Roger/B-Train tracks on Soundclound


~ Circuit Training~ w Paploviante
Roger/B-Train Paul this track I love....have many different ideas for it but will go with this.....Never worked with a brass section before which is how the name come about hahaha...Hope you enjoy and anyone who takes the time....Thanks!! <3

~My Favorite Mistake~ Jimena /Matt & Train
Roger/B-Train Matt & Jimena put this lovely track together and they sent it to me hoping I could add a little guitar along with it to spice it up some?? I give it a go and they seem to be happy with it :) Very flattered to think they would ask so tried the best I could!!! Hope you enjoy!! Cheer's from us all!! <3

~ Eternal Love~ w Syntaleta
Roger/B-Train Helen sent me this track awhile ago and sent her a sample of how I felt it with adding a splash of guitar and Tink liked it!!! :))) Anyway here is my version from her beautiful original that she asked me to post after hers was up....hope ya feel the love!!! <3

~ Sultans Train Ride~

The seed was planted by @Anightowl with people sending what there fav. song was on FB so looked up a backtrack and give it a ride.....Train wrong....just a jam that seemed fun to try!!! :D Thanks for the idea Lynneee!!! xx :-))

~ Rio Brazil~ w Marco Turrini
Roger/B-Train ~ Marco had this cool Latin flava'd track that had guitar in it already but asked him if I could have a play along....didn't know he was gonna send the guitar already on it but hey.......what's life without a challenge!!! Played it as is... and this was the out come!!! 2 guitar's are better than one....RIGHT??!! Had fun playing around it....Thanks Marco!!! Cheer's :D

~ Birthday Affair's~ w Milana Zilnik
Roger/B-Train Milana and I spent last year together with her wonderful husband Arty and we celebrated our Birthdays together!! Mine was April 8th and Milana is April 14th so thought I would try this open collab she offered up and wish my dear friend a Happy Birthday in advance!! This is a tricky track to play but give it a go....Following Milana even when she's being nice is work for the average joe!! :D Anyway just having fun and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Milana!!!! Supplyz!!!! :D <3

Jazz & Blues
Trading Four's w~Griff Hamlin~
Roger/B-Train Griff Hamlin was a VERY LARGE part in my guitar learning adventure and the above link is a call and answer sort of practice track he was kind enough to put together for anyone so seeing how he lives in California and I'm stuck up here in the Great White North we had a little jam via the net!! Hope to meet him in person one day to thank him for all his help over the past 6 years!! If you want to learn Blues Guitar he's the man to look into!!! Anyway hope you enjoy and don't laugh @ my mistakes....played it as if it were live and this take wasen't to to bad.....still get nervous playing along with him but I tried LOL I KNOW I'm in crap already coming in on the one :(

Jazz & Blues
~ Cool Times~ featuring Vocalatti/Paploviante & Train
Roger/B-Train Paul put this wonderful backtrack together for a open collab and I approached Annette/Vocalatti about this and she come up with a bit of synth work to add along with the lyric's/vocals & anything else I may have forgotten then she sent it to me and I was floored to be honest so pulled up my socks and added a few notes and this was the result!! Hope you enjoy and Happy Easter from us all!!! <3 <3 <3

Jazz & Blues
~Out Of Control~w Sarah De Carlo/Film Composer
Roger/B-Train Found another cool track by Sarah and had intentions of adding guitar but it didn't seem to work very well so just tried a Bass-line to go with it and this was the out come!!! Sarah did all the mixing and some fun practice for me on bass!!! Hope you enjoy....original is posted above to listen!! Cheer's from us both :)

~ Train 2 HeLL~

This track is a bit looong but it was a experiment to see how much I could pull out a basic Em backtrack....gave it a run a few time's but finally made it to the end....was gonna make it 4 min's but pffff....easier for you to stop than me hahahaha ;) If you make it to the end....Welcome aboard!!! Shot's on the house!!!

Alternative Rock
TCM Underground & Train ~Symphony of Tears~
Roger/B-Train Mrinal sent me this track to add a little to it....I think he thought I would add guitar but tried some different strings bells & whistles!!! Anyway he liked what he heard and made me laugh with his comment's....hope you enjoy!! Cheer's from us both!! <3

~The Missing~ w Sarah De Carlo/Film Composer
Roger/B-Train Met Sarah a week or so ago and I fell in love with this track and asked her if it was ok to add a few notes along side of this and she went out of her way to even mix it for me in her studio!! Very talented young lady from Italy that's into composing soundtracks for movies so very flattered to have worked one piece with her!! Thanks Sarah!!! :-))) Check out more of Sarah's work here!!!

~ Train Reaction~ w BeDre
Roger/B-Train BeDre sent me this track to add some guitar....He was thinking of deleting it!! Just give it a ride and this was my reaction!!! Hope you enjoy....All Aboard!!! :D The ride is FREE from 2 recently retired guys having fun!!! <3

( ? - ? ) Up The Road~ Cover/Instrumental

Come across this backtrack for Further on up the Road and just had to give it a ride!! Love Eric Clapton and not sure I did it justice with a instrumental but had to give it a ride!!! Good intentions were implied!! Left bracket's to see if the title could be filled without looking here :D

Roger/B-Train Marco & Demi put this up as a Open Collab and hope to hear more but this was my fun little project for the evening!! Hope you enjoy and have a go @ it!!! :-))) Cheer's!!............Thanks for the jaunt in the park Marco & Demi XX <3

Alternative Rock
A Lydian Vs Train
Roger/B-Train Been studying this different language on guitar for past couple days and the gentleman in the above link supplied a jam track to work with!! What a brain twister but it's slowly coming along!! All that smoke is me thinking hahaha!!! What a blast and I finally get it....somewhat??? The track is 9 min's long...sorry about the abrupt ending!! Didn't want you to fall asleep!! test 1-2!!!!..... Cheer's :D

~ Latin Jam~CS Smooth attempt!!

Big Santana fan and going to see him next month (Mar/22/18) 13th row with my band mates and just got in the mood to play along with Smooth!! Not easy to fill without vocals!!! Just say'in!!! it a mood :D

~ Synth Blues~Guitar added!!

Been messing around with my CASIO keyboards and learning some 3 note sounds/& a few notes to highlight this track so tried to figure it out over a blues track and the synth took some work let's say being a newbie...was asked why there was no guitar on the last one so spent about 5 min's doing that hahaha....Not the best but give it a spin!! Heads exploding trying to get this!!! :D If you don't like it....that's fine!! Just a effort!! ;)No loops or perfect samples!! plink a plink!!! LOL

~ Lucifer's Calling~

Was messing with the keyboards past while and I remember Zimmerman saying if there are rules.....Break them!!! So I did?? Started off with a beat in my head and come up with this!!! Is there Crossroads for keys??? LOL I'm in Big trouble if there is!!! :D First try making something on my own!!