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[SA:G Update] State of the AU and Announcement
Mildred (On break)

'sup, I'm just gonna post this in case some people are curious where the AU is headed. I made a blog post on the tumblr a few days ago, but I'm gonna post this here so more people can see it. But the TL;DR of it is: >The comic is in SLOW progress, working on it take a while, and tilesets are a BITCH when everyone on the team is busy as fuck. >Prequel game is coming out at some point, pics and all that jazz in the tumblr post, going to be called Sonic Adventure: Grounded - Act 0, and will HOPEFULLY feature at least 2 acts. The game uses the Sonic Worlds engine, so the core gameplay is already assured, on my end I gotta code the other gimmicks and other shit that will be needed (I got a save system working, which is completely unecessary if it's a 2-Acts game, but at least I can brag that I got a working save system, right?), but a good part of the workload is done. So yeah, not everyone who's interested about the AU follows the blog, so I thought it would be good to put this out there on SC so people would know. (also the thing you're hearing is just a wip lead for the old ass REVERTED megalo, it ain't related to this at all)

Undertale 3rd Anniversary Upload™ (Check Desc!)
Mildred (On break)

So, uh, well I kinda stopped making music and shit (for christ sakes, what you're listening to is a midi edit of Door into Summer to use Genesis instruments.) But still, I feel like I should still make an upload, just to at least say... Well, everyone left and right already said "Thank you Undertale", and honestly, while I could DEFINITELY say the same... I'd like to also thank YOU all for making the community what it is. That might sound ironic coming from Ms. "brb dropping a document about the problems in the community", but honestly, other than the issues the community can have, It's still... Well, it's still alive despite the game being a 6-8 hours long indie RPG. And It's kept alive by people who are passionate about the game. So, that's kind of a feat if you ask me. There's a lot of good people in there, that's for sure. So, yeah, thanks y'all, and hopefully, all of you can be successful in life and whatever upcoming projects you have. ... Speaking of upcoming projects, if any of you follow SA:G-- Don't fret, more content is coming, even if we have to take it slow. ... Yeah.

Pat's Underswap (Patswap)- gotta blast.
Mildred (On break)

this is patWHIT01's brand new aU next up i s the meglo maybe i don't know i might need more instruments than just vibraphones papyrus' iq is too high for a single instrument but i think i got thsi one right please don't copy his concept it's too unique for the low iq peeople

[Sonic Adventure: Grounded OST] Iblis Paradox
Mildred (On break)

"* Ah, there you are. You almost kept me waiting there, you know?" " * Aren't you faster than this... "old pal?" " * Can't believe you're still sore from the last time I beat you. " * Not that it changes anything. I've beaten you before, I'll do it again... " * ... " * ... Heh. I don't think you deserve any one-liner here. I'm getting impatient anyway." " * Saying you crossed the line is an understatement." " * And I'm not going to let you run away." " * Get ready for the beatdown of your life." ------------ (This is based on the "beta version" of True Colors. Credits to @od-the-second-impact and myself for the beta version of true colors. This plays during Sonic's speech prior to his genocide battle.)

[Sonic Adventure: Grounded OST] TRUE COLORS
Mildred (On break)

Original composition : @od-the-second-impact / myself Mixing/New composition : @asdfghjklqwweeee Sonic Adventure: Grounded by @ocrilio Kept you waitin' on that one, huh? Apologies for the delay, but here is it. Livenlovania is dead. True Colors is here. And yeah, that's the official Megalo replacement for SA:G.

Alternative Rock
Concerns about the Undertale Soundcloud community.
Mildred (On break)

I'll preface this by saying that while I made most of this document, I still asked for feedback from a lot of sources, so this isn't "just me" talking. I'm not leaving the community, but considering the stuff spoken off in this document and IRL related bullshit, I'm still going to take a break of making music all by myself.

[Inverted Fate OST] Defiant to your End
Mildred (On break)

Art by @od-the-second-impact "* That's one way to hit rock bottom."

Inverted Fate
[Age's End] CONTINUE (Once Upon a Time, Updated + Announcement)
Mildred (On break)

Well, it's been a while since Age's End got any content. That's because I've finally decided to begin a soft reboot for it. I need to start it over with a blank slate, and I'm still considering the medium. Very likely still a comic, but if the stars align, it might be able to become a game. Well, no actual promises, but some stuff IS looking good. Though, I would still need to look for coders, because so far I only have one, and, well, stuff still needs to be set in place and all that jazz. Regardless, even if the game isn't a possibility, the comic is going to get back on track! I'm currently working on assets for it. Stay tuned. Also, I made a discord server for it, which you can find in the tumblr.

Once Upon a Time
TRIAL BY FIRE (Invictus Itso Breaking Point)
Mildred (On break)

had to reupload since some shit was offkey i don't know why i made this, i literally jammed two FLPs together jokes aside i'm kinda running throught a musical drought feeling creatively bankrupt and everything feels like a chore, and IRL isn't being kind to me unfortunately don't expect a lot of songs to come from this account for a good while sorry about that invictus by @flar-ex-on and @kompletekrysys @stone-smashed owns the harmonic dysfunctions AU breaking point by me and drop, artwork by me

Mildred (On break)

Nope, it's not a prank. There's info you'll have to follow in the FLP, and I ain't providing drum samples, but it's Erkan, so you probably all already have it. Also there's lecabs that I had to remove, but the mixer channels they're for are mentionned in the project's info tab. Tag it Boiling Point if you wanna do anything with the actual song, or don't, up to you Credits to me for the original and to @droplikeanecake basically fixing the entire fucking song back then (If I forgot a lecab and the FLP crashes, try opening it in 64-bits) Also, the Livenlovania Remaster is still trucking, but I already brought up why it's taking so long in the description of said song as an edit, so if you're wondering about that, go check there.

* Bring his world to an end. (It's out now, check desc!)
Mildred (On break)

EDIT 2 : The final version is here! (Edit : While I understand this is taking longer than it should to come, please keep in mind that difficulties arose IRL, meaning it's gonna take longer for it to come, unfortunately. Regardless, asking for when will it be released isn't going to speed it up, unless you want a rushed product that's not as good as what it could truly be.) The remaster, and final update, is coming. Livenlovania is dead. Credits: @od-the-second-impact and Myself for the composition and original instrumentation. @doctorine for touchups on the song. (As a favor on behalf of his love for Sonic and SA:G.) @ocrilio for the original Livenlovania, and SA:G.

[The Underground Network AU] Moderated Carnage (Check the Desc for more info)
Mildred (On break)

(EDIT : So I can actually label anything I make for it, I'll call this AU "The Underground Network". It's a bit generic but it gets to the point.) If you're wondering, this "megalovania" is an idea I had a few days ago for an AU I might not really work on, but I really wanted to make this for said AU. The AU is based on Undercards ( , Undercards is a Heartstone clone for, well, Undertale, it's pretty fun and free.) to a degree-- At least, the battle system is based on it. The Underground is the name of a virtual reality network where players from all over the world can join in and play a card game together, taking on Avatars to represent them. (The avatars being the Undertale characters.) Unfortunately, due to an unknown issue, anyone who enters this place ends up stuck there with no way out. People have been stuck for a very long while in this place. Frisk is a curious player who was not aware of the game being unable to escape from, and their "Avatar" ends up being Chara. Sans, or at least, the player behind Sans, is in fact a Moderator for the game, but who is (mostly) deprived of their abilities due to the malfunctions from the game. The way genocide work, the virtual reality game works on neural feedback-- If you're being particularly violent and keep attacking someone, the User behind the Avatar can eventually legitimately get killed from neural feedback. That's the gist of it-- This Megalovania is slower paced because the battle system is a card game. I'm not sure if I'm actually going to do anything with this AU, though, and I don't even have a name for it. Hope you enjoy the song regardless.

[Alters of the C.L.O.U.D.] DYMENTIA
Mildred (On break)

Yep, this is basically Masked Dementia, but if it was for T.O.T.C. + Altertale instead of T.O.T.C. + Altered Destiny. So that means TotC Mil is a kid/teen/midget/whatever because this is Altertale or something. Whoops. It's called "Dymentia" as a reference to Dynami (because Altertale), but honestly it doesn't even sound like Dynami. Masked Dementia by @droplikeanecake Transcription by @arkurazumi2 (Yeah, kinda ironic, but the original FLP is gone and I didn't have it, whoops.) Got the idea from @mrenderyoshi . Art and character by me. Enjoy.

[Look Down Below] - Gangplank Galleon Showdown! (Cover)
Mildred (On break)

Original by @voncasser Honestly one of my favorite megalos, so I decided to try my hand at it. Also because there's literally no cover of it and it's kind of a shame.

[Age's End AU - Swapped End] REVERTED (Cover)
Mildred (On break)

Original REVERTED by @ocrilio AU, "art" and characters by me "oh boy, more age's end st-- nevermind it's just swapped end" Anyway, yeah, that's the megalo for the Swap version of Age's End, so that's the song that plays when a 12 years old with anaemia turn another, murderous 12 years old into paste. Juddy made the original song.

Virtue's Vengeance ~ Broken Savior [VV in the style of Breaking Point]
Mildred (On break)

Virtue's Vengeance and Storyswap Color by @mrepicishere777 Breaking Point and artwork by me. This is just filler tbh, but I love Virtue's Vengeance, it's a really good song. Also go play the Storyswap Color Asriel fight if you haven't yet because it's also really fuckin' good.

[Inverted Fate AU] The Killing Joke
Mildred (On break)

Whoop, that's that done. So, this isn't a Disbelief-type scenario, neither it is a replacement for OSP-- OSP is still canon. It IS for something that happens, however, but I can't say what. Regardless, enjoy the song! Art by me, AU by @megaflamehedge

AWAKENING [DB Super - Ultimate Battle/Ultra Instinct Megalo]
Mildred (On break)

I really, REALLY like Ultimate Battle, and I was a bit bored, so this happened. This isn't the best obviously, I had some issues trying to fit Ultimate Battle into a Megalo, but eh, hopefully it's still enjoyable. Also it's not for any AU in particular.

[T.O.T.C. + Storyspin - Hurricane Season] Dutiful Cyborg + In Their Way
Mildred (On break)

I got bored and I saw we already got two TotC+Storyspin Megalos, so I felt like providing the Nyeh+Trousle for it.

Nyeh Heh Heh + Bonetrousle