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Psycast Episode 001 from GOA by Electric Universe - CONTENT - Interviews with Dj Starling, owner of Hilltop GOA Osh (Imagine Mars) and Hanan (Volcano / Vertical Mode) Tracklist: --- - Electric Universe - Mantra --- - DJ Mix by Electric Universe: Electric Universe - Ignition Sequence Start Imagine Mars - Sacred Space Ajja & Outsiders - Devine Particle Outsiders & Avalon - Real Deal (Burn In Noise RMX) Xerox & Volcano & Imagine Mars - Flying Saucers Outsiders & Hypnocoustics - Earthshine Electric Universe - Millenia Magik - Buoyancy (Volcano RMX) Altruism & Outsiders - Tribal Maker (GMS RMX) Sonic Species & Imagine Mars - Fly Machine --- Classic Track of the 90s: Ramirez & Pizarro - Hablando (Acordeon Mix) --- Unreleased: Electric Universe - Bansuri --- Description: --- I am delighted to present my new project PSYCAST! a special recording I will make on the road from some of the amazing psychedelic trance locations I visit. Every Episode will have a special flavor, featuring interviews with some of the most interesting people of our scene that I meet on the road. PSYCAST will focus mainly on the uplifting full-on side of Psychedelic Trance, with a continues mix of music only, a classic track of the nineties and a teaser of an unreleased tune. The first episode was recorded in GOA, the undisputed capital of the global psychedelic trance world. A location like no other, deep in history and spirituality. I was glad to come back to this enchanted land to perform at the legendary venue Hilltop, that celebrated a few weeks back 35 years of existence. The second episode is currently in the making and will introduce the land of psychedelic trance world and one of the most influential countries who's contribution to the scene is like no other- Israel.