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S2E2: Hollow Knight, Card Games, Knightmare
Daft Souls
Daft Souls Season 2
Daft Souls

Matt returns with Keza and Bratt. We'll be back in about a month. Hello!

93: The Sexy Brutale, Constructor, Interactive Theatre
Daft Souls

We talk a bit about The Sexy Brutale, dip back into the depths of 1997 for a chat about nasty British sim Constructor, and then answer a question about interactive theatre.

92: The Signal From Tölva, Stories Untold, Jill of the Jungle
Daft Souls

We briefly follow up about Stories Untold, jump into The Signal From Tölva, touch on The Sexy Brutale (which we'll revisit) and cap off this episode of the podcast with a chat about Jill of the Jungle and the delights of Shareware gaming.

91: Nier Automata, It Came From The Desert
Daft Souls


90: Zelda, Horizon, Gunstar Heroes
Daft Souls

We chat Horizon: Zero Dawn, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Horses: Why Does Quinns Hate Horses. Also, Gunstar bloody Heroes.

Daft Souls 89: Nioh, FFXV, For Honor, Charlie Cleveland
Daft Souls

This time we chat about the times when we fall out of love with games, as well as chat about Nioh, For Honor, Final Fantasy XV, and more. Our question-guest this time is the excellent Charlie Cleveland - game director on Subnautica.

88: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Gravity Rush 2, Nels Anderson
Daft Souls

Matt and Quinns return with SEASON 2 of Daft Souls. Listen that's just what you say when you stop doing something for ages, OK? We talk a bunch about Shadow Tactics, Quinns talks a little about Gravity Rush 2, Nels Anderson answers our 5 questions, and then the boys revisit PSO.

87: Duelyst, Titanfall 2, Overcooked, Thumper
Daft Souls

Matt and Quinns return for a pre-Christmas Daft Souls, featuring Duelyst, Titanfall 2, Overcooked, and Thumper. We will return in 2017!

Daft Souls 86: INSIDE, Pokemon GO
Daft Souls

We're joined by the excellent Keza Macdonald to talk about INSIDE and Pokemon Go. No spoilers about the former until the very end of the podcast, at which point a clear SPOILER-ZONE is flagged. Also this week we have a brand new podcast setup, which we now frustratingly won't be using again for a while. Sorry to be such a tease, we're awful!

85: Subnautica, VA-11 HALL-A, Human Tears
Daft Souls

This week Matt and Quinns talk about Subnautica and VA-11 HALL-A, whilst trying not to slip into the visible maw of madness and despair.

84: Sherlock, Crest, Human Resource Machine, Uncharted
Daft Souls

Matt is joined this week by Kate Gray to chat Sherlock Holmes: Crime & Punishment, unusual early-access God game Crest, Human Resource Machine, and Uncharted.

83: Pocket Card Jockey, Superhot Secrets, Steamworld Heist
Daft Souls

Matt is joined by Joe Skrebels for a chat about racing tiny horses and dabbling in other card-based games. Joe then dives into some of Superhot's bizarrely detailed secrets (expect spoilers) and both boys wax lyrical once again about Steamworld Heist.

82: Duskers, Crawl
Daft Souls

It's rare that both halves of Cool Ghosts 100% agree on anything, but Matt and Quinns both remain TURBO-HOT for Duskers. After that, they return to the normal realm of disagreement about Crawl, and then answer a handful of your questions. Thanks so much for listening!

81: Stellaris, Monster Hunter Generations, The Controller Wars
Daft Souls

This week we’re joined by popular regular Joe, who’s arrived like a flaming sword of truth to call us out on things we’ve said that he personally doesn’t agree with. Watch as he mildly sizzled us into submission, making the podcast less of an echo chamber in a way which is purely positive and just generally a great thing, thanks Joe. Quinns talks about ANATOMY (watch last week’s video!) while Matt has become an evil dictator in Stellaris. Joe then chats a bit about Overwatch and Superhot, and then both Matt and Joe sort of explode with excitement merely at the prospect of more Monster Hunter. Finally, all of the men fight to the death over which is the greatest game controller. Let us know what you reckon in the comments!

80: INKS & Pinball, Phoenix Wright, Terrible Pokemon
Daft Souls

This week we’re joined by Kate Gray - excellent games person and host of the Toku Podcast. This week we begin with INKS. and pinball games in general (the series Matt struggled to recall was Zen Pinball 2). Matt and Quinns briefly talk about Overwatch, and then the podcast swirls into a fun rambly-chat about The Witcher 3, Ace Attorney, and whether or not it’s OK to eat a Pokemon. Let us know in the comments which one you’d eat, although it's entirely reasonable to simply upvote the first person to post saying "YUCK HORRIBLE NO".

79: Sex & Politics & Wolfenstein
Daft Souls

On account of its incredible crowd-funding success, this week Quinns decided to investigate Breeding Season - an extremely NSFW hentai game about breeding monsters and then INSERT IMAGINATION HERE. He's also been trying to fix politics in Africa with the latest edition of Democracy 3, while Matt meanwhile has decided to stick to the family-friendly world of Wolfenstein's Electro-Nazis.

78: Hitman, Nioh, Fallen London
Daft Souls

Matt has been dabbling with Clash Royale and the Nioh alpha demo, while Quinns has become obsessed with Hitman and Fallen London. We then cap off the podcast with a brief chat about what it's like to be faced with the prospect of BEING OLD.

77: Ratchet & Clank, Narrative Design
Daft Souls

Matt and Quinns return with a mild palette-cleanser. After weeks of Dark Souls chat, here's a short and sharp podcast that's largely about Ratchet & Clank, with some general chat about the challenges of narrative design whacked onto the end of it. Enjoy!

76: The Dark Souls Special
Daft Souls

Listen, you knew it had to happen at some point - the clue was right there in the podcast's name. This week Matt and Quinns are joined by Keza, who has spent two years writing a book about Dark Souls. We chat about the book, the series, From Software's magic, and cap it off with a clearly-flagged spoilery discussion about the first 15 hours of Dark Souls 3. Enjoy!