Flemming Dalum tracks on Soundclound


Denny Beeth & Adelina - Doc's Brain (Flemming Dalum Remix) SNIPPET
Flemming Dalum

Denny Beeth & Adelina - Doc's Brain (Flemming Dalum remix) OUT NOW on Special Groove Records (cat. no: SGR 012) Limited Edition 12inch vinyl 300 Copies (150 Black + 150 Colored)

Italoconnection - Humanize (Flemming Dalum Remix)
Flemming Dalum

Italoconnection is back on Bordello with a remix EP of the song ‘Humanize’, which appeared on their critically acclaimed Metropoli album in 2017. Accompanied with the beautiful voice of Francesca Gastaldi an all-star team of producers got on remix duties. On top a bonus track with a new version of ‘Neon Disco’ by the King Of The Cut!

Flemming Dalum & Steen Gjerulff - Danish Revenge SNIPPET
Flemming Dalum

Flemming Dalum & Steen Gjerulff tribute to legendary italo classic by Koto. Made with love, passion and the Danish twist / touch. This track features on amazing soundtrack to THE essential italo documentary movie: ITALO DISCO LEGACY - Directed by Pietro Anton. Released by Private records. 2LP and DVD is available at [email protected]

Italo Disco
Italoconnection - Neon Disco (Flemming Dalum Remix)
Flemming Dalum

Preview of: Italoconnection – Neon Disco (Flemming Dalum remix) Italoconnection is back on Bordello A Parigi with a remix EP of the song ‘Humanize’, which appeared on their critically acclaimed Metropoli album in 2017. Accompanied with the beautiful voice of Francesca Gastaldi an all-star team of producers got on remix duties. On top a bonus track with a new version of ‘Neon Disco’ by the King Of The Cut! Release date: 12th of February 2018 https://bordelloaparigi.com/shop/upcoming/italoconnection-feat-francesca-gastaldi-humanize-remixes-ep/

Edy Band - Sexy Lady (Flemming Dalum Remix) SNIPPET
Flemming Dalum

Preview of Edy Band - Sexy Lady (Flemming Dalum Remix) Coming in February 2018 on Around My Dream Records ! AMD 032 - Edy Band - Sexy Lady - Royal Blue vinyl - Limited Edition The original on discogs goes for very high $$$. More infos to come

Alex Valentini & Joey Mauro - Thunderlove (Flemming Dalum Remix) SNIPPET
Flemming Dalum

Short preview of: Alex Valentini & Joey Mauro - Thunderlove (Flemming Dalum remix) Out now on 12inch vinyl - Special Groove Records (cat. no. SGR 011) Limited Edition 250 copies (150 black vinyl/100 colored vinyl) Buy the vinyl here ! DISCOGS: https://www.discogs.com/Alex-Valentini-Joey-Mauro-Thunderlove/release/10968325 BORDELLO A PARIGI: https://bordelloaparigi.com/shop/musica/alex-valentini-joey-mauri-thunderlove-12/

Salta & Roma Mix By Flemming Dalum
Flemming Dalum

To celebrate my old friends upcoming release on Bordello A Parigi records - I’ve made this tribute mix of my favorit Salta & Roma tracks from 2007 to 2017. Link to upcoming release: https://bordelloaparigi.com/shop/upcoming/salta-roma-hokus-pokus-12/ Info: Date: 14th of September 2017 Length: 30.00 min Format: 320 mp3 Tempo: 107 BPM to 119 BPM File size: 68,6 MB Tracklist: Salta & Roma – La Notte (Version Pesante) [Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release] Salta & Roma – Breathe [Upcoming Gatto Rosso release – cat. # GAT001] Salta & Roma – Prodondo Nero [Relux Rimini – cat. # RER111] Salta & Roma – Kisses Of Fire [Santa Esperanza Records -cat. # SE005] Dan Lumbye – Una Melodia Triste (Salta & Roma 84 remix) [Upcoming Gatto Rosso release] Salta & Roma – Hokus Pokus [Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release] Salta & Roma – Cinquecento [Unrelease] Salta & Roma – Voices [Bordello A Parigi –cat. # BAP051] Mike Salta DJ – Rojos [Unrelease] Salta & Roma – Doing It [Bordello A Parigi –cat. # BAP051] Salta & Roma – No More Changes [Upcoming Gatto Rosso release] Salta & Roma – Spacecrusing [Relux Rimini – cat. # RER105] Salta & Roma – Galaxy Dance (Instrumental) [Unrelease] Salta & Roma – Stop The Beat [Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release] Salta & Roma – We Love Cowley [Unrelease]

L.A. Messina - My Illusion (Flemming Dalum Remix) SNIPPET
Flemming Dalum

* Short preview * Out soon * Limited edition * Artist: L.A. Messina - My Illusion (Flemming Dalum Remix) Label: Magic Sound Records Format: 12inch vinyl

Alex Valentini - It's Time (Flemming Dalum remix) SNIPPET
Flemming Dalum

Exclusive release. Alex Valentini vs. Flemming Dalum Beautiful Life (original and Flemming Dalum edit) It's Time (original and Flemming Dalum remix) Big shout out and thanks to Alex, Andy and Davide from Special Groove Records.

Tobias Bernstrup - Utopia (Flemming Dalum Remix) SNIPPET
Flemming Dalum

Short preview of my remix of Utopia by Tobias Bernstrup. Release date: 1st of Feb 2017

Stephen Head And Aldo Tamborrelli - Gipsy Queen (Flemming Dalum Remix)
Flemming Dalum

I've made this remix as a tribute to the re-issue of Tornado on Bordello A Parigi - enjoy !

Flemming Dalum - Exclusive IFM 2016 Mix
Flemming Dalum

Flemming Dalum – Exclusive IFM 2016 mix Date: 3th of November 2016 Length: 60 min Format: 320 kbps mp3 File size: 137,3 MB Tracklist: FD intro Doctr – Magic (Bordello A Parigi) The Sweeps – Traveller (Unreleased) Strange Shadow – The Time Of Our Life (Unreleased) Sapabos – Ox-Dancer (Skorpion) John Cravache – Paris Roswell (Unreleased) Hysteric – Oz-Talo (Violette Szabo) Aga Wilk – Love Like A Robot (Flemming Dalum remix) (Mecanica) Tony Beverly – It’s A Dream In The Night (WEA) Kid Machine – 28 2 13 2 (Unreleased) Andy Fox feat. Laura - Fly Away (Sunlover Records) Marcello Giordani - Disco Spirit ’83 (Unreleased) Terry Miles – Motorways In Space (Jel Records) Dany E – Deseo (Bordello A Parigi) Panama Brown – Theme From Pamana Racing Club (Viewlexx) Casio Dance DJ – Magic Edit #31 (Unreleased) Remo Zito – Secret Agent (Flashback records) A Visitor From Another Meaning - I Rarely Talk To Strangers (Bordello A Parigi) The Stupid Set + Enrico Serrotti - Hear The Rumble (Italoconnection Remix) (Italian records) Italoconnection – Neon Disco (Disco Modernism) Marge & the Marvellous - A Distant Dance (Flemming Dalum remix)(No More Pop) Odessa - Private Disco Show (Bordello A Parigi) Surf Dancer – Future In The Night (Bordello A Parigi) Surf Dancer – Surf Dancer (Bordello A Parigi) Puppets - Old Photographs (CBS) Surf Dancer – Rainbow Man (Bordello A Parigi) Thanks for your contribution to this mix and big shout out to: Ferenc/Intergalatic FM/Viewlexx, Otto/Bordello A Parigi, George Hysteric/Mothball, Fred Ventura/Italoconnection, Nicolas/i-cube, Robert and Celina/No More Pop, Niels/The Sweeps, Mark/Kid Machine, Casio Dance DJ, Marcello Giordani, James Penrose, Alden Tyrell, Ron Steusfij/Iventi, Aga Wilk, Flashback records, Costas Andriopoulos, Johnny Papagiannis, Andy Fox, Mauro Belpassi, Daniel Enciso Castillo and more…

Italo mixx
B1 Kermesse - Mrs. Moon (Flemming Dalum & Steen Gjerulff Remix) SNIPPET
Flemming Dalum

Second release in a row from Disco Modernism subsidiary Fonogrammi Particolari, and still from the same team behind Mr. Flagio. Originally released in 1983 by the Fingers label this obsure 12” by Kermesse belongs to the undiscovered classics category and definitely deserves a second chance considering how fresh it still sounds today. “Mrs Moon” appears on the A side in its original form, remixed by the legendary Flemming Dalum with Steen Gjerulff and re-edited by Fred Ventura and Paolo Gozzetti aka Italoconnection on the B side. Rediscover the perfect follow up to Mr. Flagio “Take A Chance” !

FLEMMING DALUM - Italo Mix For Radio Stad Den Haag
Flemming Dalum

FLEMMING DALUM – Italo mix for Radio Stad Den Haag Date: 19th of June 2015 Length: 60 min Quality: 320 kbps MP3 Tracklist: Martinelli – Victoria Tension - My Dream Tommy Kerisch - Speedy Life Lee Marrow – Shanghai Mac J.R. - Elephant Song Susanne - Give Me Love Diego - Walk In The Night George Aaron - She's A Devil Atrium – Weekend Squires - Hold Me B.Blase - Shame(You were the big sensation) Simona Sierra – Muchacho Torrevado - Living in the Shuttle Via Verdi – Diamond Mex - Calling You Miko Mission - The World is You The Creatures - Believe In Yourself(Remix) Video – Somebody Duke Lake - Do You Tom Hooker - Looking for Love Time - Don't Stop Ryn'O – Gigolo Stylo'o - Pretty Face Hugh Bullen – Alisand Felli - Diamond in the Night Jock Hattle - Crazy Family

FLEMMING DALUM - The Early Days Of Italo Disco
Flemming Dalum

One from my old archive... FLEMMING DALUM – The Early Days Of Italo Disco Length: 60 minutes Quality: 256 kbps mp3 Size: 109,87 MB Back in 2008 and 2009 I made several mixes with focus on different italo themes... trying to capture the different sides and sub genres of italo. It was mixes such as The Other Side Of Italo, French Spanish Italo Connection, The Dark Side of Italo, Italo Fetish, The Last Days of Italo Disco… And now by popular demand I finally finished the tracklist for The Early Days Of Italo Disco: 00:00 Intro from Macario Alberto & Mariangela Rodin, JMJ, The Creatures, Hemotivis and more 00:47 Monuments - Wonderful Woman 02:00 Nadia Cassini - Encounters 03:11 Just Two - Bring It Up 04:40 Isadora - Eldorado 05:50 Joker - Japan 07:15 Al, Puccy & Claude ‎– I Think... 08:40 Flexx - Body Dancer 09:10 Josy Nowack – Pale Creature 09:40 Flexx – Carry On 10:45 Francis Rimbert – Space In Velum 11:12 Rettore - Stregoneria 11:30 Isadora – Donna Automatica 11:54 Billy More – Go Dance 12:02 Josy Nowack - Break You Down 13:38 Growing Beats - Sahara 14:34 Robert Cutter - Timeless 14:53 Squallor ‎– I Love My Disco Baby 16:37 Isadora Juice - Quando Il Mondo C'era Ancora 17:28 Expansives - Life With You 18:18 Joker - Germany 20:05 Colorado - Space Lady Love 21:20 Doctor Electro – Electromelody 23:55 Riz Ortolani - Il Corpo Di Linda 25:05 Macario Alberto & Mariangela Rodin - Gulp it 26:34 Virgilius - Mr. DJ 27:35 Macario Alberto & Mariangela Rodin - Madfilth 28:58 Peter Moesser's Music ‎– High 31:00 Elite - Reach For Me 32:40 Daniele Patucchi - Champion 33:46 Heather Parisi - Blackout 35:16 Ovni - Telestar 35:27 Doctor Electro – Winchester Canyon 36:01 Rettore – Leonessa 36:39 Macario Alberto & Mariangela Rodin – Inquinamento 39:07 Rettore - Magnifica 40:28 Gloria Piedimonte - Ping Pong Space 41:09 Isadora Juice - Musica Magica 43:50 Kano - Cosmic Voyager 45:00 Ray Porter Orchestra ‎- Sorcerer 46:55 Kiss Mich - Disco Woopy 48:48 Pussyfooting – The Force 49:08 Francis Rimbert - Loco-motif 50:09 Ivan Cattaneo - Quando tramonta il sol 50:38 Robert Rose – Le Flipper 52:20 Isadora Juice - Black-Out 54:35 MLS - Take Five 55:16 Whynot - Pin Up Girl 56:25 Paolo Dossena - War 58:18 Isadora Juice - Oggi Please notic: I know not all records are not from the so called early period of italo disco… But this is just my personal way to present the sound of The Early Days Of Italo Disco - I hope you will enjoy the trip…

BANDIDO'S GANG - Last Train To Tucumcari (Flemming Dalum And Mike Salta Video Edit)
Flemming Dalum

BANDIDO'S GANG - Last Train To Tucumcari (Flemming Dalum & Mike Salta Video Edit) Original remix released in April 2012 on Cyber Dance records 12 inch vinyl

Original sound of 1983
CODE RED - In Your Dreams (Flemming Dalum mini TSOB edit)
Flemming Dalum

As a tribute to THE SOUND OF BELGIUM I like to present my mini edit of: CODE RED – In Your Dreams. This mini edit was used in my exclusive mixtape for 716 – you can listen to the full mixtape here: http://soundcloud.com/716/716-exclusive-mix-flemming Read for the story behind my "The Sound Of Belgium" mixtape here at 716 Music: http://www.716-music.com/2014/01/716-exclusive-mixes-flemming-dalum.html Hope you will enjoy

FLEMMING DALUM - Neon Disco Video (unreleased demo version)
Flemming Dalum

At the end of 2012 a nice project came up for an 80s disco / italo club style mix. The mix was originally going to be released in early 2013 on Roller Disco Records, however as Roller Disco were keen to market this in Asia, they collaborated with a chinese music distributior, and eventually the mix was released on an obscure chinese label called Lucky Harvest as a joint promotional package, coinciding with the Chinese New Year celebrations. There remains a huge italo and euro disco fan base in Asia, and I was asked to create a mix in their preferred upbeat and uplifting style, with some key 80s synth records popular across Asia, mixed with pure italo gems - I had a huge list of records in mind! This is an early unreleased demo version with slightly different tracks in places than the mix eventually released. I hope you enjoy! Date: 27th of January 2013 Length: 88 min and 10 sec Size: 201,82 MB Quality: 320 kbps mp3 Tracklist: SWAN – Don’t Talk About It ROBERT BRAVO – Keep On Driving JOE LETTIERI – You'll Be Mine B.D. SCOTT - How? RUDY & CO. – Mama Radio VENTURA – Touched KOTO – Jabdah TOTAL TOLY – Oriental Acupuncture TRACY SPENCER – Run To Me JOY PETERS – Don’t Loose Your Heart Tonight SONNY GARCIA – Fix Your Antenna KOTO – Dragon ‘s Legend AMADEUS LISZT – Win The Race TYRONE TIR – Black Out FANCY – Chinese Eyes NOVO – Extremix SANDY MARTON – Exotic And Erotic NOVE – Ride My Bike DAVID LYME – Bambina THE TWINS – Not The Loving Kind ALBERTO D’ARCO – Dai Dai Dai (Dolce Vita) PAUL LEKAKIS – Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back To My Room) GIORGIO FANI – Adesso Basta ALAN TAM – Lorelei (Cantonese version) Official release: http://www.discogs.com/Flemming-Dalum-Neon-Disco-Video/release/4584518

The Sweeps - Do It Again (Flemming Dalum remix)
Flemming Dalum

Exclusive preview of brand new italo remix... hope you will enjoy

Italo remix
FLEMMING DALUM - The Last Days Of Italo Disco
Flemming Dalum

One from my old archive... FLEMMING DALUM – The Last Days Of Italo Disco Date: 1988 Length: 42.12 Quality: 320 kbps mp3 Size: 96,6 MB Tracklist: D. J. ROBERTO ONOFRI - "Love Odyssey" (Remix version) DIGITRONIC - "Disco Night" (12" version) VERONIQUE - "Jungle Man" (Spacemix/original) MY FAVORITE TOY - "Life Of A Toy" (Favorite mix) FREDDY THE FLYING DUTCHMAN & THE NEW SISTINA BAND - "Peace & Happyness" (Disco version) FRESH COLOR - "Modern" SHARON - "Touch Me Baby" HUGH BULLEN - "Night Girl" MATA-HARI - "Mata-Hari" PRIVATE MOVIES - "Red Lantern" NEW ROMANCE - "Into The Fire" NEW ROMANCE - "Romantic Video"

Last Days Of Italo