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Selena Gomez - Back To You (Aidan McCrae Remix)
Aidan McCrae
Future Bounce
Live A Life You Will Remember (Tribute To AVICII) (Aidan McCrae Mashup)
Aidan McCrae

Such sudden horrible news, This man inspired me along with thousands of others to do what i do today, i wish i could have met you, i looked up to you and i will sorely miss you, i made this mashup in memory of you, Rest easy Tim, your legacy will live on <3

Progressive House
Dance On Cocaine, LSD N XTC (Original Mix)(FINAL)
Aidan McCrae

So this is my first original, but it's also the last track i'll be posting solo for a while, thanks for all the support over the last two years! i'm not gone forever, i'm concentrating on a group project more than i am my self, but i will be back eventually, but i'm ending this with something a lot harder than usual, a lot of people have told me to stick to Hardstyle so i will be producing a lot more harder tracks, but for now i'm gonna be focusing on something else :) thank yous all so much! x

Reverse Bass/ Hardstyle
NF - Let You Down (Aidan McCrae Bootleg)
Aidan McCrae

Did this a while back, Apologies for the spacing of my uploads, i'm working on something big and can't wait to show you all!

Kick Bass
Delicate (Aidan McCrae Remix)
Aidan McCrae

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Future Bounce