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Forbidden Lust (Ft. SadBoyProlific) (Prod. by Draffish)
Kuzu Mellow

Bringing you a new track right before the EP oof. Go check out @draffish and @sadboyprolific cause they are awesome and helped me make this nice track. uwu Lyrics (Verse 1) I'm a demon She's an angel She don't know that much Taught her bout the head Spread her legs Then I eat my lunch Buy a couple pizzas We can chill and watch some anime Lovin what we have Holdin hands Waste the day away They say forbidden lust Sayin that we're not the same Good and evil Our love isn't feeble I won't run away God has had enough Called his homies Just to smite me down Lucifer is pissed too I can see it in his shitty frown Between the both of us I'm sure we could escape Make a whole new universe Were both of us are safe Have some tiny people Give em everything they need Show em how to love Not a single bit of greed So They'll talk about us In their texts books The ones that got away Leaving everything behind Girl you lookin so divine Not a single minute that She isn't on my mind I can tell ya that's the truth Every single time (Verse 2) Shes a work of art I'm smashin on the easel They say were polar opposites Our connection is feeble Her sweet smell is heavenly I'm comin form the depths of hell Lives feeling like prison I'll break us out of this cell Hop up in the star ship And whip up out the galaxy She haphazardly captured my heart casually Opposite etiquette still have a connection its Too strong for anybody to sever it Feel alive together Without you i just want death You're the reason i wake up And my lungs conjure breath Id cross the universe Just so i could be with you Love you to infinity and back And way past the moon So screw the people that's tryna keep us apart Cause you're the one i love And ill give you all of my heart

Ghost Stories (Prod. by Medda)
Kuzu Mellow

Even in death we'll be together Go check out @imedda for more chill beats like this! <3 Art by: https://pinkypromiseinpastel.tumblr.com/ Lyrics (Verse 1) We made all these roses Her friends I think that I've been here Hoping all the pain she has will end It makes her mind less clear "I will give you everything" "I can fix your broken knees" "Lift you with some knots and string For me" We'll put on a classy show And all your friends and family know That you left and came back From all of this You're just fine You'll stay inside And I'll help you Figure out how you survived (Verse 2) Please stay awake Your eyes are bright like the lake We've almost passed through the gate But then I lost my eyes And I've been thristy for years I hear your words in my ears You'll say you'll give me all of you just For this We've got our withered souls We'll go out for a stroll I miss the brighter days Take me so far away Sunsets are making me Blush when I see your face Learning to carry on I think we'll be alright (Outro) And We'll dance around the graves There's no reason to stay We can go anywhere You Changed me to something more With you I never get bored Hoping we never get older And if we do I'll have you

Righteous Ft. marc (Prod. by Colin Stenzel)
Kuzu Mellow

I have no idea what I'm doing Marc: https://soundcloud.com/marcthepoet Colin Stenzel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHZB--OVeZVzb2xK2u4XdWQ Lyrics (Verse 1) back to basics write a recipe niggas think they got the best of me beta betta pay a petty fee makin sure to never get a knee coming with a friend oh it's an enemy pulling shots for a little cheese pitty patter of the ratty theives fighting for the Methamphetamine (Verse 2) Call a doctor Killin common fodder Prayin to the father But never ends Never comment But I gotta write I don't really get it Why these shooters kids? Helpin out they momma Dealin with the drama Tellin you I got respect For them Tellin me their god is Righteous Sure Sure (Chorus) (x4) Righteous Righteous Righteous (Marc)(Verse 3) (yuh) Know that I'm hard with that Flow like a shark attack No you are not with the wave, my Pen is offensive like it was a quarterback Now Look what I have became (yuh) Boy I ain't lying now I am the ape and Couldn't care less what you say (yuh) They think I'm superman (ay, yuh) Step in the booth and I change wait (ay) (yuh) Run it (uh) My heart is cold as the summit (uh) Over yo heads like a Comet (uh) Flow way to sick I might vomit (uh) You just want it, I deserve it Ball without you, Kylie Irving I just do it, Nikes workin Scary music, I'm disturbing

no escape (prod. by alex verge)
Kuzu Mellow

Eh. Check out the producer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD75JxlIUFLT9Jtjl2YtBVA Art by: https://coub.com/fearloathinginternet Lyrics (Verse 1) Don't take it personal I don't want a leech On my heart It never worked at all All you did was Tear me apart Crying on the bed I will never fall for this Say it then I do it again (Pre-Chourus) It seems I Never have enough To get away from love Always miss the touch Of your skin.. You alway Break the trust Turned it into dust Bury me in lust To keep me here (Chourus) I don't know What else to do Crawlin in the bed With to you I've got things I need to say But you never let me stay (Verse 2) Let me out Let me out (No) I'm tired now I'm tired now (Please stay) Of this shit I'm alright I'm alright (Please stay) You and me We're doing fine That's bullshit No (Riots) (Chourus) It seems I never lost (Girl your so heartless) The chaos in my heart (Say that you're tryin) You played my blurry eyes (Die in my arms) I missed it it in your lies (Die in my-) I've had enough of this (Riots) Locked me with a kiss (Girl your so heartless) You fooled me with your lips (Say that you're tryin) (Die in my arms) "I'm sorry" (Die in my-) (Outro) Riots Girl your so heartless Say that you're tryin Die in my arms Die in my arms

i dunno
summer boys (prod. by neeks)
Kuzu Mellow

Cute boys are awesome :D Go check out @nfzy for more chill beats. <3 Sample @nfzy used: 玫瑰人生 La Vie en rose (ukulele solo) Artwork by: https://www.behance.net/user/?username=zzifanz7dd6 Lyrics (Verse 1) Boy your lips are tastin Like a Cherry Pie tonight Tell me you're confused And I can take you for a ride I don't wanna be alone Not again I don't wanna hold your hand Cause we're only friends (Verse 2) I like it cold Give me a reason to Break the mold Summer is coming My lover is running His daddy said we're to old To be hugging (Whatever) Tell em I said he's lame Drawing me pictures A waiting game Kissing in secret Avoiding shame Don't be afraid We'll be fine (Verse 3) I can see it in your eyes I don't wanna say good by But it's time for me to leave (Goodbye) I'll come see you once again Sippin coffee holding hands Let's go take on the world my friend (Come on)