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Aiobahn September Mix

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Puppet - Chin Up (feat. Azuria Sky) [Aiobahn Remix]
Aiobahn heck yea Aiobahn Puppet (@puppet) Azuria Sky (@azuriasky)

0AM (feat. nayuta)

This track was pop demo which i finished in December 2016. I really had no idea what should I do with this one so I worked with japanese writer like i did before. As I said on my social, I'll not going to make japanese stuff for a while. except if i get any official remix request for japanese track or something. Just thought I'm really not fit into this and really tired at japanese scene which I was into. The first reason why i decided to a break from japanese track is, First, making J-Pop stuff is not my biggest goal. I did just for fun. Second, you know some people love japanese culture while some hate it. I know some people won't agree with second reason but it was serious problem to me. I wanna make a track which many different people can enjoy for now. Hope you understand my decision. - Min ▼ Aiobahn ▼ nayuta (@7uta) ▼ kkxxxx 真夜中の暗闇 あの星 ずっと探している君のヒカリ 遠く遠く届かぬように 色褪せた景色のように でも君を覚えていたかったの さよなら(が) 言えない午前0時に お別れは夢の中で、と そっと 顔合わせて せーの バイバイ もう振り返らないで 生きていこう いつしか消えてなくなるの? いや、消すことはできないよ だからさ 星に祈り 願いこめ 涙落ちた 遠く遠く届かぬように 色褪せた景色のように それでも 明日は来るよ ここにいる そばにいるよ おやすみ 言えない午前0時に 想い出は夢の中で、と ぎゅっと 僕らが行く それぞれ 次の道 駆け抜け 鐘が鳴る あの午前0時に また会おう

The Passing Days Without You (feat. nayuta)

Spotify Japan Viral 50 #31 Instrumental produced by Aiobahn Lyrics written / Vocal recorded by nayuta ▼ Aiobahn ▼ nayuta (@7uta)