Roger/B-Train tracks on Soundclound


~ Blues Jam~ Collab w Keitonie
Roger/B-Train @Keitonie had this cool little blues track posted for a collab he put together with Bass & Drums and give it a raking over for some fun!!! :D

~ Soft Jazz~ Train - ing

There's a particular vocalist on here and we have talked about doing a collab a few time's but she is 99% Jazz so if you can't beat them join them so this is what I had in mind but if the backtrack dosen't work for her I had fun regardless experimenting!!! :-)))) Some of you will figure it out....the may find out??? hehehe!!!! :p Guitar will be redone obviously....practice jam!!!

Jazz & Blues
~ Just A Mood~ 13
Roger/B-Train Started this Just a Mood idea a couple years back and could not come up with a name for this song so will just add it to the collection of projects collected so far!!! The Saga continue's!!! :D Hope you enjoy <3 Will see if it's a Lucky 13 :-))))))

~ Pink Side Of Blues~
Roger/B-Train My lovely wonderful friend Syntaleta aka Tink sent me a picture while she was on holidays in Cyprus and it stuck with me for some reason being a actual eclipse that happened mid July but anyway got in a floydish mood tonight and give it a ride.....maybe not the best sound?? but I liked the take so tried to fix it the best I could!! Perfection is not a easy task....always on the hunt for the moon!!! :D

~ Spanish 101~( Slow Flamenco Training? :)

I love Spanish guitar and this is totally out of my league but started off with a slow Flamenco style track to get a feel for it just to try....I'm wrestling with myself trying to stay away from the blues in this one and learn all these outside the box notes?? Anyway this is how far I made it after 3 days of playing the same track over and over to get the feel...speed will come in time if I keep playing it but a lot easier to listen to artist that no what there doing for SURE!!!!! :D

~ JADED~ Collab w Wane of Summer
Roger/B-Train Sander put this wonderful track together and I love working around piano as some of you may know?! :) Anyway he give me the go ahead to try this out and he was happy with the results!! Hope you enjoy our effort's!! Just a jam & Thanks Sander for letting me play along!!! Cheer's

~ BACK ON THE ROAD~ w Paploviante
Roger/B-Train Paul you hit a home run with me from time to time!!! This so reminds me of Gary Clark Jr in the style and hope to hear more from this track!!! Wish I could sing and do it like I hear it which is many ways/ Male or female but it's a start....let's see were the road leads us!!! :D

~ Tom Adams & Train~
Roger/B-Train Tom put this up as a open collab and it's been awhile since we did anything together and I always question myself if it's good enough but settled on this!!! He's a hard act to follow!!! Congrates on the new Tele Tom!!! Cheer's :D Hope you enjoy :) Sounds like it....Happy Father's Day!!! ;)

~ Blues And Whiskey~ Jam w Glen Granthem
Roger/B-Train Glen put this cool blues backtrack together and gave it a ride for a little fun.....Whiskey included!!! :D Thanks Glen....Hope you enjoy!!! :~)))

~ Layla~ Instrumental

Some songs should never be covered but this was a challenge from a friend from 3 years ago and she's still waiting until now!!! She said it dosen't need vocals or perfect in any way so found a backtrack and give it a go....No One can play it like Eric and it's a very personal song for him but I have to get this done somehow because I said I would try it without being judged to severely!! Maybe I will but I was as careful as I could possibly be.....She's aware I can't sing so bare with me!!! :D Headphones might be a good idea.............. LMBO

~ Life In The Blues Lane~

Only did the guitar work over a backtrack but haven't played in awhile with life getting in the way with another hurdle to get over and a couple of you are aware but such is life!!! Gotta keep moving forward but this hurdle will be a bit tricky!!! Hope you enjoy regardless....will figure out this puzzle??!!

~My Favorite Mistake~ Jimena /Matt & Train
Roger/B-Train Matt & Jimena put this lovely track together and they sent it to me hoping I could add a little guitar along with it to spice it up some?? I give it a go and they seem to be happy with it :) Very flattered to think they would ask so tried the best I could!!! Hope you enjoy!! Cheer's from us all!! <3

~ Circuit Training~ w Paploviante
Roger/B-Train Paul this track I love....have many different ideas for it but will go with this.....Never worked with a brass section before which is how the name come about hahaha...Hope you enjoy and anyone who takes the time....Thanks!! <3

~ Eternal Love~ w Syntaleta
Roger/B-Train Helen sent me this track awhile ago and sent her a sample of how I felt it with adding a splash of guitar and Tink liked it!!! :))) Anyway here is my version from her beautiful original that she asked me to post after hers was up....hope ya feel the love!!! <3

~ Sultans Train Ride~

The seed was planted by @Anightowl with people sending what there fav. song was on FB so looked up a backtrack and give it a ride.....Train wrong....just a jam that seemed fun to try!!! :D Thanks for the idea Lynneee!!! xx :-))

~ Rio Brazil~ w Marco Turrini
Roger/B-Train ~ Marco had this cool Latin flava'd track that had guitar in it already but asked him if I could have a play along....didn't know he was gonna send the guitar already on it but hey.......what's life without a challenge!!! Played it as is... and this was the out come!!! 2 guitar's are better than one....RIGHT??!! Had fun playing around it....Thanks Marco!!! Cheer's :D

~ Birthday Affair's~ w Milana Zilnik
Roger/B-Train Milana and I spent last year together with her wonderful husband Arty and we celebrated our Birthdays together!! Mine was April 8th and Milana is April 14th so thought I would try this open collab she offered up and wish my dear friend a Happy Birthday in advance!! This is a tricky track to play but give it a go....Following Milana even when she's being nice is work for the average joe!! :D Anyway just having fun and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Milana!!!! Supplyz!!!! :D <3

Jazz & Blues
Trading Four's w~Griff Hamlin~
Roger/B-Train Griff Hamlin was a VERY LARGE part in my guitar learning adventure and the above link is a call and answer sort of practice track he was kind enough to put together for anyone so seeing how he lives in California and I'm stuck up here in the Great White North we had a little jam via the net!! Hope to meet him in person one day to thank him for all his help over the past 6 years!! If you want to learn Blues Guitar he's the man to look into!!! Anyway hope you enjoy and don't laugh @ my mistakes....played it as if it were live and this take wasen't to to bad.....still get nervous playing along with him but I tried LOL I KNOW I'm in crap already coming in on the one :(

Jazz & Blues
~ Cool Times~ featuring Vocalatti/Paploviante & Train
Roger/B-Train Paul put this wonderful backtrack together for a open collab and I approached Annette/Vocalatti about this and she come up with a bit of synth work to add along with the lyric's/vocals & anything else I may have forgotten then she sent it to me and I was floored to be honest so pulled up my socks and added a few notes and this was the result!! Hope you enjoy and Happy Easter from us all!!! <3 <3 <3

Jazz & Blues