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tadoh b2b Malle @Borderland 2018 - Deep Dive // Friday

Oh my.. We had such an amazing Borderland! This year at Hedeland marked two important first times as well: Nicola's first burn, and the first time ever we (@mallecph and tadoh) played together. And that was serious fun. Friday night we played at Deep Dive between 22-02, and really had an unforgettable time. The people and the energy were just perfect, and this improvised thing turned into one of our best DJ experiences to date. Unfortunately, we didn't record the set. We thought we would leave it at that, but so many people asked for a recording in the days after, that we decided to re-record the whole thing once at home. So here it is. A couple of things we have learnt in the process (or, rather, got confirmed): 1. remember to take a recorder with you and record the shit out of everything! Rather have to empty a full SD-card later on, than regret not having done it. 2. Playing for a colourful, playful and super hot crowd is a million times more fun than playing at home. The energy we got from playing at Deep Dive was incredible, and was what drove us for the four hours we played. At home it all felt more dull, harder to get into the flow, we made more mistakes, we missed you lot. So here you are, we have re-recorded the last three hours of our set. We got to dive deep into our music libraries, played faster than we often do, found older gems that we hadn't played in ages, but that still worked like a charm. We hope you were there. And we hope this lives up to your memories of it. If not, we hope you'll like this no less. <3 Malle & tadoh (Find Malle's profile here: @mallecph) Picture by: a random, lovely Borderling after our gig at Muumimaa on Wednesday night. Download for free on The Artist Union

tadoh - Fusion Festival 2018 saturday 30/06

Here's the recording of the second set I played at this year's amazing Fusion Festival, this time on Saturday at the Solar Soundsystem at Kinder Space. (The first one, you can find and download here: https://soundcloud.com/tadoh/tadoh-fusion-festival-2018) I didn't think I would upload this one, mainly because my set time got cut down right when I started, then prolonged, then cut again sort of in the middle of things, so it somewhat felt unfinished. But it was nonetheless good fun to play: an improvised short set that followed and lifted my by then pretty tired self and the vibe of the always cheerful square that the area revolves around. Now I had the time to listen it through, and I'm happy I pressed the record button. Here you go - if you like it, feel free to download and support with a repost <3 Download for free on The Artist Union

tadoh - Fusion Festival 2018 Thursday 28/06

Download for free on The Artist Union After two years' break that felt like eternity, Fusion 2018 has just ended. Since my first Fusion in 2010, this crazy playground has been very much responsible for my passion for electronic music, and in many ways it led me into who I am and what I do today. Probably also for this reason, I am super happy to share some music and give something back to this place that is so special to me. This year I played twice: here's the recording of my set on Thursday at the Solar Soundsystem at the Kinder Space - the other set you can find here: https://soundcloud.com/tadoh/tadoh-fusion2018-saturday Love and see you next year <3

tadoh for BSVSMG

Here's my contribution to the BSVSMG podcast series. It was first published on May 1st on BSVSMG's Mixcloud, and now here for Soundcloud users. Follow @bsvsmgpodcast here and on Facebook, and enjoy the mix! Download for free on The Artist Union

The Baroque Ball

Here's my recording from last weekend's Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque, where I closed the intimate scene. It's one hour around the 110bpm. I never find it easy to play a one hour set: You can almost never "take your time and do your thing", take breaks and twists and so on. In a way, this time was no different: Nonetheless, I think what came out of it has a good energy and flow. So here it comes - hope you'll enjoy it <3 Download for free on The Artist Union

Beate Barfuss @ Beate Uwe 04/03/2018

My set from a lovely night at Beate Barfuss @ Beate Uwe in Berlin, on March 4th 2018. Download for free on The Artist Union

Folkets Haus Birthday Rave!

Here's the recording from a fantastic night at Ungdomshuset, in which we celebrated Folkets Haus 3rd birthday. Enjoy, and if you like what you hear, share and repost <3 Download for free on The Artist Union

Deep House
Out Of The Box

I played a long, slow set as a warm-up at Culture Box in Copenhagen. Here's the result, a mix of 50+ tracks I love, between 80-110 bpm. If you like what you hear, repost and follow on Facebook. Enjoy. Download for free on The Artist Union

Wake Family Sundays

Last week I played in the super laidback atmosphere of Wake Family Sundays here in Copenahgen, in a cold afternoon in which the rain battered the tipis we chilled in. What came out of it is an unpretentious but steady cry for summer, in the form of a long mix of slow tunes, that often bear a touch of a warmer place far away from the Danish rain. Here's the recording - enjoy. Download for free on The Artist Union


Recording of my set at the Cherrylicious party in Copenhagen. Download for free on The Artist Union

E for Edamame Beans

Next one up in the Fruits & Greens series: E for Edamame Beans. This mix is a combination of things I've played and I've listened to lately, with some old gems and some newer ones. Hope the beans will be to your liking <3 Download for free on The Artist Union

The great birthday - Folkets Haus #20

Recording of my set at Folkets Haus' 2 years birthday party. Download for free on The Artist Union

tadoh - Fusion Festival 2016

Download for free on The Artist Union Fusion my love - what an amazing playground you are! At this year's festival I had the chance to overlook the playground from behind the decks, while playing a deep set on the solar powered Solar Soundsystem, in the perfect setting of the Kinder Space. The audience was an amazingly playful one too: picture for yourself kids and adults playing all sort of games, hammocks in the sun, with soap bubbles floating away and crazy installations all over the place. Now that you have it there, press play. If you like what you heard, throw a like on Facebook or follow here ;)