Pestilence tracks on Soundclound


Transilvanian hunger (darkthrone cover) -Venom of man

Fucken amazing cover by two piece black metal band Venom of man. Venom of man is Oscar on drum programming,Guitars Pestilence on vocals, mixing debut demo will be out later this year

Upir 2:19 (Final mix!)

this is the mix that will be on upirs first self titled ep out later this year!!! Upir is a black metal Project founded By Pestilence aka Tyler from southern California. " Upir is not trying to bring a message of any kind Upir is all about stories as a kid I loved horror movies and fantasy and so much geeky shit and i heard black metal for the first time and i thought lets bring black metal and geekiness together!" -Pestilence. Upir means flesh eating vampire and is very influenced by Marduk, Uada, Darkthrone , Nokturne, archgoat and so much more! Upir wants to bring something new to this scene and something different. with the same cold rawness that is black metal but bringing fantasy and horror elements into it as well. Upir is like no other. Upirs first demo will be out later this year.For now there are no live shows but that does not rule them out. Upir wants to perform live in the future but for now we will focus on bringing this amazing music to you!!! Tylers vocals are like a Parademon spawned by darkseid himself!!! Let his vocals drown you into the abyss as the riffs crush your soul! HAIL AND SUBMIT TO THE MIGHTY UPIR! The picture is of our Model!!! shes a fucken die hard metal head and a fucken all around headbanger!!! she is not in the band but she supports everything we do as well!!!

Interview With Gravespawn

Today we sit down and talk to reaver from gravespawn!!! we talk about music and his projects and also about some geeky shit as well! enjoy :)

Okulus Ritual Spirit Death Demo Review

heres my review of the amazing black metal bands okultus ritual's debut demo "spirit death" is it good? find out here! while we review this hellish bastard! you can buy the demo here! go buy it here! and support this amazing debut demo!