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Tristan Schmidt 2

Greetings fellow humans. Sooooooo it's been months since my last upload but this time I came upon something different, something special... PSYCHEDELIC HOUSE (PSYHOUSE) This is a genre i've recently started working on. Haven't heard of it before? Because i'm the first producer to produce such a genre. Yes I started producing music. PsyHouse is a genre that's inspired by my favourite genre's, artists and tracks such as my biggest inspirations Ace Ventura(Psychedelic Trance) and Khainz(Tech House) Feel free to support my inspirations. It's because of them that i'm able to bring something new and original into the music world. Please Like, Repost, Share and Follow for this is only the beginning and i'm sure you'd like to see what lies ahead. May the PSY be with you<3 Instagram: tristayama

Psytrance - GAME OF TRANCE - Ultramix
Tristan Schmidt 2

New mix i've been working on for the past few weeks. ENJOY Instagram: tristayama

Psytrance 2016 Megamix #2
Tristan Schmidt 2

This is a mix I made a little while back. i have a lot of positive reviews from my previous mixes so.. Sit back, relax and enjoiii :D Instagram: tristayama Facebook: Tristan Schmidt Thanks for all the support!!! This mix is made for entertainment purposes only. Copyright is not intended

Psytrance 2016(Trista Yama Remix)
Tristan Schmidt 2

Sit back, relax and enjoy. Instagram: tristayama

Psytrance 2016 Megamix
Tristan Schmidt 2

Loving all the support. If anybody has any ideas for a new mix, feel free to inbox me :) TRACKLIST: ♢Presence - Nikelodeon Remix(00:31) ♢Pandora - Sparta 50 (00:46) ♢Veni Vici - Free Tibet (02:12) ♢Unknown (3:35) ♢Wild Wild West - Mandragora (04:54) ♢Unknown (07:38) ♢Power of the Mind - Upgrade (08:40) ♢Unknown (10:15) ♢EDDIE - Vivaldi (12:42) ♢Veni Vidi Vici - Veni Vici (14:42) ♢Mandragora - Carousel (18:44) INSTAGRAM: tristayama

Melbourne Bounce 2015
Tristan Schmidt 2

Hope you guys enjoy my new mix. Please Like and Share.

EDM October 2014 ( Best Drops)
Tristan Schmidt 2

Made a Mix of a few EDM and Dutch House tracks, hope you enjoiii :D Copyright is not intended, music is for entertainment purposes only.

Dirty Spring In The Melbourne House
Tristan Schmidt 2

Quick Mix of a few sick dutch house and melbourne tracks. No copyright intended , mixed just for FUN ! Enjoiii Tracklist : 01 - ID - ID 02 - Turn Up The Club - Uberjak'd, Chardy & Kronic 03 - Krunk! - Turn It Down (Koyote Short Edit) 04 - Chris Bullen - In The Zone 05 - Rockin With Da Best - Bobby Puma

dutch house
Melbourne Bounce Winter Mix
Tristan Schmidt 2

Quick Mix of my favourite melbourne tracks. No copyright intended , mixed just for fun !! Tracklist: 01 - Buddy G - Pop dem Booty 02 - SCNDL - Aftershock (Tremor re-work) 03 - Next Episode (Brynny Remix) 04 - Lovers On The Sun (Brynny Bootleg) Share Please :) Enjoiiiii