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LAUREL HALO – 'Raw Silk Uncut Wood'

Laurel Halo – Raw Silk Uncut Wood (LTNC014) 
 Release Date: July 13, 2018 
Format: Mini-LP / Digital Raw Silk Uncut Wood (10:00) 
Mercury (03:56) 
Quietude (02:32)
 The Sick Mind (04:24)
 Supine (01:27)
 Nahbarkeit (10:07) _ "What works reliably is to know the raw silk, hold the uncut wood. Need little. Want less. Forget the rules. Be untroubled." Laurel Halo presents six instrumental pieces that form a meditative, cinematic listening experience. Inspired by recent film score work for Metahaven and Ursula Le Guin's translation of the 'Tao Te Ching'. Featuring cello work by Oliver Coates and percussion by Eli Keszler. Working in abstraction leads to a deeper longing for touch and closeness. The tactile sensation of struck organ keys and bowed strings, wood and felt on drum heads. Smoke and dirt and stone. Febrile and tactile, hairy and hissy. A clover of highway onramps, a continuous flow, like old leaves melting on their way down a stream at the back of a house. Constant contradiction, the truth's nowhere. Music by Laurel Halo 
Cello: Oliver Coates (Raw Silk Uncut Wood, Nahbarkeit) 
Percussion: Eli Keszler (Mercury, Nahbarkeit)
 Front cover: Jill Mulleady, 'Prince S', 2017. 
Back cover: Studio Hugo Blanzat
 Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering
 Distributed by Honest Jon’s @laurelhalo

Latency radio show 18 – Sidney & Suleiman

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Latency radio show 18 – ENA

ENA is a music producer from and based in Tokyo. He is a major player in the Japanese underground dance music scene for more than a decade. Taking influences from early drum & bass productions, rave sound and abstract hip hop, his releases on 7even Recordings, Horo and Latency brought international attention and have led to collaborations with artists such as Felix K and Rashad Becker. –

Sidney & Suleiman on NTS radio, BRAV show

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Latency radio show 17 – Sidney & Suleiman

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Latency radio show 17 – Andrew Pekler

Andrew Pekler works with techniques of digital sampling and analog synthesis to re–contextualize found sounds and archival musical materials. His latest works include Tristes Tropiques (faitiche, 2016), an album of synthetic exotica, pseudo-ethnographic music and unreal field recordings, and Description of an Island, which premiered at the 2017 INA - GRM Présences Électronique festival. @pekler Tracklist: Otto Sidharta - Gongs William Selman - Polysemy Makoto Shinohara - Alternances  Susan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz - Tear Asa-Chang & Junray - Tsuginepu To Itte Mita Paul Lansky - Word Color Andrew Pekler - Untitled, unreleased (Cicada + Bass) Bellows - Untitled track from Sander EP Sugai Ken - Okera Andrew Pekler - Untitled, unreleased (remix of recordings made in Uganda by Alyssa Moxley) Seth Graham - Mas Que Fin Mads Emil Nielsen - Soundtales excerpt Phil Struck - Klouds Dawid Szczesny - Drafts 1.7 Otto Sidharta - Gongs Bobby Hutcherson - Prints Tie Some - Santour sample from Holy Error  Don Cherry & Latif Khan - Air Mail Ahnnu - War Stage Terry Riley - Music For The Gift (part 1) © - He Was  Vapour Gourds - Low Jack Miniatures excerpt Jasmine Guffond - Post Human --- @pekler

YVES DE MEY – Bleak Comfort

Yves De Mey – Bleak Comfort (LTNC013) Release Date: February 01, 2018
 Format: 2XLP / Digital Gruen (5:58) Mika (5:53) Vecto (8:37) Bleak Comfort (6:27) 17 Graves (5:55) Stale (5:59) Wearing Off (5:42) Contrary Unto Them (5:41) _ Following up  ‘Drawn With Shadow Pens’ released via Spectrum Spools, Belgian sound artist Yves De Mey returns with  ‘Bleak Comfort’, his third solo full-length. All geared towards serving up an intense musical experience, the album deconstructs regular club music recipes to highlight some of its key elements in a transformative way. An album about absence, malfunction and disorientation,  ‘Bleak Comfort’ is equally packed with floor-functional material and left-of-centre electronics. By turn sizzling and spherical, convulsive and atmospheric, Yves De Mey ushers his listener in a hypnotic kaleidoscope of sounds, providing a fascinating picture of his ever dynamic grammar at variable scales and tempos. 
Played and produced by Yves De Mey Front cover: Jean-Marie Appriou,‘Raspberries 3’, 2016. Back cover: Studio Hugo Blanzat 
Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering 
Distributed by Honest Jon’s