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i'm not cool (Prod. by Chris Blare)
Kuzu Mellow

I dunno man. :/ Please check out Chris! He's dope. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvqwpxpRzlnXhSUQ7Bs2Z4Q/featured I do not own the art Lyrics: (Verse 1) Wake up All I do is play games It sucks Looking for new place No luck Stuck inside a old wave 18 Will I ever change? One ace Same pace It's strange All I ever hear is "back in my day" Or Get laid Try coke Get paid Imma real that's not in my lane Bro (Hook) I'm not cool Not hard to see that I wish I could be A better me Yeah (Verse 2) It's a crash Lost inside the ocean Being rash Lemme see the eye of youth I don't mind Being in the open But it's hard Thinking of the words to say So I'll cry I'll stay inside But I think I'll Give it another try It's all that shit inside my mind How the fuck do I do it right? In bed I don't wanna stay up Cold hands Searching for a place to stay Empty Looking for a notion I tried Being like the other me And it's gone Every time I missed you and I I did this for me I'm stuck with The Nicotine (Hook) I'm not cool Not hard to see that I wish I could be A better me Yeah

Here Comes The Reaper (Prod. by ILLUID HALLER)
Kuzu Mellow

I’ll cheat death till someone’s proud Please go check out @illuidhaller I do not own the artwork Lyrics: (Hook) Reaper  Call me a cheater Down to the heater  I'm doing life  Yeah Constant repeater  Went past my meter In my two-seater It's not my time (Verse 1) And my Beneficiaries Are inclined To take everything I own When I'm gone I hope they remember me With every single thing That I had That's too bad  I'll be glad Just to see them in their dreams Oh no I missed the right of passage Can you take a message Am I out of chances now Oh (Verse 2) Feeling down  And I need a change of scenery Needing love  But I gotta  Start with loving me  Catch up on my feelings Maybe catch up on some rest I've been studying my life That shit be feeling like a test Honestly I started being thankful For my breathes Every second is a chance that I Might have to fuck with death But I keep thinking I'm gonna turn my mind around Wanna have the people that I Love tell me they're proud... (Hook) Reaper  Call me a keeper  Down to the heater  I'm doing life  Yeah Constant repeater  Went past my meter In my two-seater It's not my time

cheat death
old days (prod. by pettersson)
Kuzu Mellow

Missing them 2005 vibes man. Shout out to @1-ab for this dope ass vibe <3 I do not own the art. Lyrics (Verse 1) I been filling up with sadness Waiting for the day When I'm chillin in a casket Blast it Trash pit Sitting in the back seat Pull it back and they ask me "Why you feeling bad in the past?" "Are you feeling really sad?" "Are you questioning your sanity?" "Filling up the gaps?" I been feeling really dumb And I take too many naps So maybe I'm depressed And I wouldn't say I'm crazy But (Hook) When I think about the old days I wanna live them one more time Chillin out at the carwash Being loud in the front lawn When I think about the old days I wanna live them one more time Back then I was livin in a dream Yeah (Verse 2) Now I'm sinking with my ship I can see the land But they're tellin me to quit Showing me the times That I fucked up Only ever fail It's a lie Gotta grow up Pushing on the gas Will it last no lisence I don't even care I like this I been feeling dead with the weight Got me sleeping through the days I been smoking too much It's a problem I guess (Hook) When I think about the old days I wanna live them one more time Chillin out at the carwash Being loud in the front lawn When I think about the old days I wanna live them one more time Back then I was livin in a dream Yeah (Hook) When I think about the old days I wanna live them one more time Chillin out at the carwash Being loud in the front lawn When I think about the old days I wanna live them one more time Back then I was livin in a dream Yeah

back then
off and on (Prod. by Naniimo)
Kuzu Mellow

Some scum shit I been feeling ya dig?? Check out @naniimo cause he my best friend <3 I do not own the artwork. Lyrics (Verse 1) Oh baby get back Gotta keep walkin And cover my tracks Man I feel stupid I'm losing my shit Where do I go Where do I go? Damn Aye I got a reason to stay Yeah Hoping to start a new wave Whoa Looking for reasons to change Aye Oh it's a hit in the face Yeah Aye Wishing that we could be somethin new Babe you got me feelin really blue How can I go and be next to you Next to you Stop Oh I'm thinking that it's never fair Thoughts pouring out into the air How am I supposed to deal with fear Deal with fear Hey Think about it on the regular Oh Oh Man I'm feelin like another one Oh Oh How long am I gonna wait again? Oh Oh Just so I can go and hold your hand (Hook) Ouu Girl you got me in a ruse I don't know what else to do No I shouldn't have to choose I don't know You Got me lookin like a fool Never should've fell for you Honestly I should'a caught it And I never would've had to go and lose No (Verse 2) Baby boo on the instagram Couple likes from a couple friends Damn I'm feelin like the man again The man again Yeah Taking dick like she never did Call me daddy, ask her did she miss Now I'm thinking what the fuck is this Switch Damn now it's all about to end Man fuck, gotta do it all again Oh shit really thought it was a win She's gone, chillin with another man Again oh I don't wanna have to wait Oh no Just to see your pretty face Oh no Gotta try to get away Oh no I will never be the same

stay off
Forbidden Lust (Ft. SadBoyProlific) (Prod. by Draffish)
Kuzu Mellow

Bringing you a new track right before the EP oof. Go check out @draffish and @sadboyprolific cause they are awesome and helped me make this nice track. uwu Lyrics (Verse 1) I'm a demon She's an angel She don't know that much Taught her bout the head Spread her legs Then I eat my lunch Buy a couple pizzas We can chill and watch some anime Lovin what we have Holdin hands Waste the day away They say forbidden lust Sayin that we're not the same Good and evil Our love isn't feeble I won't run away God has had enough Called his homies Just to smite me down Lucifer is pissed too I can see it in his shitty frown Between the both of us I'm sure we could escape Make a whole new universe Were both of us are safe Have some tiny people Give em everything they need Show em how to love Not a single bit of greed So They'll talk about us In their texts books The ones that got away Leaving everything behind Girl you lookin so divine Not a single minute that She isn't on my mind I can tell ya that's the truth Every single time (Verse 2) Shes a work of art I'm smashin on the easel They say were polar opposites Our connection is feeble Her sweet smell is heavenly I'm comin form the depths of hell Lives feeling like prison I'll break us out of this cell Hop up in the star ship And whip up out the galaxy She haphazardly captured my heart casually Opposite etiquette still have a connection its Too strong for anybody to sever it Feel alive together Without you i just want death You're the reason i wake up And my lungs conjure breath Id cross the universe Just so i could be with you Love you to infinity and back And way past the moon So screw the people that's tryna keep us apart Cause you're the one i love And ill give you all of my heart

Ghost Stories (Prod. by Medda)
Kuzu Mellow

Even in death we'll be together Go check out @imedda for more chill beats like this! <3 Art by: https://pinkypromiseinpastel.tumblr.com/ Lyrics (Verse 1) We made all these roses Her friends I think that I've been here Hoping all the pain she has will end It makes her mind less clear "I will give you everything" "I can fix your broken knees" "Lift you with some knots and string For me" We'll put on a classy show And all your friends and family know That you left and came back From all of this You're just fine You'll stay inside And I'll help you Figure out how you survived (Verse 2) Please stay awake Your eyes are bright like the lake We've almost passed through the gate But then I lost my eyes And I've been thristy for years I hear your words in my ears You'll say you'll give me all of you just For this We've got our withered souls We'll go out for a stroll I miss the brighter days Take me so far away Sunsets are making me Blush when I see your face Learning to carry on I think we'll be alright (Outro) And We'll dance around the graves There's no reason to stay We can go anywhere You Changed me to something more With you I never get bored Hoping we never get older And if we do I'll have you

Righteous Ft. marc (Prod. by Colin S.)
Kuzu Mellow

I have no idea what I'm doing Marc: https://soundcloud.com/marcthepoet Colin Stenzel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHZB--OVeZVzb2xK2u4XdWQ Lyrics (Verse 1) back to basics write a recipe niggas think they got the best of me beta betta pay a petty fee makin sure to never get a knee coming with a friend oh it's an enemy pulling shots for a little cheese pitty patter of the ratty theives fighting for the Methamphetamine (Verse 2) Call a doctor Killin common fodder Prayin to the father But never ends Never comment But I gotta write I don't really get it Why these shooters kids? Helpin out they momma Dealin with the drama Tellin you I got respect For them Tellin me their god is Righteous Sure Sure (Chorus) (x4) Righteous Righteous Righteous (Marc)(Verse 3) (yuh) Know that I'm hard with that Flow like a shark attack No you are not with the wave, my Pen is offensive like it was a quarterback Now Look what I have became (yuh) Boy I ain't lying now I am the ape and Couldn't care less what you say (yuh) They think I'm superman (ay, yuh) Step in the booth and I change wait (ay) (yuh) Run it (uh) My heart is cold as the summit (uh) Over yo heads like a Comet (uh) Flow way to sick I might vomit (uh) You just want it, I deserve it Ball without you, Kylie Irving I just do it, Nikes workin Scary music, I'm disturbing

no escape (prod. by alex verge)
Kuzu Mellow

Eh. Check out the producer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD75JxlIUFLT9Jtjl2YtBVA Art by: https://coub.com/fearloathinginternet Lyrics (Verse 1) Don't take it personal I don't want a leech On my heart It never worked at all All you did was Tear me apart Crying on the bed I will never fall for this Say it then I do it again (Pre-Chourus) It seems I Never have enough To get away from love Always miss the touch Of your skin.. You alway Break the trust Turned it into dust Bury me in lust To keep me here (Chourus) I don't know What else to do Crawlin in the bed With to you I've got things I need to say But you never let me stay (Verse 2) Let me out Let me out (No) I'm tired now I'm tired now (Please stay) Of this shit I'm alright I'm alright (Please stay) You and me We're doing fine That's bullshit No (Riots) (Chourus) It seems I never lost (Girl your so heartless) The chaos in my heart (Say that you're tryin) You played my blurry eyes (Die in my arms) I missed it it in your lies (Die in my-) I've had enough of this (Riots) Locked me with a kiss (Girl your so heartless) You fooled me with your lips (Say that you're tryin) (Die in my arms) "I'm sorry" (Die in my-) (Outro) Riots Girl your so heartless Say that you're tryin Die in my arms Die in my arms

i dunno
summer boys (prod. by neeks)
Kuzu Mellow

Cute boys are awesome :D Go check out @nfzy for more chill beats. <3 Sample @nfzy used: 玫瑰人生 La Vie en rose (ukulele solo) Artwork by: https://www.behance.net/user/?username=zzifanz7dd6 Lyrics (Verse 1) Boy your lips are tastin Like a Cherry Pie tonight Tell me you're confused And I can take you for a ride I don't wanna be alone Not again I don't wanna hold your hand Cause we're only friends (Verse 2) I like it cold Give me a reason to Break the mold Summer is coming My lover is running His daddy said we're to old To be hugging (Whatever) Tell em I said he's lame Drawing me pictures A waiting game Kissing in secret Avoiding shame Don't be afraid We'll be fine (Verse 3) I can see it in your eyes I don't wanna say good by But it's time for me to leave (Goodbye) I'll come see you once again Sippin coffee holding hands Let's go take on the world my friend (Come on)

again.. (prod. by the girl next door)
Kuzu Mellow

You'll be okay... probably Check out @imyourlovergirl <3 The sample the girl next door used: https://soundcloud.com/elijahwho/imtiredoffeelingthisway (I do not own the artwork) Lyrics (verse 1) Back when we were too young I thought that I was grown up Treated you like a little kid And I think that you hated it You said I wasn't the one I felt my heart jump out my throat I wish I could be your boy I wish I could tell you good- (verse 2) I can change again Take you on those dates again Give you roses Do the poses Show me to your friends again Post me on your instagram Love me Teach me Everything you know Darlin we can take it slow Girl I wanna give you everything Chick-fil-A and diamond rings Always get excited when you text so I can hear the ding Tell me do you feel the same? I love you (outro) You don't love me back And it's alright it's alright bum bum bum it's okay bum bum bum i don't mind bum bum bum it's alright bum bum bum it's okay bum bum bum i don't mind bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum

i'll be fine (prod. by trapcard.)
Kuzu Mellow

Don't get too lit out there kiddies UwU Big thanks to @ssunndae for this dope beat (I do not own the artwork) Lyrics (Verse 1) I'm at this party I think it's too much People are screaming I threw up my lunch It got in her face It's a swing and a miss Sorry for vomiting On your new kicks And the room is Getting kinda hazy I start feeling Kinda lazy Everybodys doing coke I tell myself I'm not that crazy Fuck that shit I'm smoking weed They say that I'm hella weak I would rather be at home Than hear these people Fuckin sneeze So I'll go sleep inside Your parents bed Turns out there are people here that are already having sex I'd ask if I could join but I don't wanna catch an STD Also when I walked in they Both started being really mean (Hook) I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine (Verse 2) It's 6AM Past my bedtime I drank too much I think I might die Tonight Got sadder thoughts I don't feel right My ride is gone Guess I'll stay here Tonight I don't wanna dance Where the hell are all my friends Throwing up again ain't fun Cops are here were on the run We think that we own the night Tell a girl I met goodbye Now I'm walking all alone Maybe my mom will be home and I've been down this road before I would like to think I'm fine Last I checked I felt sore More or less I'll be alright (Outro) I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine I'll be fine

(ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)
Interstellar (Prod. by hentaidesu)
Kuzu Mellow

Been awhile since I posted a track. Here's a shitty space love track. Go check out @hentaidesuka cause they got some hella smooth beats. Art by:http://shikostuff.tumblr.com/post/125184496032/amazing-sky Lyrics (Verse 1) I built a rocketship So I could find my way to you I'd leave a little early so I'd Get there right before it's noon so we can look up at the sun Where there it might be different too I felt a little crazy When you said it was the color blue And we can run away together She looked me in my eyes And said our love is interstellar Take my hand and we can go to Jupiter forever Pick whatever planet It don't matter It's all right (Hook) Saving everything I had So I could see you face Your eyes are like the stars With a galaxy embrace I know I sound generic but Thats how I truly feel Even if I touch you I still Don't believe it's real (Verse 2) And you can teach me your philosophies Tell me all the things you are That people wouldn't let you be Walk along the contstellations Write your name on everything Just in case I'm lost so I can find you on the shiny rings Of Saturn Now were on the latter I don't wanna end I'm afraid that you might shatter Cause space is bending both of us we'll change our state of matter I'm losing oxygen, I don't know If I'll be fine (Outro) We can live on the moon That's where we'll spend our time We can travel trough space See the galaxys shine Now I have to go home Promise you're on my mind I'm on Earth all alone Dreaming of you at night

Pink Dream (Prod. by Harakō)
Kuzu Mellow

Happy Valentine's day from your local crybaby :) Go check out @harako. They were generous enough to let me use this beat and they deserve a lot of love. <3 (Verse 1) She got that static mouth calling me her valentine i don't even play along cause i'm just an average guy i don't wanna be the one that breaks her heart thats not me every time she calls my name i don't know who i should be so i just hide under my shell put her words up on the shelf have em gather up some dust i wont take em down 99 cents for some love that just seems a little off but those blue eyes never lie is it dumb luck? said we were meant to be thought i heard a symphony like the gods above saying that she was sent for me but i don't think i'm good enough i don't remember how to love and even if i did i don't think i would be the one (Hook) I'll take you far Dance in the stars You know I'm scared Of some love Touch on my skin Give her a grin Smiles like the sun It's better..

Bitter Valentine.