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"Underwater Tango" by Milana Zilnik
Milana Zilnik --- Underwater Tango? I don't know how I came up with this title but I kept seeing underwater scenery while improvising this piece. And it sounds like Tango at parts. Enjoy another dream on Una Corda piano! And some exciting news! Some of you have heard these exciting news already but I wanted to share them again to my SoundCloud friends! Last Saturday "The Snow Queen Waltz" won "The Classical Song of the Year" Award at IMEA Awards ceremony!! Thank you so much everyone who took time to vote for "The Snow Queen Waltz" during the fan voting period!! Your votes together with the votes of jury and the votes of IMEA members made it happen! My first red carpet and my first big award! Here is my nervous, totally unprepared improvised speech:

"As Simple As Love" by Milana Zilnik
Milana Zilnik

Video: --- My upcoming piano album is shaping itself! It will include 14 tracks, played on The Giant. Some of the tracks you've heard already, others are in the making. The album will tell a musical story of visiting a dream land, where Giants Roam the Earth. We plan to release the album somewhere in September, so stay tuned ;-) Meanwhile, here is something simple on the dreamy Una Corda, something as simple as love...

"Solitude" by Milana Zilnik
Milana Zilnik

Video: --- So many things are going on, all the same time and yet again I feel like a squirrel in a wheel. Among all this I periodically need an escape, to meditate and relax. Enjoy the "Solitude"! What's keeping me busy these days? I've got several remote sessions for recording piano and vocals and a couple of composing/arrangement requests. I am also working on arranging my new song. Arty loved it as much as he loved "The Snow Queen Waltz" and jumped on planning the next "Big Music Video" for it. I don't know where we gonna get the budget for it, maybe we'll have to run another IndieGoGo campaign :) Meanwhile, being DYI kind of guy, he paid a couple visits to the local Home Depot to get some materials and build rails for outdoor filming (he is going to film at least part of the music video himself). Speaking of "The Snow Queen Waltz", it got another award! Bronze medal in "Female vocal" and "Song" categories at Global Music Awards! And I am also preparing for the IMEA Awards ceremony, where I will learn if "The Snow Queen Waltz" got another award (it was nominated as "Classical Song of the Year" and "Classical Artist of the Year"). It will be my first red carpet event! In just two weeks, wow!

"Radioactive" (Imagine Dragons). Performed by Milana Zilnik and Sheana Tch (Video!)
Milana Zilnik

Video: --- When a teenage daughter joins her mom, the girls power can be... Radioactive! I hope you will enjoy our rendition of "Radioactive" by "Imagine Dragons" (one of my daughter's favorites). Sheana is on drums and.. I miss her! She is currently away on her first tour across Ontario with her school jazz band where she is a drummer and one of the percussionists. Oh, and this was the very first time my husband tried to record drums, so... well, he apologizes for the quality of the recording :)

Alternative Rock
"Dream Of A Child" by Milana Zilnik
Milana Zilnik

Video: ---- I hope you will enjoy this orchestral soundtrack that was originally commissioned for a game under CC license (so, I can also post it over here). The author of the game asked to aim for something hopeful, meditative, optimistic and encouraging, he said "try thinking of it as the music for a ritual, a sort of initiation" and didn't put any limitation on what the genre or instrumentation should be. So, we went for this short orchestral cue. The original name was "New Hopes" but when my husband compiled the visuals from the VideoBlocks free stock videos we decided to rename it to "Dream of a Child". Below are the links to the game (which is under development):

"Invitation To The Dream" by Milana Zilnik (Video)
Milana Zilnik

Video: --- This year is so generous to musical surprises, when finally after many years of improving my piano and singing skills, composing, songwriting - they all blend into the wonderful reality. I am happy to share it with you. I invite you to my musical dream...

"Walking Away" by Milana Zilnik (Video)
Milana Zilnik

Video: Here is something contemplative and moody.. and a bit melancholic and nostalgic... like walking away..

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Nirvana) Performed by Milana Zilnik (Video)
Milana Zilnik

Video: Dedicated to my teenage girl who loves this song as much as I do and who immediately stole this jeans jacket that took us whole two days to find across the multiple shops in the city (specifically for this recording). And I felt like rocking on the piano. Video is on YouTube as usual these days :)