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Videopath - And So Do Eye (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

Organ riffs and diva vocals shine on this 90's house jam from newcomer @videopathmusic. Out on @peachdiscs. Read more & buy:

Diva House
IVAN - Manipulate Me (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

Sultry coldwave on the inaugural release from Sydney-based label @besteffort, curated by @earlgreyradio. Read more & buy:

Yadava - Morning Pt.2 (Extended Edit) (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

A singular sax note like Bill Withers singing "lovely daaaaaaaaaaaay". The 10th and final track on 'It Rains Here' the debut album from @yadavasoflute on @churchuk. Read more & buy:

Self-Portrait: Childsplay
Stamp The Wax

A 100% unreleased mix of sleazy synthy goodness from London duo and label @bemorechildish. Interview and tracklist:

Sleazy Synth
Secretsundaze - Still Hope (Waajeed's Searching Dub) (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

@dirt-tech-rek boss @waajeed remixes @secretsundaze into a dubbed out percussive groove. Out on @phonicarecords. Read more & buy: Listen on Youtube:

Percussive Groove
Palta & Ti - Forårets Skørhed (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

Central and DJ Sports roll out their Palta and Ti aliases for a bamboozling ambient hovercraft ride over a sea of indistinguishable dreams. Taken from their EP on @12th-isle. Read more & buy: Listen on Youtube:

Tenderlonious and The 22archestra - Expansions (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

Spiritual jazz on @tenderlonious' debut album on @22amusic, collaborating with the all-star cast of the 22archestra. Read more & buy:

David Tapfuma - Magamba (Esa’s Zimtronic Direct Mix) (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

@esawilliams supercharges the mbira solo on this ode to the ghettos of the Zimbabwean capital, adding a haze of synths and an electro rhythm for a powerful late night moment. Out on @nyami-nyami-records. Read more & buy:

Future 3 - The Boy From West Bronx (Central Remix) (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

A 1996 breakbeat classic from one of the shapers of Denmark electronic music gets remixed by one of its new leaders. Taken from a remix package on @oencph that includes C.K and Ti. Read more & buy:

Jan Kinčl & Regis Kattie - You Never Told Me (Parts 1 & 2) (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

A 13 minute live jazz house odyssey from Zagreb-based producer @jankinclzero and keyboardist @regis-kattie on @pdvrec. Read more & buy:

Live Jazz House
Self-Portrait: Damon Eliza Palermo
Stamp The Wax

Ambient noise and vibrant disco house from @nts_live resident and @100percentsilk affiliate @magic_touch AKA Damon Eliza Palermo.

Disco House
Angelo Ioakimoglu - u220sax2 (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

A downtempo, new age beauty with midi sax, keys and faux strings gliding in the warm Greek air. The mid-90s recordings of a 16 year old Athens wonderkid, released by Into The Light for the first time. Read more & buy:

Greek New Age
Eleventeen Eston - The Four Fountains (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

Propulsive bass and soft groove from the vacation rock revivalist @eleventeeneston on @growingbinrecords. Read more & buy: Listen on Youtube:

Vacation Groove
Pejzaz - Uwazaj Jak Tanczysz (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

@polishcutouts return after a two year hiatus with the signature Balearic stylings of @pejzaz, the new project of @bartoszkruczynski. Read more & buy: Listen on Youtube:

Balearic House
Hanna - Merciful Fate (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

Powerful gospel samples from Cleveland producer Hanna on @thepeopleofearth. Read more & buy:

Gospel House
Christopher Rau - Lodjec (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

Pensive synth chords make for a contemplative late night moment from @christopher-rau on his new album for @money-ex-records. Read more & buy:

Late Night Contemplation
LaTonya - Dance Time (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

Electro soul from 1980s D.C. label Aset, a community initiative which mentored young people in the met area then connected them with amateur adult musicians. Reissued on @smilingc. Read more & buy: Listen on Youtube:

Electro Soul
Self-Portrait: Sven Atterton
Stamp The Wax

100% homegrown and unreleased from Essex's own electro-boogie bastion Sven Atterton, who goes toe-to-toe with fellow PPU label mates Moon B, Legowelt and Sasac for that knee-popping swing. Interview:

Bell Towers - Ikea Hack (Baba Stiltz Remix) (STW Premiere)
Stamp The Wax

Musical anthropologist for life’s idiosyncrasies, Baba Stiltz has helped immortalise the Ikea Hack in 4/4 form on a 9 minute remix for Public Possession. Read more & buy: Listen on Youtube:

Ikea Hack