Dr. Radio tracks on Soundclound


1934 Isham Jones - I Hate Myself (For Being So Mean To You) (Eddie Stone, Vocal)
Dr. Radio

Just send this to someone you got in a fight with or something, it's good music.

IMPOSSIBLE REMIX - Baldis Basics In Education And Learning Theme Song - Piano Cover By NPT Music
Dr. Radio

Once again I was unable to find this song on soundcloud, and when other's can't get things done, you gotta do those things yourself. I do not own this song, here's the original creator's video, go like there stuff! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US6W41jpfUo

The Pipkins-Gimme Dat Ding but read the description
Dr. Radio

I was messing with one of those roblox myth things, and I learned the name of the song and what the pitch and speed they changed it to was, so I replicated it.

Dont Starve Together Winters Feast Main Menu Music
Dr. Radio

I wanted the menu music in my playlist. Now I finally do.

Dayshift At Freddys 2 Daves Song
Dr. Radio

I couldn't find a good version of the original song on soundcloud, so I took matters into my own hands. I'll get an image for it later.

Filthy Frank - Meme Machine but it's a midi
Dr. Radio

i don't even know why i did this

Wii Sports but it's a midi
Dr. Radio

Sounds like someones banging on a piano with a baseball bat