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Obama, Osama and a duck try to be as edgy as possible within 6 minutes
Cryptrik's Vault

"Obama, Osama and a duck try to be as edgy as possible within 6 minutes" ORIGINAL CREATION DATE: August 2016 Remember when Rucka Rucka Ali was still somewhat funny?

Aug. 2016
Bullet for My Meme
Cryptrik's Vault

"Bullet for My Meme" ORIGINAL CREATION DATE: August 2015 I went and totally forgot about this account...I'm sorry everyone! Have this classic upload to make up for it!

Aug. 2015
It's Time to Slam
Cryptrik's Vault

"It's Time to Slam" ORIGINAL CREATION DATE: February 2015 Ah, yes. This one right here, the golden goose, the holy grail. This piece isn't indicative of my mixing process anymore, but I know how much y'all like it, so here you are. I'm considering either remastering or remaking this sometime.

Feb. 2015
Everybody Makes an Imprint
Cryptrik's Vault

"Everybody Makes an Imprint" ORIGINAL CREATION DATE: November 2015 Here's a megamix I did to commemorate getting 100 followers on Lammirai, back when it was called "Cryptronoid". Source List: MUST DIE! - Imprint Lil Jon & the Eastside Boys - Get Low Thomas the Tank Engine theme song Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby Michael Rosen Rap Dr. Dre - The Next Episode Ludacris - My Chick Bad Iggy Azalea - Fancy Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls

Nov. 2015
Quantum Bonk
Cryptrik's Vault

"Quantum Bonk" ORIGINAL CREATION DATE: September 2015 I *really* enjoyed using Tenacious D tunes in soundclowns during this period. Source List: Tenacious D - Quantum Leap Harry Nilsson - Coconut DJ Casper - Cha Cha Slide Jack U - Where are U Now (Darren Styles & Gammer Remix)

Sep. 2015
Big Room Republican - Supamau5 (Cryptrik Remix)
Cryptrik's Vault

"Supamau5 (Cryptrik Remix)" ORIGINAL CREATION DATE: May 2015 The story behind this one is quite simple, really. I was looking through BRR's page one day and I discovered that he had people do remixes of one of his shitpost uploads, "supamau5" (which is basically crank that vocoded to the tune of "the veldt" by deadmau5)...the only catch was that this 'remix competition' ended months before I discovered its existence. Nevertheless, I decided to whip together a mini remix of my own with the limited technical production knowledge I possessed at that time...enjoy!

May 2015
His voice is fuckin powerful (Remaster)
Cryptrik's Vault

"His voice is fuckin powerful" ORIGINAL CREATION DATE: October 2015 REMASTERED in November 2017 I remember this one got real popular back when I uploaded soundclowns all the time, and I hope you enjoy this remaster of it! Source List: Tenacious D - Master Exploder Timmy Trumpet - Freaks Evanescence - Bring Me to Life Village People - YMCA

Oct. 2015
7 Games of Slammo Jammo Dunka
Cryptrik's Vault

"7 Games of Slammo Jammo Dunka" ORIGINAL CREATION DATE: November 2014 During my peak "slam jam" phase, I wanted to create a slam that stood out among the rest of the crowd, so I took a week of time to put this monstrosity together. Available for download on my 2015 compilation, "The Slamthology"! Source List: Shimo - 7 Colors of Nico Nico Douga Quad City DJ's - Space Jam Quad City DJ's - C'mon Ride the Train Quad City DJ's - Stomp 'n Grind Quad City DJ's - Quad City Funk Quad City DJ's - Party Over Here Quad City DJ's - Move to This Super Mario Bros - Overworld Theme MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This

Nov. 2014
Introducing Cryptrik's Vault
Cryptrik's Vault

I'm very happy to announce "Cryptrik's Vault", your destination for many of my older projects and wips, many of which were released before "interior firefly alligator" told this slice of the Soundcloud universe who I am and what I'm here to do. You'll be hearing original productions, original wips, mashup wips, unreleased experiments, and much more from the very beginning of my Soundcloud journey. I might even go back and give some of these old projects full remasters! I'm psyched for yall to start this journey with me as much as I am to start it, so please enjoy! The first reupload will go up later tonight!

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