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idk wht to call this

probably wont be released

you said that you want to die, Im feeling it all the time

you said that you want to die, im feeling it all the time.


VISUALS: produced by @bruhmanegod @prodbybruhmanegod LYRICS: (INTRO) (Aye), i just hit a lick. (Aye) x2 , i just hit a lick. Woah OK. Yeah. (VERSE I) See me in the black nah i aint trynna flex. Run up for yo bands i need a fuckin lick. Aint no bitch on lock, i got keys Fuck they talk, yeah they fake. Bitch why you look like photoshop? I need some ice all up on her necklace (said that twice now) wake up sad, a xan for breakfast. (skrt skrt) (hey) I aint trip over my exes she talkin nice, distracting me while they jugg all my paper. my jewelry watch? (shine shine shine) yeah my jewelry watch (yeah yeah yeah) (VERSE II) You a fuckin opp. (gang) Bitch just leave me be. I don't wanna talk. Sippin Wok, Ray Bans, designer jeans, what you mean? What you need? Shining need no glow. Dont cry in my dreams. (god damn) Very rarely taking drugs aint neccesary. (skrt) Slash a fucking clown he splatter like confetti. (aye yuh) I just made my move, how you feelin bruh? (how you feel?) Bitch gon plot on me, i can't ever trust. (Theres no reason to be surprised, this was expected. Its only natural that i am the one still standing.) - Kishin Asura (VERSE III) Bouncin off a bitch yeah imma need some space. (gang) If you trynna jump on me fist swing might catch a fade (yuh) Ghostin up my trip, i don't need no more. Do it for the kick. Shawty look like snow.


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