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Don't Sleep (Prod. Josh Petruccio)
Young Simba

Just bars and bars and bars for everyone to bump to. Show some LuV and spread ya boiii around!! More good quality music is on the way Young Simba-Don't Sleep on me!!!

Hip-hop & Rap
Young Simba

This track means a lot in the aspect of my life and how it has gone so far. Recently, I have felt alone in this moment and this track has helped me cope wit that. I hope you find this track as satisfying as I do. -YoungSimba P.S. do NOT sleep on me..

2AM - Young Simba (prod. borncreativity)
Young Simba

It is Young Simba from Los Fresnos, TX rappin' and borncreativity from Aachen, Germany with the production - ON THE COME UP!!!

Hip-Hop & Rap