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little miss bad
liv middleton

i made this song for an in-class music project and ppl seemed to like it a lot more than i expected, which is rly cool so imma put it up here for those of you who wanna listen. i wrote this in one day, and this is one take. there isn't any harmony happening oops, i recorded it at school and could've layered some now but i'm pretty sick so i'm just gonna leave it as it is and just call it 'raw' lolol. - its based off the mr. men character 'little miss bad' (like my other original song, mr. daydream), and when given choices on which character i would write a song about, it was super clear to me what type of song i wanted to make. this dark yet soothing vibe of 'you should stay back', which isn't too overwhelming. you feel? - so this is like my first full original i hope u guys like it and if u do pls repost n like n comment yknow all that good stuff. (don't forget 2 share with ur friends too). thank u always! also shout out to mr. mather for mixing n for the studio set-up. yours truly, little miss liv middleton - lyrics: little miss bad you can’t catch me running through the town looking so mean when you see me coming round you better run away cause i can tell you now i’m not here to play games games games little miss bad comes back again games games games standing on stage its her show again little miss bad the girl you wish you didn’t have little miss bad won’t you come my way they tell me that they want me so i stay away you don’t have to be mad cause i know whats best for you i always have more fun when I’m not the one to lose your games games games little miss bad comes back again games games games standing on stage its her show again little miss bad the girl you wish you didn’t have little miss bad what am i gonna do to get this message all the way to you, oh i’ll make sure it’s left on your brain so you know that I’m the bringer of the pouring rain I’m on cloud nine you can’t get me down cause little miss bad is gonna run this town -

mr. daydream
liv middleton

this is an original song i made, based on the mr. men book series. i chose 'mr. daydream' because it really stood out to me, and i just had this instant idea in my mind. so in like five minutes i came up with this lullaby concept - i knew i wanted strings and lots of harmonies. so though this is still rough, i still think i've come a long way with developing my ideas. there's still heaps for me to learn. anyway, i hope you like it or at least find it peaceful/calming. if you do, make sure to let me know x

lovely - cover
liv middleton

this song came out two days ago and all i wanted to do was come home and sing it. so here it is. no backing, but i added strings n things using my keyboard. i also managed to do somewhat okay (??) harmonies. SORRY FOR THIS LAME ALBUM ART TOO HA I HAVE NO GOOD PHOTOS. this is such a gorgeous song n i hope u like my lil self-made version of it. just wanted to post something before i go away! thank u also for 200 followers xx i love u. goodnight :) liv

alternative lullaby
somebody else - cover
liv middleton

u all waited since i posted the lil snippet on instagram (@liv.mid), & thank u for ur love on that post, so here is the full cover. i did record this a while ago. hmmm please share with your friends n stuff if you do like it, and as always, thank you so much for listening to my covers. love u (thanks 2 peachy piano on youtube for the backing, n for always havin my back)

idontwannabeyouanymore - cover
liv middleton

hey. thanks for being so patient while i was a bit inactive. i can't believe u guys have listened to my tracks 8.7k+ times! thank u so so so much. i hope you never stop listening to my tracks. here's my cover of one of billie eilish's beautiful songs, idontwannabeyouanymore. - - - - > sing king karaoke backing used hope you enjoy xx love u

ocean eyes - cover
liv middleton

this will be my last track for the year. just want to say thank you so much for loving my tracks, it means a lot to me. i'm so grateful for all of you who listen and share. i'll see you next year with (hopefully) more music. i love u liv xx (don't own the piano backing)

six feet under - cover
liv middleton

could roses bloom again? + backing used: ♡ cover

the hill - cover
liv middleton

don't you see me crying? this is from the movie Once.

soft ♡