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traje de luces
damned juan

clean up in aisle 23: like a walk in the park but a birth at a cemetery or water to a fight with an armed mercenary he was halfway but I set fire to the his connecting ferry bought bleach for the sheets it’s a dash for them and a glass for me at least I’ll be clean at my death scene the flick of your lashes are a whip, and how it thrashes my back to blood and food to rations well what’s a little pain, for the passion? I’m working through your orderless top ten tips a hair pull, hand to your lips as the dirt is falling by the hourglass' hip seems a spill, careful not to slip

holy mary
damned juan

a strange association like a cigarette at a petrol station by the city library, the centre of dead education the buildings are boarded (bordered) by wood and vagrants ain’t newspaper such kindling for the killing of information? yeah, it could burn a city or reputation instead take the church and their money, those demonic denominations fair, it’s fair a stake in affirmation it’s not to be mistaken for elation now I’m of an impending confrontation but it wasn’t a personal vilification just a lack of manner, are we derelicts or were we shaken? if you’re so inclined to find through interrogation if we are derelicts or if we were shaken well it was dissipation, inconsideration, come and sincere adoration oh what a transition to assimilation it’s like Mary’s annunciation but she’s already due-date waitin it’s a fucked Mary’s annunciation it’s Holy Mary’s ungodly impatience yeah

de la
damned juan

well what a cheap card for language to play when there are no better words to portray my being a worthless welterweight, than they she said her flight was morning Wednesday and it's not economical for her to stay and at this point there's no return, it’s a little too much to pay she met again my descent for the accent pulled me in and put me up to a liquored lament and wrote me down, though I had hardly made a dent, or any sense I'm living off wine, but to who's detriment? I'm still written off by the would be sentiments or perhaps I just cooked them seems I'm a dead-end mistook for an ill, will-weakened friend yeah we all tend to overlook the hems, when we're on the send both he and I run demise for elation so I'd have her know no less volition or dedication than his addiction to non-prescription, sleeping and pain relieving, medication when she comes to the bloody country, my guilty nation but I can't call it a win when I'm still stuck here, just waiting I'm calling it in, me and him are being impatient fuck, he's getting thin, doing heroin by my waist-end losing, but first place wasted yeah, again, it looks like we’re racing away from what we ain’t facing lil bitch on big shred xxxx

damned juan

fouled off or a towel drop runnin my mouth, i got got yes sir, you’re the boss but shit's shot, you should surely cut your losses it’s mornin four o’clock but not there it’s not a dull mull, for what? you're still stuck at a stop undone, yet like a knot

Drum & Bass
ms melanie burn
damned juan

well, she’s quite the echo chamber just you and yourself and there’s everyone else got them all telling ya “keep giving em hell”, well well well alright ye na yeah, I’m such a fucking burden but you’re so self-serving you sway until ya swerving hey, i guess the world keeps turning with or without my person well, what a sermon but no one here’s learning much the same with the earning this joint is mel-burnin down there’s too much, clownin around we could really use a hand, oh man how’s 25grams? oh damn

survival stroke (doggie paddle)
damned juan

i had nothing else in mind but not really holding on to mine well I’ll tell ya I’m just fine but it’s mean, how I’m dyin death note by my throat every night and how is it not a crime? dumb as hell, but all too alive numbed myself on my feeling side but it’s me, and it’s mine i feel this way all the fucking time and I’ve been, how I tried I’m just myself, but that’s out of line yeah, how I’ve been, and I’ve tried I ain’t much else, oh well, what a life

awfully cheap
damned juan

well, don’t you see that nothing’s for free the things worth the keep ain’t coming easy … well that’s awfully cheap oh, no one asked to be on the street a steel seat to sleep wouldn’t be so easy it’s all pretty bleak oh, woe is me how lucky are we? thing’s aren’t so steep we’re taking it easy and even that’s got me beat

damned juan

back again, lost track of time back when I couldn’t find, my mind and I couldn’t seem to see right with those bags in front of my eyes well what a high she lost her brother, they their son what have you done? you didn’t talk like that when you were young did she close her legs on your tongue? oh, where did ya go wrong?

one less left
damned juan

hell bent on there being no sentiment I’m here again and it’s been, yeah it’s went one less left it’s not what you earn, it’s how you spend it i’m starting to learn, this won’t be any different can’t help but forget the effort still not my turn, oh this is how it’s ending go on and get up, get better

where you're at
damned juan

step off the map debt it, get sacked let shit get slack well how about that? accept to respect the trash in retrospect, perhaps forward, from the set back try and forget about that but are you fine where you’re at?

nowhere special
damned juan
hit the legs
damned juan

stupid lip

baby's pretty alright
damned juan

pretty picture, Mark Gonzales

i'm sure i doubt it
damned juan
sometimes i shouldn't be alive
damned juan