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Olly James - Lion
Revealed Recordings

Olly James - Lion Listen here ▶️ Following on from the success of his collaboration with MOTi and Kenneth G on ‘Omen’, which is set to hit one million plays on Spotify, Olly James is back with his new single ‘Lion’. The rising star is a familiar face for Revealed Recordings. With ‘Lion’ premiered by label head Hardwell during his set at Ultra Europe, the Newcastle DJ is well on his way to cementing his name as one to watch in 2018. The track opens with a highly charged kick which gives the track momentum from the start, complementing the pounding bass which awards the track its big room identity. A refined synth melody works in parallel with a muted vocal to introduce the mid-section, building steadily with a euphoric arpeggiated top-line that switches up towards the climax, which elevates the track to its unmistakably bigroom drop. Olly James’ last outing on Revealed, ‘Soulja’, was part of the Miami Festival EP and was played in the majority of Hardwell’s sets over the past year, including Airbeat One, Lollapalooza and Ultra Miami. Other recent offerings have caught the attention of the likes of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tiësto, Martin Garrix and David Guetta to name a few, and with ‘Lion’ that support is only set to increase. Grab your copy when it is released 17th September via Revealed Recordings. Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Blackcode & Carlo Ratto Feat. Marina Lin - With You [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Revealed Recordings

Blackcode & Carlo Ratto Feat. Marina Lin - With You [FREE DOWNLOAD] Listen here ➡️ Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Notalike - Activate [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Revealed Recordings

Notalike - Activate [FREE DOWNLOAD] Listen here ➡️ Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Hardwell & Suyano feat. Richie Loop - Light It Up
Revealed Recordings

Hardwell & Suyano ft Richie Loop - Light It Up Listen here ▶️ After the release of ‘This Is Love’ alongside KAAZE back in August, label boss Hardwell this time teams up with fellow Revealed Recordings artist Suyano for ‘Light It Up’, featuring the talents of dancehall producer and songwriter Richie Loop. Premiered at Ultra Music Festival in Miami during Hardwell’s set, the Dutch duo’s first collaboration, with a Jamaican singer on vocals, is set to take the scene by storm. The track takes no time to fire up the reggae vibes, with Richie Loop’s infectious ‘Light it up’ governing the build up to the stomping kick which drives the track. During the main breakdown the sound is switched up to reveal a stripped back, Jamaican-infused melodic section which soon kickstarts a big room build up into a high energy, fast-paced drop. As a dedicated Revealed family member, Suyano’s has accrued huge acclaim with recent releases, receiving support from the likes of Tiësto, W&W and Martin Garrix, and with the weight of Hardwell behind this collaboration, it is guaranteed to be heard across the world for a long time. Grab your copy when it is released 14th September via Revealed Recordings. Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Syzz & REGGIO - Next Level
Revealed Recordings

Syzz & REGGIO - Next Level Listen here ▶️ Syzz & REGGIO join forces once again for ‘Next Level’, a high intensity, no holds barred offering dropping on Revealed Recordings. ‘Next Level’ is the 6th outing on Revealed, the most recent being ‘90s Better”. While REGGIO has been busy with releases coming on the likes of Spinnin’ in recent months. ‘Next Level’ is the second collaborative effort to drop on Revealed from the two acts, following on from ‘Joker’, which was supported by the likes of Hardwell, SICK INDIVIDUALS, and Bassjackers. Tribal percussion litters the start of the track, which are joined by ripping synths that build towards the first drop, as a vocal signals the track taking it to the “next level”. A multitude of influences are on show, as a hardstyle kick is accompanied by unmistakably electro and big room atmospheres. The track is accelerated by a rolling bass and soaring lead which combine perfectly to push the track forwards. With heavyweight support on previous releases, and previous history in the studio together, the reuniting of such prolific producers was always likely to result in a standout track, and ‘Next Level’ doesn’t disappoint. Grab your copy, released 10th September via Revealed Recordings. Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Blaze U & High 'n' Rich - Rise Up [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Revealed Recordings

Blaze U & High 'n' Rich - Rise Up [FREE DOWNLOAD] Listen here ➡️ Get connected! @revealed-recordings

DUKKS & Bitas - Lacuna [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Revealed Recordings

DUKKS & Bitas - Lacuna [FREE DOWNLOAD] Listen here ➡️ Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Jack & James - Aftermath [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Revealed Recordings

Jack & James - Aftermath [FREE DOWNLOAD] Listen here ➡️ Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Revealed Recordings

F4BLE X NAEMS - Damaskus [FREE DOWNLOAD] Listen here ➡️ Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Dr. Phunk & Lowriderz - DROP
Revealed Recordings

Dr. Phunk & Lowriderz - DROP Listen here ➡️ Long-time dedicated Revealed family member Dr Phunk teams up with Lowriderz for their first output on Revealed Recordings with ‘DROP’. Dr Phunk’s last outing on Revealed was his remix of KAAZE’s ‘End Of The World’, while his collaboration with label boss Hardwell ‘Take Us Down’, released earlier in the year, was a standout track during the early months of 2018. While Lowriderz are new to the label, they are in the middle of an impressive run of form that has seen them release on esteemed labels such as Showtek’s SKINK. The track is packed full of electronic points of interest that all weave intricately through the early stages of the track. A synthesized siren rings, accompanied by choral chanting that develops into a big room lead that hints at the epic nature of the track. The drop is off-beat, teasing fans before accelerating into an intense, pounding hardstyle kick that cranks ‘DROP’ up a notch. Piano chords join proceedings in the main breakdown, giving fans a brief sense of respite as the track reaches its euphoric climax. With support on previous tracks coming in the forms of mainstage headline artists like Hardwell, David Guetta, Tiësto and Bassjackers, both artists are on an upwards trajectory and set to cement their names as standout producers in 2018. Don’t miss out, grab your copy when the track is released 7th September via Revealed Recordings! Get connected! @revealed-recordings

SaberZ - Epidemic
Revealed Recordings

SaberZ - Epidemic Listen here ➡️ After the success of ‘Journey’ back in July, SaberZ returns to Revealed Recordings with new offering ‘Epidemic’, once again showcasing why the Hungarian duo are two of the most in-demand producers of 2018. ‘Epidemic’ has been a mainstay across the world in label boss Hardwell’s recent sets, with standout plays at both weekends of Tomorrowland and at Ultra Europe. The track starts with an ominous vibe, which sets the dark tone for the rest of the track, laced with percussive synth stabs, electronic flutters and a pounding hardstyle kick, which works in tandem with the growling, low bassline that pushes the track forward. The theme is switched on its head in the main breakdown, as a melancholic piano melody is introduced that quickly develops into a soaring big room synth lead that continues into the drop. SaberZ have accrued huge support over recent releases, with heavyweight names such as Hardwell, Blasterjaxx and W&W all taking notice of the young duo’s impressive production talent, and with ‘Epidemic’ that list is set to continue to increase. Grab your copy when it is released 3rd September via Revealed Recordings. Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Hardwell & KAAZE feat. Loren Allred - This Is Love
Revealed Recordings

Hardwell & KAAZE feat. Loren Allred - This Is Love Listen here ➡️ Clocking up almost 10 million streams on their previous collaboration ‘We Are Legends’, label head Hardwell and established Revealed release KAAZE reunite for the equally explosive and soon-to-be-mega-hit ‘This Is Love’ together with Loren Allred who was a contestant on The Voice 3, but got eliminated in the Live Playoffs. After that she sang the theme song of “The Greatest Snowman” called “Never Enough” Taking a repetitive key-led melody that loops over and over in your consciousness, embedding itself into your psyche before you’ve even realised it, vocalist Loren Allred delivers a stellar top line that oozes rich tones amongst the ever-rising rhythms. “This Is love/ I Felt It From The Start” she boldly echoes on the track’s stand-out bridge before synth stabs and winding big-room bass comes in for the take-off moment. With a bombastic drop that is teased out and every artist’s talents shining across the release, ‘This Is Love’ gets poised to overtake the anthems of the Summer with it’s unfathomable excellence and originality. Two artists that have perfected their craft with numerous record-breaking accolades on Hardwell’s part, over to Swedish producer KAAZE’s multi-million streamed singles supported by the who’s who of the industry; get set for yet another speaker destroyer when the track is released August 31st, only on Revealed. Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Swanky Tunes & Dirtcaps - Rooftop Party
Revealed Recordings

Swanky Tunes & Dirtcaps - Rooftop Party Listen here ➡️ As no strangers to the Revealed Recordings family, Swanky Tunes & Dirtcaps unite for a further white-hot heater of a release on ‘Rooftop Party’, sure to soundtrack your own festivities way beyond the Summer months drawing to a close. As the Russian trio and Dutch duo bring an unmistakably punchy, big-room flavour to the fore, hypeman-style vocals stating “We Like The Girls That Like To Get Naughty!” precede a chest-rattling trap breakdown; laden with bass that will inebriate ear drums – in the best possible way, of course! Bringing in-your-face elements that switch-up with a vigorous energy, all whilst encompassing an attitude of fun, fire and oomph that makes you wanna join the guys gang, ‘Rooftop Party’ has already been receiving major nods from Hardwell and, not surprisingly, took the roof of at Mysteryland this past weekend which was Dirtcaps last ever festival appearance, as the pair bring the project to a close late 2018 – making ‘Rooftop Party’ one of their last ever productions, and one dripping with style and substance at that. Make sure you’re a part of not only Revealed Recording’s history, but Swanky Tunes & Dirtcaps, too, with this historical, fiery and blazing release – ‘Rooftop Part’ is out Aug 27th! Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Patrick Moreno & Sage - Show You Again [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Revealed Recordings

Patrick Moreno & Sage - Show You Again [FREE DOWNLOAD] Listen here ➡️ Get connected! @revealed-recordings

TONG APOLLO & Nicole Chen Feat. I Am ASA - The Sound Of Ocean [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Revealed Recordings

TONG APOLLO & Nicole Chen Feat. I Am ASA - The Sound Of Ocean Listen here ➡️ Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Antoine Delvig & Maximals - Headbutt
Revealed Recordings

Antoine Delvig & Maximals - Headbutt Listen here ➡️ As a shining beacon over the industry in providing the latest and greatest, the biggest and best freshest anthems from across the dance music spectrum; Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings continues to stand head and shoulders above the rest in championing new talent and no more so than on new release ‘Headbutt’. The brainchild of French producer Antoine Delvig and Italian duo Maximals, ‘Headbutt’ does exactly what it says on the tin by not just gliding in, but rather smacking you right between the eyes with high-powered intensity. Double-time syncopated drums whirr as bass flickers underneath highly-strewn synth lines and almost-alarm-bell-level whirrs fly overhead. When all of this is fused with a chant-style, choral vocal that has rolling layers to add a new depth to the track, but still retain every inch of the party-ready vibe it came to deliver – and oh boy, it does just that. Already receiving support from the likes Nicky Romero at Tomorrowland and Hardwell across his epic Hardwell On Air Radio Show, expect to see more of both Maximals and Antoine Delvig off the back of this scorching Revealed debut. Get your hands on ‘Headbutt’, out now, only on Revealed Recordings! Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Revealed Recordings

TANG - AWAKEN Listen here ➡️ Get connected! @revealed-recordings

KEVU & Steven Vegas - Tribu [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Revealed Recordings

KEVU & Steven Vegas - Tribu Listen here ➡️ Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Hardwell & Maddix - Bella Ciao
Revealed Recordings

Hardwell & Maddix - Bella Ciao Listen here ➡️ Label boss Hardwell teams up with long-time Revealed key player Maddix to present ‘Bella Ciao’ on Revealed Recordings. The track samples the Italian classic ‘Bella Ciao’, made famous by the popular ‘La Casa De Papel’ series, and was premiered by Hardwell during his set at this year’s Tomorrowland, and the hype has been building ever since. The track is introduced with the original Italian folk song kicking off proceedings, before electronic elements are added, highlighted by a synth that mirrors the original melody, gliding from note to note. That is layered with multiple stadium ready accompaniments that beef out the track on the drop. Light plucks are introduced in the main break to reduce the heat, quickly switching up as the intensity increases again, the track building towards it’s anthemic finish with a shephard tone riser and expertly programmed snares. The anticipation for this track has reached fever pitch since it was first heard, and now fans finally have the chance to grab a copy of ‘Bella Ciao’ when it is released 17th August via Revealed Recordings. Get connected! @revealed-recordings

Averdeck - Syntico [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Revealed Recordings

Averdeck - Syntico Listen here ➡️ Get connected! @revealed-recordings