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Bonobo: "Stay the Same" (Welder Remix) - Ninja Tune

Official remix for the Ninja Tune XX boxset. Released 2010.

Purple And Orange (Phonograph And Mandolin Remix - 2007)

Quietly released in 2007 on an EP. Perhaps you haven't heard it. - Cyberset 2007

"Ocean" (field recordings from China)

(1000 downloads) This Welder track was made with recordings taken in the Yunnan Province in China. A couple years ago, some creative types from France joined together and visited China to film and record a number of people, places and environments. They met children, families, monks and musicians to name a few. They returned with folders and folders of sounds to give to various producers to make songs with. I was one of the people they asked. The proceeds from the compilation album (below) would go back to the people they recorded. Featured on the compilation below. CHINA EXPEDISOUND - (Full Rhizome / I.O.T Records) Recordings from the Yunnan Province Link for Itunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/china-expedisound-yunnan-province/id571629993 Link for Physical purchase http://cd1d.com/en/album/china-expedisound Website : www.expedisound.org

Welder: "Be My Light"

To download this track for free, please visit Impose Magazine http://www.imposemagazine.com/bytes/eskmo-side-project-welder-debut-mp3 "Be My Light" is the 2nd track being given away from Welder's forthcoming album "Florescence". (Out Sept 26 on Ancestor) http://weldersounds.com Brendan Angelides, aka Welder, is a California based artist more widely known in the music community as Eskmo. With releases under the latter guise on the labels of Ninja Tune, Warp and Planet Mu, he has gained notable transatlantic recognition from the likes of BBC Music ("mind-melting invention..."), URB ("Simply destroys the soundsystem..") and FACT ("Fascinating example of the intersection of organic and electronic.") amongst many others. Ancestor Media is the label he created as an outlet for his own personal creative endeavors as Eskmo and Welder. Past Ancestor releases include his collaboration with Amon Tobin entitled simply "Eskamon", and the well-received Eskmo EP "Hypercolor."

Welder: "Run" (FULL ALBUM OUT SEPT 26)

"Run" is the first track from Welder's forthcoming album "Florescence". Download the track for free and find out more here: http://www.weldersounds.com/run Released by: Ancestor Release date: Sept 26, 2011

Welder "Memekast Mix" (2007)

Recorded for http://mk2systems.com as an introduction to the first Welder album entitled "Vines and Stream" (Cyberset 2006). tracklist: Welder: isle of skye Welder: purple and orange Welder: distance Welder: ants are small Welder: find you here Welder: the heart