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dreamwalker [prod. kellbender x shini]

lyrics: face down on the floor w the lights out i dont wanna wait i need you right now i was down for a minute im alright now used to feel alive but im a ghost in the night now ghosts are memories that will never be forgotten the weight you left upon my chest has left me breathless ion pull up yea i lay low you can come thru if u say so i only hang out w the lost souls all of my brothers got halos bitch ima star and i shine brite light up the room when im inside rip out my heart watch me turn white but im already dead inside im waiting for the day these nightmares will escape my brain ill put my hands around your waste and let you taste my pain

fantasies [w/ shrimp]


heaven [ft. velvetears]
shinigami x 93feetofsmoke - sick of everything

shini: ima fall down into ashes put my body where the grass is ima suffer going under is it worth it i still wonder im on the edge again im sick of everything dont wanna be your fucking friend im fine with what i have ill take this to my grave get the fuck out my face hang me from a chain im just a waste of space 93: Just the thought of it It fucking makes me sick So im sorry im an asshole But my patience thin on the edge again The ice been getting thin Well just pretend Everything’s fine Until we fall right in Off the gas again Searching in my own head Trying magnify a reason Not to end this shit Note to self I’m never getting better Imma mess just thought you’d remember

so bad [prod. dylan brady]

you know i want it so bad but i could never go back things always change its so sad but im sure that you know that blood stains all over my off whites ice cold smoke give u frostbite baby we both been so sad feel like everything has been so bad remember way back smoking on the weekends broken bottles running from the demons falling out the backseat window now i think im stuck in limbo i know this isnt what you asked for take my hand and rot away with me you crossed my heart now youre stuck with me thinking of ways i could get it all back dont wanna fallback ill never back track thinking of ways i could get my soul back scratches on my back my vision turns black spirits take over my mind yea it happens all the time stuck in a world i dont know everyone left me behind

toxic [prod. jay vee]

@jvbeats666 in my dreams i just stand there shaking think im better off never waking again

Hip Hop

cybernetix ep coming soon

level up! [prod. deliverthecrush]
theres no sympathy for the dead (escape the fate cover)

my favorite song of all time

post hardcore