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Pastel MegaMeme
TheGuy V.2

this is for @nick255349 's mashup contest, happy anniversary my man also crazy frog just hit a billion views lmao also also i ran out of time again

TheGuy V.2

dont sue me please also hi @nick255349 if youre hearing this lol

TheGuy V.2

i remember @charliewt dming me and saying "hey, check out music topic. its like siivagunner with actual songs" and im like cool. i get there and upload a without me mashup on july 28, so it was obviously added to the emoji movie ost. since then ive uploaded many high quality flacs and met so many amazing people, like @pantsmode, @albert-softie, @various-artists-topic, and so many others. it was possibly the most fun i've had making mashups in my life. however, on febuary 5th, we on the discord were told that the channel had been deleted. dozens of uploads, gone in a second. frick you youtube. you murdered my life although it's likely the channel will come back in some form, nothing for me can top the original bait-and-switch "auto-generative" game known as Music - Topic. godspeed, my favorite channel. godspeed. anyway this is just a couple of random tracks thrown together, i needed to get this message out. imma go cry now

Unknown From Minecrap
TheGuy V.2

i love building mashups in fl studio its the most fun you could pawsibly have while running a soundcloud account

Precious Sans
TheGuy V.2

should i stop making undertale remixes/mashups

Mute City Fusion
TheGuy V.2

is it a fusion collab if only one guy makes it? idk also for some reason the file wouldnt render so i had to use a screen recorder to record me playing the file so if its bad thats why

does bruno mars is gay
TheGuy V.2
hamilton dies.wav
TheGuy V.2

i dont even like hamilton i just heard this song in social studies and was like hmmmmmmmmmm

cheeseburgerwave 野菜
TheGuy V.2

me and @right_in_the_tockles are making veggietales a meme again please help us

Volbono Town Gets Tipsy
TheGuy V.2

my 2018 nintendo wishlist: 1) an actual good mario party 2) smash bros (probably not but still) 3) mario odyssey dlc (luigi) 4) more kirby info please 5) animal crossing also as seen on music - topic:

jake paul frickin dies
TheGuy V.2

and we thought jake was the crazy one

Uptown Sans
TheGuy V.2

i would not be suprised if this was done before also first track of 2018 ayyy also also this was a copyright hell i hadto completely rearrange the song for it to work

Run, Jump, Frick.
TheGuy V.2

just got mario odyssey, it is amazing. soundtrack's pretty good too. aslo, sorry for missing christmas on soundcloud, but on my youtube channel i made a compilation of some of my best mashups. check it out maybe

Bad and Gucci Shop Bling
TheGuy V.2

my first mashup made completely in FL studio, so if it sucks thats why

it is showtime my dudes (V.2)
TheGuy V.2

sorry for not uploading for ten years/doing anything christmasy, schoolwork and such. expect a big christmas mashup soon

Metal Sonic Is Fergalicious
TheGuy V.2

he is

File Select Fusion 2
TheGuy V.2

to celebrate @pantsmode 's new album i made a fusion collab with myself check it out, ya boi's in it