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konkrit - How We Left Fordlandia. A Tribute to Jóhann Jóhannsson

I'll remember Jóhann Jóhannsson for saving my life a lot. 01. Odi Et Amo (»Englabörn«, Touch 2002) 02. I Am Here (Salve Regina) (»I Am Here« with BJ Nilsen, Ash International 2014) 03. Virðulegu Forsetar II (»Virðulegu Forsetar«, Touch 2004) 04. Fordlandia (»Fordlandia«, 4AD 2008) 05. The Cause of Labour Is the Hope of the World (»The Miners’ Hymns«, 130701 2011) 06. The Sun’s Gone Dim and the Sky’s Turned Black (Live) (»IBM 1401, A User’s Manual«, 4AD 2017 [Extended Reissue]) 07. A Song for Europa (»Orphée«, Deutsche Grammophon 2016) 08. The Stairs (»The Theory of Everything«, Music On Vinyl 2015) 09. End (Snowing) (»...And In The Endless Pause There Came The Sound Of Bees«, Type 2009) 10. Bað (»Englabörn«, Touch 2002) 11. Maria Driving (»I Am Here« with BJ Nilsen, Ash International 2014) 12. Flight From the City (»Orphée«, Deutsche Grammophon 2016) 13. The Great God Pan Is Dead (»Fordlandia«, 4AD 2008) 14. Melodia (Guidelines For a Propulsion Device Based on Heim’s Quantum Theory) (»Fordlandia«, 4AD 2008) 15. The Border (»Sicario«, Varèse Sarabande 2015) 16. The Tall Man (»Prisoners«, NTOV 2013) 17. End Of Summer II (»End of Summer« with Hildur Guðnadóttir and Robert A. A. Lowe, Sonic Pieces 2015) 18. Odi Et Amo - Bis (»Englabörn«, Touch 2002) A few words. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bqdf55EB9jWovtIJN6ayxCCI1imoGvXPosiRAUZBgDg/edit?usp=sharing

Jóhann Jóhannsson