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buster blade ☆彡

i said im crashin thru scene the w my eyes low said she down to top the team baby i know i got everything you need but its never enough told you id give u my heart but u just wanted to fuck whippin the foreign you sleepin on me yea u snorin you cant ignore this you know ima be important i dont pull up to no functions im a loner she said i got no hope babygirl ima goner with the lights out baby can u pipe down i cant fuck w no broke bitches i want ice now used to bust down blunts with the whole team but i quit now im stackin all these hunnies fuck a strap bitch i pull up wit a claymore big blade now im fuckin gettin paid more its amazing i cant even explain it i jus bought a new game i aint even play it what can i say bitch im a star and ur all fuckin lame think that you on cus u gettin some plays but they all fake this aint a game on the side lines wit a baddie while you all gettin mad at me if you tough then just at me youll never ever surpass me im walkin down the street w my ricks on pussy boy you a opp you get pissed on call up f and bring the gang you wont run my fade i got shooters that dont even know my shawty said she wanna ride me like its six flags rockin folex watches pussy now ya wrist black feel like cloud strife ur my final fantasy im the best that ever did it in this galaxy

Cute Plugg

'one sky, one destiny ep' coming soon i need to break away escape this winter cold among the darkness i find solace in the cracks along the road im letting go of all i know ill run in circles hoping i find answers to everything that i have questions for forget everything that you think i am you think you know me but youll never have a clue reject me and leave me to the vultures its getting colder day by day forget me and brush me off your shoulder let the vultures break me down its half past noon and ive been sleeping on the floor empty bottles are my closest friends they dont leave me alone what the fuck is the point of this if all i ever do is bitch and moan and stay up all night staring at my phone fuck my head and leave me dead ive lived and learned and i have bled for all ive learned and all ive said the vultures tear me up to shreds


lyrics: i just wanna feel like im alive the voices in my head tear me up from deep inside i cannot feel anything anymore the key of the chosen unlocking the door ill live to see another day the walls are closing you watched me fall into the dark and all i know is i am not the voice you hear or the face you see so now you lay into my arms you whisper silence into words so soft and how could i ignore the patterns after all that weve been through break ur fucken necc! the flood will rise unto the gates of heaven i need my angel where is she now her voice it haunts me 6 feet in the ground