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For You (Chill Mix) - Saturno
Saturno's Music

Definitely one of my fav tracks from the EP! Hope you guys like it :) Pre-order the album already on all platforms! Just search for "WHITE UNIVERSE SATURNO" ITUNES: GOOGLE PLAY: AMAZON:

Chill out
For You (Vocal Mix) - [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Saturno's Music

This track is a gift for all of you who has supported my journey! (You can download it for free). The lyrics were written in a very rough period of my life and 'FOR YOU' is ALL OF YOU who has been there supporting me. You are the ones who lift me up and motivate me to keep going no matter what! You have no idea how much love I feel for each and everyone of you. THANK YOU!!!! With all love, Gabo LYRICS: Waking up to fear Counting all my tears Doubts are knocking at my door Screaming why is all this for Talking to my self From the darkness of my mind I hear nothing but the sound of pain even if i try To believe that’ll be fine All this emptiness burns me inside Today I choose to be strong ‘For you’ ‘For you’ I will let go and move on “For you” “For you” Here I am Diving into faith Spinning wheels till I go straight Nothing seems to quiet the noise And its in silence where we find joy I am trying not to die From the bullets in my heart But is hard to keep my soul alive When everything I had And all that I once was Disappears in a blink of an eye Today I choose to be strong ‘For you’ ‘For you’ I will let go and move on “For you” “For you”

Future Bass
Tears Of Joy (Original Mix) - Saturno
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This one holds true sentiments in my heart! Called 'Tears of joy', symbolizing those moments where we start crying out of nowhere and we can't find the reason why we are crying but it's all right, because those tears are followed by a genuine laughter that in the same way we can't explain its origin. I see those moments as the release of trap emotions in our body and the best thing we can do is just let it all out. We must know sadness in order to experience true happiness. Don't ever be afraid to cry. Tears are the gateway to joy. Hope you guys enjoy this one! Coming out soon in my first EP 'WHITE UNIVERSE' Make sure to like the track and share it with someone; you'll be really helping me a lot <3 Much love my friends, Gabo

White Universe (Original Mix) - Saturno
Saturno's Music

Another one from my first EP "WHITE UNIVERSE" Coming soon! Thank you for listening! With all love, Gabo

Drum & Bass
For You (Instrumental Mix)- Saturno
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Instrumental version of 'For You'. Coming soon on my First EP called "WHITE UNIVERSE" Thank you for listening! With all love, Gabo

Future Bass