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Average (produced by TORYONTHEBEAT)
Bona El-Zee l Sauce Ninja 🌊 ❄♕悟りを開いた♕🌊
Infinite Tsukuyomi (Produced by Black mayo)
Bona El-Zee l Sauce Ninja 🌊 ❄♕悟りを開いた♕🌊

So much deception... Coming soon to Spotify & iTunes...

Bulma 🔮(Produced by Curtiz57)
Bona El-Zee l Sauce Ninja 🌊 ❄♕悟りを開いた♕🌊

Produced by Mixed by Bona El-Zee (Hook) Vibing like vegeta kick it with Bulma Saiyan pak, hard hittin maryjuna Sauce drip, vibe hotter then sauna Throw it back, Like that and Im on it ____________________________________ (Verse1) Motor boat the titties like master roshi snackin fast but I started off slowly Finna go eat the pussy like yoshi Wisper in her ear, holding her closly ate the pussy so good, she was tearing Runts got me meditation like jirin Pokemon vibes, i feel how you leerin rode me like a bike, I love how you steerin Nice strokes, you know how I put. Love lemme go bezerk in them guts Super Saiyan Trunks im deep in the cuts I dun made her bus too many nuts Love how she worked my powered pole Chakra over load, finna explode Feelin jojo, how we strike a pose Hit the blunts, and blow the smoke out the nose ________________________________________________ (Verse 2) Scott pilgram off to my ramona Gone head and lift up that kimona Cost plays sex, I love that persona Ride it like Link riding epona Pour me up another cup of that saki Hittin hard like lightinig from sasuake Sub zero, colder then hockey Bring heat, and its hotter then takis Beating up the box, I think im baki Putting plays down, thats how we winnin Fawk faces, I love how you grinnin Shawty, lets switch it up like a villian Star platimum, my stand got percision put it in her stomach like King crimsion KIMETSU NO YAIBA Im swimmin

Sauce R&B
Ok...(Saitama Reaction) (Produced by Fly Melodies)
Bona El-Zee l Sauce Ninja 🌊 ❄♕悟りを開いた♕🌊
Wavy Wavy (Produced by CjD)
Bona El-Zee l Sauce Ninja 🌊 ❄♕悟りを開いた♕🌊
Salsa (Produced by Cash Money AP)
Bona El-Zee l Sauce Ninja 🌊 ❄♕悟りを開いた♕🌊
Rusted Brakes 2 (Produced by Bona El-Zee)
Bona El-Zee l Sauce Ninja 🌊 ❄♕悟りを開いた♕🌊
Yusuke (Fucced Up) (Produced by PHXNKY FLEXX)
Bona El-Zee l Sauce Ninja 🌊 ❄♕悟りを開いた♕🌊