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Norman Records Podcast #21: Tangents ("Tangents Play Tangents")
Norman Records

The Norman Records podcast returns after countless (two) requests and a whole bunch of baited breath! We're massively thrilled to welcome Australian post-rock crew Tangents to the fold, who have an upcoming record called 'New Bodies' on the way. If it's anywhere near as good as their last, stringently jammed masterwork 'Stateless', then we're all on a Northern Rail hype train. Tangents' music lives for strange contradictions: jumpy in abundance, it's also buttoned down, the band playing a sort of restrained jazz aesthetic as a tease to those who want them to give in to the climaxes and math rock catharsis. Offering hints of Do Make Say Think, Jaga Jazzist and Ex-Easter Island Head, they're perpetual but never still; in this mix by bandmember Peter Hollo, they reimagine the movements and segues of their sound, effectively remixing themselves into new, unrefined contexts. It's a blast! Peek the tracklist below. Order 'New Bodies' here: 01 - Tangents - Stents [2018, Temporary Residence Limited] 02 - Icarus - Moon Palace [1998, Recordings Of Substance] 03 - Tangents - N-Mission [2016, Temporary Residence Limited] 04 - Triosk - Intensives Leben [2006, The Leaf Label]] 05 - raven - headache music #1 [2012, Feral Media] 06 - Spartak - Second-Half Clouded (feat. Lucrecia Dalt) [2010, Low Point] 07 - Tangents - Immersion (Katie Gately remix) [2018, Temporary Residence Limited] 08 - Shoeb Ahmad - the orchids [2012, Mystery Plays Records] 09 - Adrian Lim-Klumpes - Caution [2017, Off-Record Label] 10 - raven - vale [2017, Art As Catharsis] 11 - Adrian Klumpes - cornered [2006, The Leaf Label] 12 - Spartak - Catch/Control [2013, hellosQuare Recordings] 13 - Shoeb Ahmad - "lope" [2018, Art As Catharsis] 14 - Tangents - Gone To Ground [2018, Temporary Residence Limited] 15 - Four Tet - My Angel Rocks Back and Forth (Four Teas on English Time - Icarus remix) [2004, Domino Recording Company] 16 - Tangents - Terracotta (Jim O'Rourke remix) [2018, Temporary Residence Limited]

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Meadow House 'House Invasion'
Norman Records

Taken from the album 'Misadventures on the Scorn Cycle' out on Public House.

Norman Records Podcast #20: Sean McCann ("The Sweetness Outside of Time")
Norman Records

Recital Program is experimental label that celebrates its fifth year of editions in 2017. Run by Sean McCann (previously of Students of Decay and Root Strata), it’s best known for releasing Ian William Craig’s A Turn of Breath, while recent releases have included abstract blues guitarist Loren Connors, the avant-garde collective Idea Fire Company and Gamelan composer Daniel Schmidt. Right now it feels like the best -- and longest -- kept secret in its strange old world. With records in free improvisation, private press sound poetry and unfettered field recordings, it comes as no surprise that Recital is an underground fixture. Label boss Sean McCann’s most recent release, 'Music for Public Ensemble', is a toast to the label, featuring improvised contributions from a wide berth of the label’s members and affiliates. We forgot to say so, but it was one of our favourite records of last year, a gorgeous and peculiar behemoth of stately mythos that put us around an imaginary dinner table. Like many in his genre, sound art is but one of McCann's sonic resources -- his contribution to our podcast series celebrates the paranormal borders between pop music and its abandon. It comes with odd sound art addenda... and it starts with the Blue Nile! Personally, we're chuffed. Upcoming on Recital is Roger Eno's 'Floating World'. Be sure to check it out. 1. The Blue Nile - St. Katherine’s Day 2. Peter Gabriel - Here Comes the Flood in German with water 3. Eno, Moebius, Roedelius - The Belldog with crickets and eagles 4. John Martyn - Sweet Little Mystery with whispers 5. Cocteau Twins - Tranquil Eye with bubbles 6. Bryan Ferry - Nocturne 7. Annie Lennox - No More I Love You’s with kisses 8. Fairport Convention - The Ballad of Easy Rider with whip and hooves 9. Low - Tomorrow One with owls and wind 10. John Cale - Andalucia with a train 11. Arthur Russell - Love is Overtaking Me with trees 12. REM - Gardening at Night 13. Roxy Music - Bitters End with wine and glasses

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Norman Records Podcast #18: Kate Carr
Norman Records

London sound medium and Flaming Pines label boss Kate Carr has been wowing us Norman lot with a series of stellar releases focused on a type of terrestrial deep listening. As we once said of ‘It Was A Time Of Laboured Metaphors’, her tape on Jim Haynes’ spooky Helen Scarsdale imprint, these recordings make you think of physical geographies as if they were playback devices themselves -- as if rocks were VHS tapes and the rain that poured on them was TV static. Carr’s detailed drones focus a history onto these invisible sounds, seeing them punctuated by human rituals like conversation, applause, and even music. On new release ‘The Story Surrounds Us’, Carr’s field recordings invite people and the things they can’t see to collaborate, with pop melodies and picking patterns filtering into the landscape in the same way chance frequencies and radio signals do. It’s her most interesting collection yet, an acousmatic choir of environment that feels uncanny even to those versed in sound art. What Carr does feels wholly new, which is why we love it -- it forces you to think about the sounds you hear in silences, the ones you never suspected are entities of their own. We’re pleased to say that Carr’s podcast offers that usual heady mix, with faraway songs and chance percussion meeting snap, crackle and drone. Using a mix of recordings from tapes new and old, plus some unreleased sounds, she offers a mix of deep, active silences and washy noise. If you like the sound of water, you’ll want to get deep into this one.

Norman Records Podcast #17: Mahatma X
Norman Records

Here we are, in a seismic plot twist, back for an extremely belated edition of the Norman Records podcast! This fine February, we've decided to celebrate an utterly beguiling sea change in one of our favourite local labels. Saltaire based Home Assembly usually puts out writerly lo-fi indie pop and sober house via the Declining Winter, Hood and A New Line (Related), but they've switched it up here with a record of trembling turntablism from transcontinental production crew Mahatma X. A shout-out is in order to those who paved the way for this Philadelphia / St. Andrews crew of "many people of many vibes", be it the legendary J Dilla or the, uh, equally legendary DJ Shadow -- but what really stands out about their work is its warmth. It's easy to chalk that up to '90s nostalgia, but this record's gorgeous celebration of any genre and any micro-sample that makes you feel good makes for a record that's totally... feel-good. Fans of Eric Lau and Knxwledge will know what's up -- this kind of collage has a timelessness. On 'A Mobtown Suite Vol 1', they weave melancholia and sun-dapple together to make a record of somewhat epic proportions, above and beyond the simple metrics of beat tape. This podcast has been scurried our way with a little note about its sound -- "totally bonkers" -- and can be enjoyed as an outta the blue sidequest to go with that new record, which just turned up on our desks.

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Norman Records Podcast #16: John Chantler ("Garden Varieties")
Norman Records

Modular man John Chantler enchants through electronics both shiny and shrill. His last LP, ‘Still Light, Outside’, focused on longform pieces built from interacting drones, scattered with a bitty, industrial noise approach and layers that were more reverent, performed like a hymn for church. Your ears will blame you, and then thank you, for listening to it. Chantler’s follow-up record for Lawrence English’s Room40 imprint comes with an accidentally Brexit-adjacent title (‘Which Way To Leave?’) and marks a departure from his recent synth meditations -- listening to opener “Falling Forward”, one can hear his instrument collapsing in on itself like an imploding star. The record travels through different types of experiments with the usual Chantler razzle dazzle -- at times his compositional wrestling is beautiful, while at others it is bracingly garish. It stands as his best yet album and/or argument with the modular. Entering the egg and spoon race that is our podcast series, Chantler picks tunes scaling from the avant-jazz great Cecil Taylor to the drone-doomed Kevin Drumm, along with cuts from drum-presenter Sarah Hennies, scoremaker Beatriz Ferreyra, evermore violinist Tony Conrad and that guy you know called Jim O’Rourke. It is a heavy broth; it might leave your head spinning a little. "Garden Varieties" includes: Cecil Taylor Kevin Drumm Toshiya Tsunoda Gabon Pygmies David Behrman Beatriz Ferreyra Tony Conrad Sarah Hennies Jim O’Rourke David Tudor Tod Dockstader Piotr Kurek Klaus Lang Stefano Tedesco/Rome/Stockholm/Montreal

Norman Records Podcast #15: Ian WIlliam Craig ("To Glorious Art and Golden Prints")
Norman Records

Ian William Craig will be playing Fuse Art Space in Bradford on August 8. You can buy a ticket here: // No one fucks up quite like Ian William Craig. Duel-wielding an operatic vocal and a Fostex tape machine, he’s spent his past few records getting close to the platonic ideal of a pretty song before hacking at it with lost, looping feedback. On ‘A Turn of Breath’, his music fell somewhere between the new-age plunder of Julianna Barwick and the rambling quiet of early Microphones records, with follow-up ‘Cradle for the Wanting’ meandering further into the territory of drone while maintining disguised but never discarded lyrical fragments. His music is on the doorstep of romanticism and sentimentality, shuffling its feet but never knocking. On new record ‘Centres’, Craig has shifted from Sean McCan’s Recital label to FatCat’s classical imprint 107301, providing their inaugural reboot release. It serves as a presentation of all the things that Craig does, and more: beyond the auto-tuned paean that opens the record, there are shifting noise compositions, an a capella number, an accordion ballad and even an acoustic reprise. Some tracks steady that juxtaposition Craig’s music is so keen on -- that between grandiosity and its slice-of-life comedown -- with one track filtering through endless loops of noise and vocal before ending on the sounds of Craig walking across the room to his tape machine and turning it off. This mix moves contentedly between Craig’s many loves -- soft, often ambient rumination, experimental workout and big jukebox rock music -- uniting them all as catharsis. Craig also becomes our *third* artist to include John Cage’s “In A Landscape” in a mix. “To Glorious Art and Golden Prints”: 1. Einojuhani Rautavaara -- Melancholy (Canctus Arcticus) 2. Susanna and the Magical Orchestra -- Love Will Tears Us Apart (Melody Mountain) 3. Luciano Cillo -- Primo quadro “della conoscenza” (Dell’universo assente) 4. Jan Steele -- All Day (Voices and Instrumentals) 5. John Zorn -- Vampires at Large (Nosferatu) 6. Hisato Higuchi -- Manazashi No Saki E (Dialogue) 7. David Åhlén -- Arise (We Sprout in Thy Soil) 8. Sibylle Baier -- I Lost Something in the Hills (Colour Green) 9. Aerosmith -- Dream On (S/T) 10. Akira Rabelais -- Where to Let Our Scars Fall In Love (Caduceus) 11. Lovesliescrushing -- eishglinl (glissceule) 12 Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose -- Leaving Believing (Bridge Carolis) 13. Hildegard von Bingen -- Alma Redemptoris Mater (Canticles of Ecstasy) 14. This Mortal Coil -- Song to the Siren (It’ll End in Tears) 15. Fovea Hex -- That River (Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent) 16. Joseph Lawrence Quimby Jr. -- Sans Sommeil (Wren / Le Chat Est Parti) 17. John Cage -- In a Landscape (In a Landscape)

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Norman Records Podcast #14: Cloudland Canyon ("How To Cover Your Dark Eye Circles")
Norman Records

It's been a while, I know, but while we were away, with our head in the clouds, the low-orbit Norman spaceship was boarded by the HMS Cloudland Canyon. In their third mission and/or album, the band have presented a gentle and affectionate version of their kosmische rock, the vocals offering distanced words of comfort and the synths offering respite as pure as when you lean your head into the pillow. The textures are dense, of course, and the music is unfathomably well done, but rather than replicate its touchstones -- Broadcast, Stereolab, Tangerine Dream -- 'An Arabesque' warms to them, making them not only more beautiful but more human. Anyway, the kind Cloudland collective left us with this treasure-chest mix, which points to their influence but mainly just divests some good jams. It's February and this is very nice indeed. 1. Throbbing Gristle - Hot on the Heels of Love 2. Portishead - Chase the Tear 3. Sun Araw - December 4. Stereolab - Tempter 5. Mike Simonetti - Capricorn Rising 6. Delia & Gavin - Rise (DFA Mix) 7. Cybotron - Cosmic Raindance 8. Drexciya - Sea Quake 9. Seafeel - Polyfusion 10. Belong - October Language 11. Broadcast & the Focus Group - The Be Colony 12. Swiftumz - Angelita 13. Alex Chilton - Like Flies on Sherbert 14. La Dusseldorf - Silver Cloud 15. Black Meteoric Star - Dreamcatcher 16. Ragliana - Trampoline 17. Bill Verette - Katha Visions

Norman Records Podcast #13: A New Line (Related)
Norman Records

Shoveling the earwax out of the front yard of our ears this month, it's Andrew Johnson! Once a member of the electronic sad boy contingent Hood, as well as one slice of the Remote Viewer pie, Johnson is now best known for his work under the A New Line (Related) moniker. With his solo project, Johnson's spent most of his time seeking out the warm tail-end of electronic music, approaching the harder stuff with ambient music's countryside quietude. Since we're just sitting here, twiddling our thumbs and anticipating his upcoming record on Home Assembly (and also working. We work. Please know about our work), we invited Johnson to drop some hints and/or hits with a new mix. After some initial repulsion, he responded with a glorious collection of techno tunes. Some of them are warped, liquid ambient tunes; others are sinister and seething. You'll never know until you go. 1. Austin Cesear - Bee Free (Warlick Mix) 2. Marco Shuttle - Volts 3. Perfume Advert - Makuta 4. Sagat - Organs 5. Terekke - Piano 6. Huerco S. - A2 (Untitled) 7. Lawrence Le Doux - Terre 8. Fluxion - Hiatus 9. Sons of the Morning - The Way That Wind Moves (Pt. 2)

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Norman Records Podcast #12: Christina Vantzou with John Also Bennett
Norman Records

Christina Vantzou’s new record, ‘No. 3’, is dementor drone. Eschewing her more formally classical inclinations, which were organised from micro laptop sketches to orchestral arrangements on ‘No. 2’, she’s returned with a totally unexpected and very fucking terrifying piece of work. These works honour longform electronic pioneers such as the namechecked Laurie Spiegel, while stretching out Max Richter’s maudlin compositions like elastic. On listening to it, we at the Norman towers lost our souls -- sorry about that. Vantzou keeps ‘No. 3’ fascinating through a set of unsettling melodic flourishes -- violin plucks rustle like wind imposing itself on forest treetops, while the droning textures continue to hold down a blank canvas of darkness. It makes for one of the best records you could’ve chosen to go as for Halloween, as well as one of 2015’s greatest minimalist productions. So without further ghost stories, here’s the wonderful mix Vantzou conjured up for us, made in association with collaborating sound artist John Also Bennett. It features old label-mates, freaky Herzog associates and a couple of contemporary composers for good measure -- everything you could possibly want, we hope. 1. Constance Demby "The Dawning" [excerpt] 0:00 - 5:31 2. Jeff Bridges "Chimes for Dreams" 5:31 - 6:53 3. Steve Hauschildt "Eyelids Gently Dreaming" 6:53 - 12:45 4. Michel Redolfi "L'oiseau Japu" 12:45 - 14:39 5. Lino Capra Vaccina "Antico Adagio" 14:39 - 19:41 6. Phillip Glass "Floe" 19:41 - 23:46 7. Dolphins Into The Future "On the High Seas" 23:46 - 30:12 8. Pulse Emitter "Photosynthesis" 30:12 - 35:08 9. Popul Vuh "Aguirre" 35:08 - 37:28 10. Roger Roger "Rhapsody In Green I" excerpt 37:2 8 - 43:00 11. Picnic at Hanging Rock film soundtrack + Gheorghe Zamfir score excerpt 43:00 - 47:33 12. Anahata (Heart Chakra Healing music Slowed Down) 47:33 - 53:45 13. Michel Redolfi "Ce Que M'Ont Dit Les Grenouilles" 54:45 - 54:40 14. Max Richter "Path 5 (delta)" excerpt 54:40 - 1:00:08 Photo credit: John Also Bennett

Norman Records Podcast #11: Constellation Records ("CST Lately")
Norman Records

In an attempt to get to know Montreal's banner experimental label, we asked our friends at Constellation some questions about, you know, things: we got answers about preserving DIY, accommodating personal trajectories and rejecting terms like post-rawk. The group were kind enough to deliver two mixes for our podcast series, courtesy of the excellent Graham Latham. This second number summarises the label's recent activity, from 2014 through into the not-so-distant future. 1. Siskiyou - Jesus In The 70's (00:00) 2. Last Ex - Flûte magique (04:01) 3. Avec le soleil sort ant de sa bouche - Super pastiche fantastique / New Sun [excerpt] (09:02) 4. Matana Roberts - always say your name / nema nema nema [excerpt] (16:10) 5. Jerusalem In My Heart - A Granular Buzuk (21:58) 6. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Peasantry or 'Light! Inside of Light! (28:56) 7. Esmerine - The Neighbourhoods Rise (36:38) 8. Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld - In the vespers (42:38) 9. Eric Chenaux - My Romance (48:33) 10. Ought - Beautiful Blue Sky (52:50)

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Norman Records Podcast #10: Constellation Records ("CST Loves")
Norman Records

In an attempt to get to know Montreal's banner experimental label, we asked the folks at Constellation some questions about, you know, things: we got answers about preserving DIY, accommodating personal trajectories and rejecting terms like post-rawk. The group were kind enough to deliver two mixes for our podcast series, courtesy of the excellent Graham Latham. This one gives some love to a variety of drone, neo-classical and electronic music, and also features a picture of a really incredible dog (called Zach, btw). 1. Hauschka - Who Lived Here? (from Abandoned City) 2. Lawrence English - Otidea Onotica (from For/Not For John Cage) 3. Lucrecia Dalt - Silencio (from Commotus) 4. James Holden - The Caterpillar's Intervention (from The Inheritors) 5. Holly Herndon - Interference (from Platform) 6. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - The Last Time I Saw Your Face (from A Year With 13 Moons) 7. Siavash Amini - Aliosha and the Fire (from What Wind Whispered to the Trees) 8. William Basinski - Cascade (from The Deluge) 9. Poppy Ackroyd - Salt (from Feathers) 10. Nils Frahm - Some (from Solo) 11. Deaf Center - Follow Still (from Recount)

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Norman Records Podcast #9: Sarah Davachi ("Music For An Impending Cold")
Norman Records

It's been a long and maybe enjoyable summer break (we were here, with a deflated beach ball), but the Norman Records Podcast is back to segue you into the year's gloomy period. Jumping on our waterproof decks this week is Sarah Davachi, a drone star who's already released records on Students of Decay and Constellation Tatsu this year. Inspired by the minimalism of Elaine Radigue, who used to let pieces run in place for sixty minutes, 'Baron's Court' moves in trembling layers of synth ice. Hers are steadfast compositions that concentrate the listener on present sounds rather than expected ones. Davachi's entry to the Norman podcast is dedicated to the onset of Autumn, which is indisputably the best time to retreat to your living room and listen to a bunch of sad songs. Her mix combines a crate of '70s folk with some glorious guitar noodling and a passage where Genesis flows into Grouper. I would hope that's unprecedented. Get a cup of tea and wait for the rain. Autumn is coming and it's/you're gonna be sick. 1. Smog - The Morning Paper (from Red Apple Falls, 1997) 2. Robert Wyatt - Sea Song (from Rock Bottom, 1974) 3. Amon Düül II - Traveller (from Hijack, 1974) 4. Grateful Dead - Rosemary (from Aoxomoxoa, 1969) 5. Ennio Morricone - Barbablù (Titoli) (from Barbablù OST, 1972) 6. Ian & Sylvia - Four Strong Winds (from Four Strong Winds, 1963) 7. Genesis - Dusk (from Trespass, 1970) 8. Grouper - Holding (from Ruins, 2014) 9. Vashti Bunyan - Rose Hip November (from Just Another Diamond Day, 1970) 10. Simon & Garfunkel - The Boxer (from Bridge Over Troubled Water, 1970) 11. Mike Oldfield - Peace Demo B (1971 demo) (from Tubular Bells reissue, 1973/2009) 12. Leonard Cohen - One of Us Cannot be Wrong (from Songs of Leonard Cohen, 1967) 13. Six Organs of Admittance - Spirits Abandoned (from Dark Noontide, 2002) 14. The Beach Boys - Caroline, No (from Pet Sounds, 1966) 15. Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan (from Paranoid, 1970) 16. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (from Hounds of Love, 1975) 17. John Frusciante - A Loop (from The Will to Death, 2004) 18. Brian Eno - I'll Come Running (from Another Green World, 1975) 19. Red House Painters - Katy Song (from Rollercoaster, 1993)

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Norman Records Podcast #8: Norman's Mid Year Albums (Staff Picks)
Norman Records

As the year moves reluctantly towards its mid-life crisis, we at Norman are taking the time to reflect on the halcyon days. Before we get started, though, the inevitable caveat: we all loved different records. Add that love to a love of our own voices and you've got the winning equation that is our mid-year podcast. Because we're all about synergy here at Norman Records dot com, our staffers have cherry-picked their favourite tunes of January through June. They were then lovingly mixed by an idiot who thought it was a good idea to put a new Prurient tune next to Sufjan. Enjoy perusing our tastes and be sure to check out our mid year top 25 for the rankings we could decide upon as objective fact. _Not that any of it matters_. <3 1. Shit & Shine - GOAT $HIT (Nathon's pick) 2. Sightings - 1982 (Jim's pick) 3. Happyness - Montreal Rock Band Somewhere (Ian's pick) 4. Ibeyi - Mama Says (Kim's pick) 5. Kara-Lis Coverdale & LXV - Grigori in Jakarta (Laurie's pick) 6. Ghostpoet with Melanie De Biasio - Shedding Skin (Clint's pick) 7. Thomas Brinkmann - Purpurrot (Nathon & Jim's pick) 8. Raica - Tiwie (Laurie's pick) 9. Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy - Parola (Robin's pick) 10. Viet Cong - Continental Shelf (Clint's pick) 11. Joanna Gruesome - Last Year (Hayley's pick) 12. Sauna Youth - Transmitters (Hayley's pick) 13. Pinkshinyultrablast - Land's End (Ian's pick) 14. Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld - The Rest of Us (Phil's pick) 15. Manyfingers - Ode to Louis Thomas Hardin (Phil's pick) 16. Alejandro Jodorowsky - Eye of the Beholder (Kim's pick) 17. Consumer Electronics - Murder the Masters (Ant's pick) 18. Prurient - Myth of Building Bridges (Ant's pick) 19. Sufjan Stevens - No Shade In the Shadow of the Cross (Robin's pick) [This mix features excerpts from Laurie's Norman Records Stockroom Radio Show, which hasn't yet been broadcast.]

Norman Records Podcast #7: Golden Cabinet ("Music To Make Community Centre Windows Rattle")
Norman Records

The crew at Golden Cabinet aren't trying to make a new scene as much as they are negotiating a change of scenery. Swapping the bustle of a city centre venue for the brutalist beige of Shipley, the esoteric promotion team have excitedly hosted artists including Karen Gwyer, Powell, Perc and Vatican Shadow, plus some gruesome rawk happenings from the likes of Drunk In Hell and Sly and the Family Drone. After a dauntingly busy schedule, Gold Cab For Cutie are taking a well-deserved break to sleep and experience gigs from the other end -- before that, though, they're topping off their recent winning streak with a wonderful finale. Vessel headlines the Kirkgate Centre on the 6th day of our fine June, tethering noise to rhythm. Dance gloomsters Some Truths and Ahrkh join the bill. To celebrate, our friends out in the prettier part of Yorkshire made us this mix of Gold Cab favourites, including an alumnus or two. Have a doom dance. Music To Make Community Centre Windows Rattle: 1. Live Low - At Atomic Pace 2. Tomaga - Alphabet of the Night 3. Ike Yard - Cherish 8 (Vessel Remix) 4. E.g Oblique Graph - Merge 5. Gnod - Desire 6. Timeghost - Dissection Theater 7. Kerridge - DAYT 8. Ontario Hospital - Future Ready 9. Powell - Smut Buy tickets for the upcoming Golden Cabinet showcase here: /

Norman Records Podcast #6: Anna Caragnano ("Anna's Landscape")
Norman Records

Anna Caragnano is the artist behind 'Sintetizzatrice', one of Norman's favourite records of our ageing 2015. Working with astute producer and downbeat techno fellow Donato Dozzy, her music presents a stunning coalition of vocal intonation and ambient landscaping. In nine tracks, their work shows Caragnano to be an inventive vocalist interested in both the songs and conversations created in sound. 'Sintetizzatrice' begins with a room full to the brim with Caragnano's voice, sounding like a cocktail party that's drowning in its own guests. From there it moves into a myriad vignettes, all contained in under half an hour, presented with the air of singing exercises that just happened to turn out perfect. "Parola" takes utterances from Caragnano and turns them into rhythmic waves, her commanding voice repeating and pulsating. For her contribution to the coveted Norman Records Podcast, Caragnano offers the highs and lows of voice and music: ascendent vocal harmonies versus fragmented, whispered dialogue; stunning orchestral arrangements versus hissing, destitute noise; the spectral versus the real. It's a mix of ruinous fanfare. Anna's Landscape: 1. Bisserov Sister & Nadka Karajova - Devoiko Mari Hubava 2. AA.VV - Guardate il globo che gira 3. Ascenseur pour l'échafaud - Dialogue 4. Luigi Nono - Contrappunto dialettico alla mente 5. Arnold Schönberg - Verklärte Nacht, Finale 6. György Ligeti - Chamber Concerto for 13 Instrumentalists 7. Nico - Mütterlein 8. Le Orme (Anna Caragnano) - Gioco Di Bimba 9. Frances Walker / Frances White - Walk Through a "Resonant Landscape" No.2 11. Pink Floyd - Walk Through a "Resonant Landscape" No.2 12. Leo Ferrè - Muß es sein 13. John Cage - In A Landscape

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Norman Records Podcast #5: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Norman Records

Come, ye Children of Norman, as we reach a podcast milestone! Joining us for our fifth venture is Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, who is special to us for many reasons. Shall we drone the ways? First up, he runs Root Strata, an indispensable label for goodness of the outer reaches. Then there's the fact he's made Raum, a twilit ambient collaboration with Liz Harris, possible. And, you know, we also like that he makes his own music, and it's really good. Early on this year Jefre unleashed 'A Year With 13 Moons', a paper-shredding record of confessional drones and sulking noise that impressed meaning upon the phrase "raw emotion". The record's versatility and strange, twisted humours is part of what made it a treat: it showed an artist who looks to music as his own malleable vessel. Like Buzz Lightyear, his music can fall with style. Jefre's podcast for us shows the same far-reaching interests, as he collects frenetic folk alongside glorious pop tunes. The plaintive folk of Senegal's Group Lewlewal appears, as does Malian jammer Bintou Sidbie, whose intricate and knotty jamming stretches far and wide. There's auto-tune, thank goodness, from Mdou Moctar, and reggae-inflected dance from Blind Musical Flames. Plus lots, lots, more -- like an hour more. Get into it. 1. Group Lewlewal - Fanta 2. Bintou Sidibe - Djigui 3. Mdou Moctar - Anar 4. Aby Ngana Diop - DIEULEUL-DIEULEUL 5. Admas - Kalatashe Waga 6. Blind Musical Flames - Tifi Sidom 7. Manu - Nexmua 8. Saramba Kouyate - 56 9. Fatouma Mhoma - Yimbiyo 10 Oudaden - ??? 11. Bibson / Maxi Krazy - Mariano 12. Francis Bebey - Guinée 13. Edouard Masengo & Bernard Mwale - Hata Unacheza

Norman Records Podcast #4: Lawrence English ("Ode To The Factory Worker In Love")
Norman Records

For our latest venture into the world of Norman podcasts, we’re excited to welcome Lawrence English, a master of drones, a collector of field recordings and the bossman at the excellent Room40 imprint. Lawrence graced us with one of last year’s greyest ambient releases, ‘The Wilderness of Mirrors', a masterstroke of minimalism that saw the potential harmony in stretching out melody and dissonance. Room40 just reissued ‘The Peregrine’, a longform tribute to one of Lawrence's favourite authors, J. A. Baker, and his tender but wary approach to nature. As a tribute, English’s record expresses patterns of nature similar to those Baker described: the droning layers on this record are sentimental but not anthropocentric, each rise and fade colouring in a different aspect of the ecosystem that surrounds us -- whether it’s the grainy, foggy textures in the background or the oscillating synth, which ripples over like a steadily flowing river. ‘The Peregrine’ is one of those rare ambient works that drifts seamlessly between spectrums. It’s not warm or dark ambient, but both at the same time: on the first side of the record, distortion comes on suddenly, screaming its way into life and becoming the centrepiece after ten minutes of calmer tones. If you'll allow us to charmingly segue our way into Lawrence's podcast, the same patterns are revealed in his mix choices: these tracks vary between cruel, calm and good-humoured, with plenty of songs that elicit nervous laughter. Ode To The Factory Worker In Love: 1. Liturgy - Follow 2. Xiu Xiu - Stupid In The Dark 3. Scott Walker - Farmer In The City 4. Andy Stott - On Oath 5. Ben Frost - The Teeth Behind Kisses 6. The Necks - Open 7. Angels Of Light - Black River Song 8. Einstürzende Neubauten - The Garden 9. Grouper - Call Across Rooms 10. Elliott Smith - Waltz 1 11. Blade Runner OST - One More Kiss Dear 12. Howling Wolf - Moanin At Midnight 13. Jim O'Rourke - Halfway To A Threeway 14. David Bowie - Heart's Filthy Lesson (Trent Reznor Alt Mix) 15. Ministry - Thieves Photo taken by Marc Behrens The Peregrine Reissue:

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