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From The Fire - Ben Holland
Vera Tolstoj

From the fire Out by the south sea fields Out on the edge of town That's where my father used to work Before my fathers work burned down Eighteen years on the books With the mortgage almost paid Now we stand and prey for luck In the grey smokey shade The world don't work that way So the old men say My father was a diver He sailed the Baltic sea He'd search the waves for survivors Pulled a friend from a sunken submarine Then he moved and met my mother Helped raise my sister and myself Times were hard but we were happy Love worth far more than wealth The world don't work that way So the old men say I used to walk with my sister We'd go from home to home Hand out flyers for my fathers work We worked for everything we own Then times were good and times were joyful We fought and earned our peace Almost forgot all our struggles But does struggle ever cease The world don't work that way So the old men say Then the fire burned our business to the ground And we count all we've lost It was arson so the policeman found For another's crime we paid the cost The world just works that way So the old men say Who cares what the old men say They've been beaten into fools By a world that repaid their love With a life only cruel If we could come together Fight the tragedy and strife Wouldn't that be a world my dear Wouldn't that be a life Wouldn't that be a life.