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Panic At The Disco - Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time Lyric Change
Stems HQ

Not exactly sure where this came from and if you know what this is then please tell me, but the lyrics are changed and there seems to be different drum kits and stuff, and the vocals are different. Not trading the whole thing, I don't have it, only the first verse till the end of the first chorus, I added it as RARE cause after a lot of research I couldn't find anything at all soooo. Anyways, enjoy

Twenty One Pilots-Doubt (Drumless TV Track Preview)
Stems HQ

I haven't posted in forever so here's a random preview :) (I slowed the tempo so no one can filter out a drum stem btw)

MULTIPLE SCAMMER ALERT - Users Multi - Track Traders And Babyblueroses
Stems HQ

Mutli Track Traders sent me a link to stems after I sent, their link was an error 404 (if you need proof let me know). They then continued to tell me that they're still "fixing their link". I screen-shotted, told a few lovely people on the Trading Discord, and they confronted multi-track traders about it and messaged me saying "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TOLD OTHER PEOPLE, FUCK YOU!" Moving on to babyblueroses, she literally admitted to scamming and then denied it weeks later, sooooo yeah. Stay safe and aware, quit the scamming shit. -SHQ

Trade Update *Check Description*
Stems HQ

With the recent leaking of EVERYTHING, I'm keeping trades very strict. I have no problem sending first, and have no problem buying first. But if you don't have any reputation, expect me to be a little hesitant. This is getting out of hand. In order to prevent leaks, everyone needs to stop making horrific trades. Trade rare things for rare, do your research. I'm not accepting any demos, or "alt-edits". I don't care if a kinda common thing leaks every once and a while, but I don't want to be spending hundreds of dollars on things that are going to leak as soon as I buy them. Oh, and cut the scamming bullshit, I've seen so many scammers lately, it's absolutely ridiculous. -SHQ Good job for hitting "read more" and actually reading! You get a medal! Just kidding, no medals.

SCAMMER ALERT - User Bad At Love
Stems HQ this bitch wanted to trade and yeah, deleted their account

Now Trading - Twenty One Pilots - Vessel Lossless Wav Instrumentals
Stems HQ

Ode To Sleep Fake You Out Truce Trees Screen Semi-Automatic

Now Trading-Twenty One Pilots-Blurryface Lossless Wav Instrumentals
Stems HQ

Goner Polarize Doubt Message Man The Judge Hometown