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excuse me while i find myself

this song is about being uninspired and not wanting to be pressured to seem creative/passionate all the time because lord knows how much i've cried over losing interest in art and everything even and being afraid that people would be disappointed or even upset with me because of it lyrics: sometimes i lose my mind sometimes i lose my way sometimes i lose my voice and i can't say what i want to say sometimes i let my things collect dust on a shelf sometimes i just need time so excuse me while i find myself don't call a search party i'm a lone wolf even i can't see myself i'm invisible out of sight out of mind and vice versa so please excuse me while i find myself

Folk & Singer-Songwriter
safety net

lyrics: i really hope i'm not a safety net for the bridge that you just burned maybe you're still holding on i wouldn't know but safety first is what i learned see, if you want me to catch you you have to fall whole heartedly if you don't cut your ties then i'll get tangled in the lies and i don't have my own net for security yeah we're both falling i can only pray that you're falling for me and i'm jumping to conclusions while without a parachute and i still think i smell smoke from the arson scene


ok the quality is so bad and weird for this one sorry!!!! but this is an old poem of mine i turned into a song fun fact the last line was originally "you'll never mean this much to me" but i changed it bc i turned soft yeah yeah lyrics: ocean to ocean sea to sea all of the stars in the galaxy as vast as the universe may be you'll still mean more than this to me


for you lyrics: i want you okay want you to be okay and i want you to stay please stay


lyrics: are you scared of love scared of me scared of what this could be have all of your feelings been numbed by anxiety and i know that you don't know but that don't change my mind i still love you until the end of time are you scared of hurt scared of me are you scared that i might leave dear i promise that with you is where i want to be and i'm sorry if you don't feel that mutually but i still love you until infinity


lyrics: i have a whole list of people i wish i was and i always feel insecure because when they exist my virtues are reduced to little specks of dust and all the shiny things of mine people admire dull to rust

go to sleep (vEry rough)

lyrics: go to sleep i promise it’ll be better than crying and weeping if you’re unconscious you can’t grieve go to sleep escape your problems and your feelings shut your eyes to shut ‘em out lose your mind amongst the clouds so drift away breathe in the outer space unravel your brain relax your rough reality even though this ain’t permanent it’s always good to see that you can be awake again go to bed lie down and let the yucky thoughts dissolve from your head dream sweet dreams and count sheep instead go to bed repair your mind with figurative needle and thread tomorrow you’ll get ahead so drift away breathe in the outer space unravel your brain relax your rough reality even though this ain’t permanent it’s always good to see that you can be awake again so in the morning you’ll be rested and ready to go just let the sandman take off your hands your psychological shitshow it sounds like an excuse but sometimes it’s okay to escape just remember that tomorrow you will try your best to be great for now my babe breathe in the outer space unravel your brain relax your rough reality even though this ain’t permanent it’s always good to see that you can be awake again

all the guys i like are gay

lyrics: all the guys i like are gay or famous or taken or far away or a combination of any of the things i said before i'll just be alone forever, it's okay

for our good (short)

lyrics: you love too hard for your own good but so do i the only problem is that we don't fall in line take a step back, give you space to breathe but the distance is suffocating me


(instrumental is from an instrumental remake of one touch by baaur ft. alunageorge and rae sremmurd that i found on youtube lol) lyrics: play with me because i'm bored it's a game but i ain't a sore loser you could cheat, i'd let you win if it excites me i don't even care if you're a sinful user drop my cards out on the floor sick of hearts is what they'll show for you sir pick them up, there's 53 i'm talking to a joker but beggars can't be choosers

over you

the quality is kinda bad bc i just sung over "monday loop" by tomppabeats playing on spotify while recording with my phone AHAH but yeah uh here's "over you" lyrics: there was a time when i thought you were the only one that i ever would want but i think i'm finally getting over you there was a time when i felt like i was getting drunk on the thought of your love well i will be all sober soon 'cause i'm giving up i'm realizing i don't need your love i'm gonna be fine even if you're not mine i think i'll survive if you're happy love i guess i'll be happy calling you bud 'cause i'm over it i'll patiently sit on the other side i've come to terms with the fact it's not meant to be and that's fine with me there's nothing that i can do now i think i'll start my hike of moving on the longing's gone but i'll stay your friend that much i vow

<|3 zZz

i wrote this lil song thing a while ago when my heart was rlly hurt lol (i'm fine now) but then i realized it fit nicely over zZz by droeloe so here is a clip of them together :-) lyrics: i never knew that it would hurt like this yeah i never knew that it would be my only wish to be with you instead of her i know you're happy but for me it hurts i never knew that it would hurt like this

saddest song

lyrics: I wanna write the saddest song in the world just to show you how i feel it'll hurt your heart set your sternum on fire and you won't know how to deal with it if i can't express my pain in words then to make you understand let me stab your soul suffocate your heart with instrument in hand


lyrics: "have you ever felt so insecure that your breathing strains and your stomach hurts have you ever been so unhappy with yourself that you straight up wish that you were someone else"


lyrics: "i'm so sick of crying but i can't make it stop i'm so tired of trying everything i do flops yeah i may look like i'm fine yeah i'm smiling on the outside but i would be lying 'cause inside i'm really dying"


lyrics: "funny how you only liked me for my happy side, for all the times that you could make me laugh until i cried then you decided that you didn't love my other half, funny how, now that you're gone, i cry until i laugh"


i hate mondays

mirror (alternate version)



lyrics: well i'm sitting here feeling empty all alone but i don't want to talk to you, why? i don't know maybe i'm just confused, no i definitely am all i know is for sure i'm alone