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Glitchiest Grooves are the Grooviest Grooves - RMVN - 2020 Stream/ Visulizer Video : https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/rmvn/jpegpng follow RMVN: https://fanlink.to/thisisrmvn

RmvN - Trilogy (Portals) [Visualizer Video/Stream On Buy Button]

Watch the Visualizer Video/Stream [ RmvN - Trilogy Portals ] : https://fanlink.to/rmvn-trilogy-portals follow RmvN everywhere: https://fanlink.to/thisisrmvn The Trilogy (Portals) Single is actually a compilation of some of my Audiovisual Loop creations, compiled and stitched together as a single track ;)

RmvN - Doggy Style

└[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘ Dogs have their own style too. watch me dance to this sexy tune ^_^ 🤖 Stream Everywhere: https://fanlink.to/rmvn-doggy-style

Hip-hop & Rap
Groovie Streets [Cinematic GTA Gang Life Video/Stream ➡ Buy ]

Cinematic GTA Video/Stream : https://fanlink.to/rman-groovie-streets A Tribute I made to GTA Gang Life (GTA San Andreas, GTA V)

RmvN - Brain Eater (feat. Matthew)

Stream/Download Brain Eater: https://fanlink.to/BrainEater follow RmaN everywhere: https://fanlink.to/RmaNMusic follow Matthew: https://Instagram/mtthew_official https://Soundcloud.com/mtthew_official https://Telegram.me/matthew_official Lyrics: I stand up! Speak for the people who don't know me that much! Get labled! They call me names! They just want an entertainment, they think I'm entertainin'! I hate it! I stand up! Speak for the people who don't know me that much! Dedicated to Hip-Hop! I stand as a man graduated from old-school if I'm goin' trap! (aw!) I guess I kinda took her for granted or something! Fuckin' with me? You'd be dead! No way! Oh! cut the bullshit! how many times do we have to hear this? Your "crap" goes no-where! man, I don't know ya This bitch feels like I'm on her! paranoid psychopath! You will never be my one. right after I'm done eating you I will be throwing up! three two one, I won't give up! you sleep on the couch while I am out! You're scared of every sound that I make like WOAH! wear all in brown! You never got a clue what to do! you're a fool! take a poop! why leaving now!? You're offended!? I'm not fucking with you man! I meant it! I am the one who buys, you will rent it! If you are blocked I am recommended! I would be reading and writing! attempted not to be tainted. I will be painted while I am drawing my lines. no one would know when it's time! Bring me a bottle of wine! "light me a cigarette" became more frequent since my teen ages and I'm a drug addict right now! Fuck the policy you made. cigarette marketed smokers be buyin' it. guns will be loaded. here we go Pow! Shoot a man down! you don't know what the fuck you is about! Listen to me you go wOw. I did not go fuck around! To be another motherfucking story everyone would love to know about! Prraw!

Hip-hop & Rap