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there will come soft rains demo

I wanted to also share my interest in choir music on here too <3 I hope you enjoy these sounds: PS, BEST RESULTS WITH EARPHONES!!!¡¡¡ voices: me (with the monster voice effect for the bass) Composer: Ivo Antognini Poem: Sara Teasdale There will come soft rains and the smell of the ground, and swallows circling with their shimmering sound; and frogs in the pools singing at night, and wild plum trees in tremulous white,

mars outro

sorry i've been in a creative block but im coming back –still creating– enjoy this very ambient snippet of a larger project hopefully being released some time soon, "Mars" EP...? who knows, hope u enjoy :p lyrics: whoa i think i left my soul whoa you're all that i still know now i'm here,, on this planet mars.. what's left of us,, died within the STARS.

if u need a hero

cos after storm's when the flowers bloom

funny valentine

lyrics: my funny valentine sweet comic valentine you make me smile with my heart your looks are laughable unphotographable– yet you're my favorite work of art is your figure less than Greek? is your mouth a little weak? when you open it to speak– are you smart? but don't change your hair for me, not if you care for me stay little valentine each day is valentine's day.

light sounds
sabor a mí (kali uchis cover)

Sabor a Mi–translation: taste of me/my flavor– is such a special bolero to me lyrically and musically. Out of the many versions, Kali's rendition of it is super addictive. I love how she added a "nu jazz" sound to a traditional tune. So I decided to give it a try, (i am not a developed producer yet so please bear with me with the beat i trieddd) Letras: tanto tiempo disfrutamos de este amor nuestras almas se acercaron tanto a así que yo guardo tu sabor pero tú llevas también sabor a mí. si negaras mi presencia en tu vivir bastaría con abrazarte y conversar tanta vida yo te dí que por fuerza tienes ya sabor a mí. no pretendo ser tu dueño(a) no soy nada yo no tengo vanidad de mi vida doy lo bueno soy tan pobre, que otra cosa puedo dar. pasarán mas de mil años, muchos mas yo no sé si tenga amor la eternidad pero allá, tal como aquí en la boca llevarás sabor a mí.


celebrating 19 orbits around our sun!

bday tune
doowah draft

i've been stuck on this for months, i shall finish it one day...

sometimesifeelalone (prod. zeeky)

you ever just express? lyrics: tangled, in all these feelings conflicting my well being i need someone to hold me close though spread some miles apart you run the veins to my heart and stay there cos i am on the way pick up the phone(the phone) some times i just feel alone(all alone) i'm in my head too much(in my head too much) without your tender touch(need your tender touch) pick up the phone (the phone) before the night wind has blown and moon has said goodnight(moon has said goodnight) with all her beaming light (all her beaming light) tonight, tonight, can i come tonight can i run tonight pick up your phone pick your phone

your love cover

we collectively know how i feel about a willow bop enjoy (prod by the xx) (song/lyrics by wilough)

dream of darkness (Prod. by zeeky)

so i had a dream that earth was going dark and i was unaffected by the screams around me and the fears that most everyone had, i felt a gentle peace because at that time, we all realized that we are just things floating in the universe

chill vibe
Motion, Life and Stillness -Hrlum

My first song! I was thinking about the Solar Eclipse that will be happening soon and decided to express my appreciation for the ever-expanding universe. S/O to Jayah for helping me with some of the lyrics and helping the meaning come to life; much love. Remember, we are small

Neo Soul