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I Don't Mind

lil home cooked demo she said "just go live your life" go try to make something out of nothing? you know that im nothing you know im not like i used to be its why you left me though i dont mind I really get it I fucking screamed man I panicked you were the last thing I lost the final straw the shortest draw ready to die but you embraced the fall you did your research and learned what to say gave me chances i pushed you away from me how is our home I'm sure you prefer being there alone my friends and i just took up space that you own its yours now just breathe shes gone and you're acting desperately not with lack of apology there's so much that we cant explain like you were there when my mom died head in your lap as the tears dried and started again ill love this photo my whole life no matter how short that may be did I ever tell you i read her her favorite book promised a shell she'd hear bells from where she stood id used that ring she left me for you and only you she was unconscious and barely breathing but tears in her eyes made me think she could hear me she wanted the best for me and the best was you in the waiting room and now we're apart we're here now but how did this start i cant replace you its who you are to me that made it special regarded so carefully I had hope for the future I'm down but I swear I was closer a few more weeks and I couldve been what you need but when im ready youre ready to leave youre not here but I swear i can feel you right over my shoulder the closest we got to the life that we wanted i took it for granted I'm a grocery boy i stock produce all day I wander through aisles and hope youre okay but you said stay away so ill stay away I owe you that