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PR - The Funk Won't Let You Down (Dj XS Heated Rework)
DjXS Edits

New party banger for those who like that to ave' it large big time, old school 90s disco house stylee, ready to throw some shapes to. Free promo download for my soundcloud peeps for a short time only so grab it whilst you can. Peace!

Chunky Funky
Dj XS London Classic Soul Disco Funk & House Mix 2018
DjXS Edits

Classic Soul Disco Funk & House Mix 2018 - Dj XS 2 Hrs of Classic 70s 80s 90s Jams feat. Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Barry White, Al Green, Frankie Knuckles, Afrika Bambaata, Adeva & many more!!! New mix featuring some classic jams for all the soul, funk and disco heads featuring reworks and remixes from Dimitri, Dr Packer as well as myself. As always, big thanks for the support on my journey so far. Comments, likes and follows a huge help. Peace XS!!! Dj XS Classic Soul Disco Funk & House Mix 2018 Tracklist 1. Al Green - Let's Stay Together (M+M Mix) 2. Barry White - Ecstacy (Dj XS Edit) 5:47 3. Stephanie Mills - Sweet Sensation (Dj XS Edit) 10:01 4. BB&Q - Dreamer (Dave Allison Edit) 13:43 5. Serge Ponsar - Out in the Night (Dj XS Edit) 18:40 6. First Touch - Toe Jammin' 23:02 7. Boogie Cafe - Nothing to It 26:36 8. The Mighty Ryeders - Evil Vibrations (Serge Gamesbourgh Rework) 29:54 9. NFC, Key Sokur - Coming From the Congo 35:20 10. Yoruba Singers - Black Pepper (Petko Turner Edit) 39:20 11. Stevie Wonder - Another Star (Bosq of Whiskey Barons Rework) 44:01 12. Carolyn Harding - Sing a Song (Dj XS Edit) 50:45 13. Dj Pierre - Get Ya Buzz On (Dj XS Edit) 54:50 14. Sandy B - Feel Like Singing (BOP Disco Mix) 57:50 15. Frankie Knuckles - Workout (1992 Vocal Mix) 1:03:37 16. Adeva - Respect 1:06:16 17. Afika Bambaataa - Get Up & Dance 1:08:18 18. Candido - Jingo (Dr Packer Rework) 1:11:05 19. Lux Experience - Street Disco 1:16:40 20. Hot Chocolate - Back Seat of My Cadillac (Dj XS Edit) 1:21:57 21. Cole Medina - Make Your Body Move 1:27:32 22. Dj James Ingram - Can You Dig It 1:31:00 23. Gino Soccio - Dancer 1:34:20 24. Sheila & B Devotion - Your Love is Good (Dimitri from Paris Edit) 1:39:01 25. Diana Ross - The Boss (Dj XS Edit) 1:45:11 26. Barbara Blow - Throughout Your Precious Love (El Barrio Recipe) 1:50:12 27. Kenny Bobien - You Are My Friend 1:56:37 youtube -

Charles Mann - Do It Again (Dj XS Dub Edit)
DjXS Edits

New 70s & 80s funk & disco mix up on youtube yesterday featuring 90 mins of classic jams - Always nice to upload an edit for the DL alongside a new mix so thought I'd drop this tweaked dub edit of Charles Mann's version of Do It Again. Originally released in 1973, a year after the original by Steely Dan, featured on his 'Say You Love Me Too' album on ABC records out of Philly.

Q Tip - Breathe & Stop (Dj XS Indigo Funk Edit)
DjXS Edits

Featured this bad boy on my recent 'Trunk of Funk' Mix for the Craig Charles Show on BBC Radio 6. Always goes down well out and about - who doesn't love a Breathe & Stop re-work. Check out the full mix on the BBC website - Promo Download on here for my peeps for a short time only before switching it to Bandcamp so grab it for free whilst you can. Peace!

Funky Goodness
Marlena Shaw - Liberation Conversation (Dj XS Edit)
DjXS Edits

Superb track featured on my Winter Warmers Mix, been doing well for me out and about, hits hard, pure soul fire! Up for the free promo DL for a short time only for the SC crew ;)

Soul Fire
Dj XS Winter Warmers Mix 2017
DjXS Edits

Part 1 & 2 of the Winter Warmers Mix been up on youtube for a while finally uploaded here as the full mix ready for the DL. Plenty of soulful funky vibes with a few exclusive edits as always. Enjoy!!! 1. Jacqui Verdell - We Gonna Have A Good Time 2. Betty Barney - Momma, Momma (Dj XS Edit) 3. Ronnie Keaton - Going Down for the Last Time (Dj XS Edit) 4. The Pointer Sisters - How Long (Dj XS Edit) 5. Jewel Bass - I Tried It I Like It (Dj XS Edit) 6. Reuben Bell - Superjock 7. Ripple - Sure Is Funky (Dj Prince Edit) 8. Bobbi Humphrey - Jasper Country Man (Dj XS Edit) 9. Rae & Christian - It Ain't Nothing Like (Nextmen Remix) 10. Jurassic 5 - I Am Somebody 11. Jeru the Demaja - Ya Playin' Yaself (Dj XS Rework) 12. Wilson Pickett vs Rakim - President Number 9 (Dj XS Rework) 13. Brother Jack McDuff - Butter For Your Popcorn (Dj XS Edit) 14. Mark Rae - Soviet Steppe 15. Dj XS vs The Owl - Party Rockin' 16. Seal - Crazy (Jay-K Remix) 17. The Hi-Fly Orchestra - Let Love Rule (Dj XS Edit) 18. The Calypso Gigolos - Give Me More (Sibu & Joe Nagall Edit) 19. Kool & the Gang - Caribbean Festival (Dj XS Edit) 20. Maceo Parker - Soul Power / Pass The Peas (Dj XS Edit) 21. The O'Jays - For the Love of Money (Dj XS Edit) 22. Marlena Shaw - Liberation Conversation (Dj XS Edit) 23. Johnny Bristol - Lusty Lady (Dj XS Edit) 24. Rafael Cameron - Boogies Gonna Get Ya (Dj XS Edit) 25. Herbie Hancock vs Anderson Paak - Come Down Just Around the Corner (Dj XS Edit) 26. Claudja Barry - Sweet Dynamite (Todd Terje Edit) 27. La Bionda - I Got Your Number (Alkalino Rework) 28. Lemon - Suzy Q (Dj XS Edit) 29. Kool & the Gang - Open Sesame (Dj XS Edit) 30. Jacques Renault - Cold Blooded 31. Five Special - Why Leave Us Alone (Dj XS Edit) 32. Lakeside - Outrageous (Dj XS Edit) 33. Gwen McCrae - Keep the Fire Burning (Dj XS Edit) 34. Honey Cone - The Truth Will Come Out (Afshin Edit) 35. Phreek - The Weekend (Funkryss Edit) 36. Voyage - Lady America 37. Sharon Ridley - Changin' Part 1 youtube - Part 2 youtube -

Funky Vibes
The O'Jays - For The Love Of Money (Dj XS Edit)
DjXS Edits

One of the first tracks off my Winter Warmers Mix on youtube - Already a few great edits of this funk soul classic up on soundcloud but thought I'd do my own version for the mix. Free Download short time only so grab it whilst you can!!! youtube -

Funk Soul Classic
Dj XS - Funk Mix 2013 - 90mins Of Funk, Jazz And Hip Hop
DjXS Edits

Few requests for the some of the older mixes that featured on my old account before the big cull a while back so thought I'd get on the case. Full Tracklist over on youtube -

Funky Vibes Mixtape
Stephanie Mills - Sweet Sensation (Dj XS Edit)
DjXS Edits

New mix up on youtube so thought it would be good to feature an edit off that up for the free DL for a short time only. Dj XS London Classic Soul Disco Funk & House Mix 2018 - 2 Hours of Classic Jams -

Gayle Adams - Lets Go All The Way (Dj XS Edit)
DjXS Edits

Featured on the 'Sound of Summer Mix #2' uploaded last week. Nice little mid-tempo disco soul edit. Featured on - Youtube link -

Funk London 2017 - Dj XS 'Sound of Summer' Funk Mix #2 - 100% Funked Up Toasty Vibes
DjXS Edits

Been up on youtube for a few months but finally got round to sticking it up here for the DL. Besides it's always summer somewhere so happy days. Tracklist over on the youtube vid - DL Link on way

Summer Vibes
JR Funk & The Love Machine - Feel Good Party Time (Dj XS Edit)
DjXS Edits

Few requests for this funk classic off the mix from Dundee Uni. Simple edit, nice little party starter, instructions n all, can't go wrong! Dundee Mix -

Dj XS Live @ DUSA Union - Disco House Funk & Afro Party Mix 2017
DjXS Edits

Party vibes recorded at my gig up at Dundee Uni back in May for their graduation bash. Had to cut the last 60 minutes as we went into a bit of Jacko & Prince so wouldn't make it past the copyright police. Jumped on at 1am so straight into the upfront party vibes, happy students and all that. Full Tracklist over the youtube channel -

Herbie Hancock Vs Anderson Paak - Come Down Just Around The Corner (Dj XS Edit)
DjXS Edits

Featured this in the 2nd half of my new mix up on youtube alongside a host of new edits so thought I'd stick up for the DL for a short time. 2 great artist so easy pickings really. Should cover a few bases so happy days! Winter Warmers Mix Part 2 - Promo Download on here for my peeps for a short time only before switching it to Bandcamp so grab it for free whilst you can. Peace!

Wilson Pickett Vs Rakim - President Number 9 (Dj XS Edit)
DjXS Edits

Bit of a funky vibes mash up done for a recent mix up for the DL for a short time only. Featured on the new winter warmers mix up on youtube - Dj XS Winter Warmers Funk Mix 2017 -

Head Noddin B Boppin
Dj XS Saturday Night Warm Up @ Oblix, The Shard
DjXS Edits

1st hour of my Saturday night residency at the awesome Oblix on the 32nd floor of the Shard overlooking London. Nice laid back vibes, or pudding music as I like to call it before we head into the deep n disco later. Catch me there every Saturday night from 9pm-1am dropping these kind of beats and bringing a little funk and soul goodness. Tracklist 1. Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On (Nehzuil Remix) 2. Cheshire - Mack's Return (Bootleg Remix) 3. Mary J. Blige - All Night Long (XS Edit) 4. Chantay Savage ft Common - I Will Survive (XS Edit) 5. Minnie Riperton - Check Minnie's Love (Naughty NMX & Runex Kid Brexit Mix) 6. Naughty NMX & Jim Sharp - Too Much Hustle 7. Jean Carne - My love don't come easy ( REAL tight edit ) 8. Herbie Hancock - Stars in Your Eyes (XS Edit) 9. Ami Stewart - Friends (Blackroom XS Construction) 10. Get Down Edits - Sweet Stuff 11. Chaka Khan - Eye to Eye (XS Edit) 12. Dee Dee Sharp Gamble - Easy Money 13. Merge - Volcanic Voodoo 14. George Duke - Dukey Stick 15. Reuben Bell - Make Love 16. Slapbak - This Car is Fast (XS Edit) 17. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Rock Your Body

Funky Lounge Grooves
Tom Browne - Thighs High (Dj XS Edit)
DjXS Edits

Few requests for this one off my recent disco funk mix. Love me a bit of Tom Browne, obviously we all know Funkin' For Jamaica so thought I'd have a go at this lesser known funked up classic. Few extra drums, tightened up, looped but close to the original as always. Couldn't quite isolate the vocals at the end but it's for mixing innit so all good. Up for the DL for a short time before I stick it on Bandcamp so move quick and grab it now!!!

Get Off Ur A** & Jam!!!