on Sunday morning. Thank you to all who made this possible, who supported me on my ways and to all who shared my passion for music with me." SC: Photo: Matan Tzinamon Audio mastering: Billy Caso

Jon Charnis - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017
Robot Heart

"Four days will quickly steep themselves in nights; Four nights will quickly dream away the time.” 2017 moved so fast, I could hardly believe it was once again time to prepare for our favorite time of the year, our return to Black Rock City, my 4th time in a row. Once again I was given the privilege of playing the bus with so many artists I respect and admire. Being that this was Robot Heart's 10 year anniversary, I wanted to do something special. I have wanted to play a live set of all original music for quite some time, and decided this was the perfect opportunity to do it. So I sifted through all of my projects, old and new, finding the ones that I felt would resonate. Finally I came away with over an hour of brand new unreleased material including some collabs with some special friends (Thugfucker, Hands Free, and Dance Spirit). It was truly an honor performing this set to the Robot Heart family during the Man Burn, a moment I will never forget. I hope it resonates with you in some way. Photo: Christian Lamb

Tara Brooks - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2016
Robot Heart

As we are settling back in to our beloved home away from home, the feeling of pure euphoria permeates the air. My entire body is tingling with excitement as i ease into my 5th year.. Surrounded by old & new beautiful friends & a sea of smiling faces, we reunite under the stars for my 2nd set on the very special Robot Heart bus. Plugging into the Sonic Runway was physically & emotionally mind blowing. Seeing and feeling my beats in sync with the LEDs, racing through the most beautiful corridor of lights, created a unique & powerful experience, while contributing to the mood & my musical programming. This phenomenal reality reminded me why we are here; to share our deepest passions and artistic creations with each other, for nothing more then gifting pure love, healing, enlightenment, & fun! Thank you all for the continuous love & support, & hope u enjoy this mystical & psychedelic trip home. Art: The Śiṣya The Śiṣya is a Burning Man 2016 art piece about transformation and loss designed and built by Krista Sanders of Friendlandia and Rob Bell of Zomadic Photo credit: Andrew Jorgensen

Nikita - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2016
Robot Heart

Making my return to the Playa for the sixth time held special meaning for me as it does every year. However I see Burning Man like lovers. You can't compare them, they're uniquely different experiences. And just like the complexity of lovers, my Burn was magical, beautiful, intense, emotional, intoxicating, lustful, serendipitous, mesmerizing, and yes, sometimes just a pain in the ass. Still, after all these years, it's my favorite thing on the planet! Playing on the bus is beyond an honor. Sharing my music and reciprocating energy from that perspective with the open canvas and unparalleled conditions is an indescribable feeling. What I'm trying to say is, it all comes from the Heart. Hope you enjoy! art: Soup Flavored Blankets Soup Flavored Blankets creates a welcoming and interactive space dedicated to the chilly, wandering souls of deep playa. Within the walls of our cracker box, participants will experience a rag tag team of Burners providing delectable hot soups, steaming libations and cozy blankets equipped with a convenient soup/beverage pouch. Playa wanderlust exists within all of us and Soup Flavored Blankets is your rejuvenation station along the way. We're a multifarious crew of friends from Los Angeles, Reno, Chicago and New York who share a passion for soup and service. The SFB story stems from a brief moment many, many years ago, far beyond Black Rock City's Esplanade, on a frigid deep playa evening. There, gazing at the brothtaking sky and discussing the soupernatural, sat our founder, Noodles and his brother, Max. Although initially vibrant and jovial, their topic of discussion soon shifted to the bitter cold air and a desire for simple pleasures. "I could sure go for a blanket right now. You know, warm me up from the outside in." Max remarked as he shivered in the deepest of deep playa. "I could go for a bowl of soup to warm me up from the inside out!" Noodles replied. Now what followed may be the worst idea ever uttered as Max suggested: "How about a bowl of blanket flavored soup?" In a harsh tone, Noodles replied: "That's sounds disgusting! Who want's to eat soup that tastes like blankets!?" Hours passed and their situation worsened. But suddenly, a dusty thought shot out of the Man's neon head, blew across the playa, swirled around the temple walls and shot directly into Noodles's noggin as an idea of spectacular brilliance. "Some Soup Flavored Blankets, now that would be warmly delicious!" He proclaimed. Max agreed! And the two brothers jumped to their feet, crossed the cold desert floor and returned to camp to procrastinate for seven years. As veteran burners we understand the significance of your trash fence quest and the sometimes difficult elements you encounter. Soup Flavored Blankets is a warm soupy refuge and our gift to the many wandering souls of Burning Man. Photo: Curtis Simmons

Rey & Kjavik - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2016
Robot Heart

Last year was my first Burn and the feelings and emotions of these days at the Playa have been so strong to me, that I started right away on the flight home to work on tunes like "Playa Sunset". I´ve never been to a place like this before! The magic, love and spiritual atmosphere, is what life is all about and the world should be like this everywhere and forever. This year I came back with a bench of new produced tunes, to give back what this place means to me from the first sight. That I got the chance to present my work of the last months at the Robot Heart Bus was a huge honor for me. It was Sunday night post Temple Burn, emotional and deep feelings all over the Playa, I tried to catch the vibe of this special moment and I hope you enjoy the music as we did, wherever on the planet you are right now! Love, Respect and Hugs, Rey & Kjavik Tracklist: Rey & Kjavik - Intro Rey & Kjavik - Ulima Rey & Kjavik - Vimalaa Monolink - Faces (Mira & Chris Schwarzwaelder Remix) Rey & Kjavik - Rkadash Rey & Kjavik - Escape Rey & Kjavik - Baba City (Instrumental) Notize - Persue Rey & Kjavik - Playa Sunset Rey & Kjavik - Sharanam Art: Tower of Ascension by Swing Miller Envision standing 25’ feet in the air next to a pair of powerful fire breathing dragons. The vastness of the Playa spreads out below you. The Tower of Ascension is designed to raise people’s energy through both ‘awe’ and an ‘awesome’ experience. In the awe department the structure itself is remarkable. It has a look of an historic monument from a fantasyland with dragons. At night its fire and lights will dazzle the desert. Morning Meditation at the Tower of Ascension will be a perfect way to start your daily Playa adventure. Photo: Curtis Simmons

Chaim - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2016
Robot Heart

I was sleeping, exhausted from the crazy endless party from the morning before. Waking up and looking at the time I saw that I was 1am and I remembered that I was scheduled to play at 2am at Robot Heart! I quickly got dressed and jumped on my bike alongside Pao, my partner in crime. My Colombian girlfriend was confident she could see the bus in the distance, I was sure it wasn't Robot Heart, but as always I followed her insanity and we peddled for 20 minutes guided by her intuition (insanity)! Still hungover, and even more groggy from the rushed bike ride, we arrived at a red sign. The bus no where in sight. In a moment of despair, I almost gave up, almost turned around, almost rode home. At least I could be sure of my comfortable bed. Exhausted, exhausted further from more peddling, from arguing, from thinking of my excuse for why I didn't make it for my first Robot Heart set we suddenly came across the bus! I was sure we'd missed my set or at the very least that we were very late but we made it. With this being my first burn, finally finding and then climbing up on the bus was the most unique, magical experience for me. The experience of searching for the bus, finally playing and then struggling to find my way back to our bikes afterwards was a series of events that I'll never forget. The camp gifted me with a necklace fabricated from pieces of the original heart engraved with my name that I wear to this day! Art: The Lost Tea Party was conceived as a Burning Man Honorarium project, the vision of artist Alex 'Wreckage' Wright & hard graft of the Camel Tow Battalion Photo: Cliff Baise / Piczzl Photography

Goldcap - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2016
Robot Heart

In 2014, i spent my first Burning Man sunrise aboard the legendary Robot Heart bus. To me, it might as well have been Shangri La... As i looked outwards to the horizon during the peak of the sunrise in amazement, I glanced over to my good friend and told him that I would not die happily until i had the opportunity to play the Robot Heart bus at Burning Man. I'm truly humbled and honored to now have the amazing RH team present you with my set from the Tuesday late night hours. The set begins just as the bus parked itself in deep playa. So i had a special opportunity to welcome everyone who drove, biked, and walked over to the middle of nowhere to experience the nightly musical offerings. With that said, I truly hope you enjoy this experience I was grateful to share with the Robot Heart family and the countless people in attendance. All my love <3 Art: Jar of Sand - Trish Dolman and friends Jar of Sand is a large-scale (8′ tall x 4′ diameter) canning-style “glass” jar filled with plastic collected from beaches of the Pacific Northwest. By engaging people to clean up our oceans, Jar of Sand intends to create awareness and encourage action. Domestic garbage and pieces of garbage from the Pacific Trash Vortex—the massive island of floating trash—are carried across oceans and wind up on our shores, telling a story of resource extraction, production, and consumption. In this time of climate change and excessive use of fossil fuels, this art installation is a reflection and commentary on our plastic consumption and ultimately unsustainable waste. Participants are welcome to bring plastic that they have collected from the ocean and beaches to the playa and put them in the Jar. The collected plastic will be creatively layered in an over-height custom fabricated jar that will be displayed at Burning Man . Photo: by Jar of Sand Family

Oceanvs Orientalis (Live) - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2016
Robot Heart

"“pull a string, a puppet moves ... each man must realize that it can all disappear very quickly: the cat, the woman, the job, the front tire, the bed, the walls, the room; all our necessities including love, rest on foundations of sand —“" Art: Celestial Mechanica - Jessika Welz Celestial Mechanica is a glimpse of our solar system that is only allowed by means of an artistic lens that we are providing for you. Because of the massive scale of our solar system it is very difficult to imagine what all of it looks like working together as one. Celestial Mechanica will allow us this privilege. From a distance it may not be clear what we are looking at but as we approach it becomes instantly clear what this is. First we step into a loosely fenced area that is for pedestrians only where all of the Gas Giants are whirling above us. As we get closer to the Sun we can see the Rocky Planets at eye level spinning around their orbits around the Sun. It is now time to step up onto the catwalk via 4 staircases that lead up to an elevated walking area where we can really view the complex mechanics, feel the heat from the Sun’s fire effect and see the orbiting Rocky Planets, now slightly below us and separated by a handrail so that we do not disturb their delicate orbits.