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Popcaan - Wine For Me

“Wine For Me” is the second single from Popcaan’s upcoming sophomore album, Forever. Popcaan is disarmingly effortless on this wining anthem, with an expert flow and expressive, catchy melodies. The airy and restrained production is anchored by a classic Jamaican drum pattern that has won over the world time again. He rides the riddim with flair & ease, and reminds us that his voice is unmatched.

Popcaan - Firm & Strong

“Firm & Strong” is the most powerful & spiritual offering from Popcaan’s upcoming sophomore album, Forever. On a stripped back beat, Popcaan is joined by a 20 person choir, who help him lift through the struggle he describes. It is a mantra for himself, and for the listener, a reminder to never give up and remain strong in hard times. As the song reaches its pinnacle, and Popcaan leaves us with the choir, you have the sense he has ascended into rapture and gifted you the power to overcome. Both moving and uplifting, “Firm & Strong” shows us Popcaan’s ever-evolving and impressive artistry.

Popcaan - Body So Good

Popcaan announces his long awaited sophomore album, Forever, due this summer, with the release of the first single “Body So Good”.   In the time since his debut album, Where We Come From, and his early days as Vybz Kartel’s protege, Popcaan has risen to become the Caribbean’s most vital contemporary voice. Revered and approached by artists in all genres the world over, Popcaan has found a fan and supporter in Drake, been sampled by Kanye, provided anthemic features for Jamie XX, The Gorillaz and Davido all while he continues to dominate his home turf of dancehall. Now a global star, his new album Forever is set to further cement him as an inimitable force and an icon of his generation.   “Body So Good” is a leaf out of Forever’s book, a glimpse of the craft to come. Popcaan’s signature infectious songwriting and unique tone sits afloat an effortlessly breezy dancehall riddim, with shimmering guitars and a throwback ragga post-chorus.   With “Body So Good,” Popcaan weaves together several concurrent musical threads; finding the sweet spot where pop meets its afro counterpart and dancehall future meets dancehall past,. “Body So Good” is a sublime summer anthem from the artist who has the world in his hands.

Vybz Kartel - Real Bad Gal

Almost 6 years after their collaboration on the now legendary Kingston Story album, Vybz Kartel & Dre Skull reunite for a one-off single: “Real Bad Gal.” Teased into the world by PartyNextDoor, who sampled the chorus on his Gold-certified hit single “Not Nice”, the original Kartel song is now available on Mixpak. An inimitable combination of Kartel’s throwback flow and Dre Skull’s minimal roughneck production that twists classic dancehall into 2018, the song is a dedication to a “bad and brave” woman, the original bad gal. ---- Vybz Kartel is Jamaica’s most revered contemporary artist, a household name in the Caribbean and a worldwide cult hero whose lyrical ability is matched only by his furious workrate and endless drive for excellent songwriting. In his 20+ year career, he’s had an untouchable influence on modern day dancehall and the pop world at large, working with Rihanna & Missy Elliott, finding fans in Drake and Jay Z and being instrumental in launching the careers of Jamaica’s newest generation of stars: from Popcaan to Spice. In 2011, he worked with Dre Skull to create the full length album “Kingston Story,” which gained unprecedented press coverage for an often overlooked genre, with features in Dazed, The New York Times, The Fader & more. The album, released on Mixpak, is now considered a classic, seeing its third vinyl repressing, and Kartel continues to release hit songs that dominate dancehall year after year.

DJ Chalice - Dark Flute on Tap

From our 2017 Holiday Bundle, 16 free tracks! Go to mixpakrecords.com/holidays for the full .zip. 1. Jubilee - Wine Up ft. Hoodcelebrityy (Florentino Remix) 2. Lava Dome - Balenciaga Denim Riddim 3. DJ Chalice - Dark Flute On Tap 4. Tygapaw - Applause Ha 5. Nemesis - Up 6. Architect - Neptunes Riddim 7. Future - Feed Me Dope (Santa Muerte Edit) 8. King Doudou x Rye Rye x MC 2D - Shake It Danca 9. Don Sinini - LTK 10. NewAgeMuzik - DMs (Kastle x bk beats Remix) 11. Merca Bae - Said Riddim 12. Anz - Gas Dem 13. Gafacci x Moni - Juana ft. Joey B 14. Uninamise - Flex Is War 15. Lorenzo Senni - Pointillistic (blastah Edit) 16. Lizzo - Deep (Jubilee Remix)