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Jennifer Touch - Daria
Fat Cat Records

Jennifer Touch - Behind The Wall Equally at home on and off the dancefloor, its cold sensuality is both vibrant and brooding. Showcasing her unique sound in the saturated world of electronica, Touch successfully draws from electropop and disco influences, combining 80’s vintage synths with industrial soundscapes, delivered with a visceral post-punk snarl.

Prince Sherman at The Controls - Lockdown Dub - FatCat Records - 1BTN - Guest Show 1BTN
Fat Cat Records

FatCat are super psyched to have the legend that is Prince Sherman deliver us a special one hour "Lockdown Dub" mix for our radio show on the airwaves of Brighton's 1BTN radio. Sherman worked at both the NME and The Melody Maker throughout the nineties, and was responsible for introducing and showcasing a new and emerging electronic music scene and was a regular visitor to the FatCat record store. He has also tour managed for The Orb and Two Lone Swordsmen, he co-ran the Cloak & Dagger label, and is a renowned disc jockeying record-changer, he's been selcting nice slabs of vinyl since the mid-80s. Now sells records under the guise of Shake The Foundations. This mix has been been lovingly compiled using those beautiful slabs of black vinyl from his extensive collection. ‘Lockdown Dub’ is dedicated to all those who have lost loved ones, to all NHS staff, key workers, frontliners, family and friends.

Loose Fit (Balamii Mix)
Fat Cat Records
Alternative Rock
Loose Fit: How to start a band
Fat Cat Records

As part of Loose Fit's Focus Day here is their podcast on how DELETE was written and how Loose Fit came to be. More to come: https://fatcat.plctrmm.to/loosefit

130701 - A Dream Across The Border - radio show on 1BTN - 10.05.20
Fat Cat Records

1. John Cage - Radio Music (00:00:08) 2. A.K. Klosowski and Pyrolator - Dahomey (00:00:50) 3. Triple Negative - Bad Grace (00:05:45) 4. Georgia - New Force (00:10:53) 5. Black Classical - excerpt from Spiritual Jazz 1955 - 2012 (00:17:13) 6. Gilbert Cohen and Ariel Kalma - Soixante-Dix (00:25:04) 7. JAB - A Little Breeze (00:27:52) 8. Throbbing Gristle - Weeping (00:33:46) 9. Alternative TV - The Good Missionary (00:38:59) 10. Laura Cannell - A Space For Dreaming (00:46:00) 11. Evan Caminiti - Morphogenesis (00:50:47) 12. Randomize - La Armonia De Las Esferas (00:54:24) 13. Marsen Jules - Beautyfear VIII (01:01:36) 14. Donato Dozzy - 12H.12 (01:04:43) 15. Jandek - Down In A Mirror (01:08:26) 16. Niagara - Ano-B (01:12:41) 17. Ian William Craig - The Printmaking Song (01:16:55) 18. Klein - When Jesus Says Yes, Nobody Say No (01:23:25) 19. Pavel Milyakov - Metal Ambience II (01:28:09) 20. Maxwell Sterling - Laced (01:33:18) 21. Alice Coltrane - Wisdom Eye (01:42:59) 22. Silje Nes - Mirrored (01:45:59) 23. The Tower Recordings - Winter Of Frozen Mornings (01:50:25) 24. Movietone - Darkness Blue Glow (01:53:04) 25. The Birdtree - White Sundials Faced The Sun (01:57:15)

Fat Cat Records

Polish producer M8N remixes two tracks from Resina's 'Traces' album. Find further remixes from Ben Frost, Lotic, Abul Mogard and Ian William Craig here: https://resina.bandcamp.com/album/traces Listen to Resina's orginal 'Traces' album here: https://resina.bandcamp.com/album/traces