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Popular Girl, Typical Boy | feat. sleep.ing

Prod. JOY

a world of chaos | feat. ivri, jomie, rxseboy

feat. ivri, jomie, and rxseboy prod. Skinny Atlas and Monty Data

im used to it

Prod. 8rokeboy

Hip-hop & Rap
don't fall asleep yet

Produced by ENRA LYRICS: Dont fall asleep yet I'm wide awake still I wonder if u think about me when u lay still Don't fall asleep yet Promise me you’ll stay here Are my pictures on you wall still like last year Don't fall asleep yet I'm wide awake still I wonder if u think about me when u lay still Its been a long time Miss u around me When I dream about u r u dreaming bout me Verse Dont fall asleep Im wide awake I hope that we Have brighter days U still have my heart So don’t let it break I want u all mine forever I’ll put my heart on a projector I wish we settled all the struggles we got into The best part of my life was with you Rap Think about u too much Trynna fall asleep But my eyes won’t shut Said u need a break And thats ok But when u feel alone Always got my place Life throws curves Sorry for your loss Praying for your peace When the night feels long Writing songs for you with my guitar Leave if u want but please don’t go far

Hip-hop & Rap
Laying on my porch while we watch the world end.

Featuring @rxseboy Produced by @pauli-niemi Hope u enjoy!! Music video for it up on my Youtube channel <3

a kiss goodbye (Prod. Kiyoto)

another Powfu x Rxseboy collab with them lofi romantic vibes <3 Produced by Kiyoto <3

lofi hiphop
i'm not your friend

Produced by Rodger Verse: i was in my room when u called me Didn’t answer it cuz u annoy me I was in the hall when u saw me I looked away And kept walking I told u once Ill tell u again Ill be your boy But not your friend Im not your friend Chorus: Pathetic me is waste of time always get blamed even when its not mine Everyone says imma big fat mess Say one word someone ends upset Thats who I am Dumb decisions might break my neck dont give a shit If you knew me You’d know im a wreck

when things were awkward (prod. fenoaltea)

Hook: I walked by a girl with the same perfume As the one you used to wear I can’t help but to think of you And now I see u everywhere And time won’t stop for us But maybe we can go a bit longer We can both start again Lets go back to when things were awkward Verse: I remember running With u skipping classes if are parents found out They would probably kick r asses Me and u were troubled kids trouble what we looked for we were similar there was nothing we were good for Talks with you Sitting in the harbour Walk on the docks Until the skies got darker small blue waves And your eyes dark green When u said goodbye u would kiss my cheek And I know that Im the one to blame But if I lose you I can’t move on again

step into my life (prod. ocean)

V1: Yes Ive thought of things I wanna say but never said it Searching how to get a girls attention up on reddit Sick of all these worries Burying my face hiding wishing I could talk Without awkward silence Shit im indecisive never make my mind up Say I’m not depressed cuz isn’t everybody kind of Hope that imma win u over eventually Wonder if I can steal the heart of someone better than me C: And I Don’t care for what Ive got cuz you’re the only one I want But I can’t reach whats in my sight Take a step into my life V2: Diving into the weekend All I do is sleep in Friends hit me up hardly all they do is party How am I supposed to have fun If I know that I’ll never be the one Diving into the night time All I do is write rhymes Flipping through these pages Nothing ever changes Show me how to have a good time Cuz I can never get this shit right

Alternative Rock
Hear my thoughts (prod. Mai.)

Producer @maryjanexx Verse 1: U always do annoying things I kind of like it though I fall in love with everything Everything Every touch Every time I see that butt Everytime I feel you close I just wanna pull u closer losing u is my biggest fear Wanna get that ring for you but gotta wait like 20 years U got some type of power putting smiles up on everyone cant wait to go travel w u do shit that we’ve never done Hook: When I’m with u we aint even gotta talk we So in love u can hear my thoughts Ill drive an hour for a minute with u every little thing about u I’m into Verse 2: I woke up with u wrapped up in my arms I Love the warmth Ill protect u like a shield and a sword Look towards at our future We still got a lot left I’ve been Recording with my mic While u study at your desk You so cute When u read your book Sitting by the furnace people jealous of us And they only see the surface Listen up lil buttercup U the girl for me Dont pay attention to the other ones sleepin in watching movies eating food its way better with u having deep talks with a box of tissues But thats no issue these tears will bring us healing Praying for each other it gets dark in certain seasons Outro: I’m into Come kiss me all my dreams are coming true Its cold out Come closer ill never be over u

Letters in December | Feat. Rxseboy

Prod. Fantom & Feat. @rxseboy im falling to pieces Im crawling can’t resist I know that your worth it Im sorry I’m not perfect