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Pussy In The Dark

From the backstreets of Long Jetty, four close friends decided to put aside their kids, businesses and studies for one night a week to jam in a garage. Pussy In The Dark combines nostalgic synth sounds with astral folk vocals to create something you could describe as 'Aussie Dream Pop'. The girls debut track ‘Stones’, was recorded and produced by Jinja Safari co-founder, Pepa Knight. You can catch their first live performance on the Electric Lady Stage at this year’s Mountain Sounds Festival. -- Pussy In The Dark | 'Company' Officially released February 9, 2018 Download 'Stones on Unearthed: Unearthed: www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/pussy-dark Facebook: www.facebook.com/pitdmusic Instagram: www.instagram.com/pitdmusic Produced by Pepa Knight Mastered by Andrew Edgson @ Studios 301