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÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ - Fluctuations
÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ - Oh.

Sticks and stones may break my bones But words can kill my soul I could sleep outside don’t need a home Just need to fill this hole instruct myself to self destruct So I feel in control Its been so long since things went wrong When can I feel whole Its beautiful The way it falls apart ive never seen pain be that intoxicating. its horrible The way it comes together When you know it won’t work out forever. Step by step we move along To the beat of our own song Everyone hears different music Nothings right or wrong So keep it moving keep it goin Dont slow ur down pace i try to hurry up but just end up Running in place motivated by the pain I feel When I see ur face I still think ur beautiful It just isnt the same


Said she tired of going in circles Know she wanna jus go where th earth grows but the hurt grows deeper and it doesn’t make it any fuckin easier To accept my regrets as I watch you slowly reject our connection im left w collections of memories as I watch ur progression she told me loving you is killing me I told her loving you is healing me All I know is lifes a mystery But shit makes sense when your next to me understand why she’s pissed at me But I told her before that that was history but those were words lemme show u verbs She said its too late I don’t want it getting worse we both know that we’ve both been hurt so i’ll understand if u kick me to the curb this pain is a lesson we’ve learned Ima throw myself off the bridge we burned Said she needed time So I broke my clock Cause all I ever did was just sit and watch Seconds pass by with th tick and tock Try to move on but I’m getting lost i got all the time in the world In a world where I lost my world

÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ - Breathe

Didn’t mean to ever break your heart but at least the pain keeps you makin art, Aint shit cool about takin bars But u got sum problems that facings hard We could take this place and then make it ours Just a couple of dogs out chasing cars Or a few kids out playing in the yard who realize recreations a work of art And boredoms a lack of imagination thats why theres shapes in the constellations Practice actualizing your aspirations Work hard maintain that concentration dont get sidetracked by your aggravation know that joy is stronger than agitation I know you’ll reach your destination Inhale exhale feel the circulation Just breathe

fuck a name

Eer since a youngn I was thuggn Couldn no 1 tell me nothn Did what I wanted when I wanted Aint shit changed cept a name and a brain, Oh, and a couple symbols on my face Give a fuck about respect u can expect me to disgrace All ur idols n celebrities n bullshit that u praise im not cool I’m just me Give a fuck bout what u post I’m just tryna smoke up Talk a lot shit but u aint down to post up Roll up like a fruit in a coup with no roof I been ten toes down look at my shoes n the see proof Fuck supreme ftp gucci and louis v buy a 6 pack of Hanes rather wear a blank tee yall can do u Ima jus do me Get a job n go 2 school while y’all sleep in the streets Im not cool I’m just me

÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ - empty

Spend so much time in my head Don’t wanna spend time with my friends Rather lay in my bed and relive all my regrets ive got no pulse I might be dead Theres just a emptiness in my chest That I keep trying to forget And pretend I’m not depressed Im not happy I’m not sad Im not angry I’m not mad I just am and what I am Is all Alone I don’t want to be But you don’t wanna be In love with me and I don’t want you to let me let you down Im so afraid to lose you that Im scared to stay around

÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ - Musubi

i used to be blind now my sights crystal clear But I still can’t see myself in the mirror I see my soul inside the eyes of a deer I exist to spread love in a world run by fear Love makes the sun shine down on the plants Love turns music into motion when you dance Love turns girls into women turns boys into men It turns animals to pets and turns strangers into friends If you act out of love then you can live without regrets love heals all wounds time has made your brain forget The truth is god and god is love theres no religion to accept but if it breathes or grows or feels then love and treat it with respect Love is infinite love is pure like a Childs innocence Its intricate interwoven we are just its instruments Significant if you are alive its no coincidence Its intimate love everybody equal we’re no different selfless unconditional inexplicable how its all invisible and something so pure can be expressed thru the digital to live and experience is nothing but a miracle We were meant to love as a species indivisible A universal consciousness convinced we’re individuals United in the light we’re divided in the dark but we can be Enlightened by the love inside our hearts

÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ - >>>>
÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ - ????
÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ - Reincarnate
÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ - ⊙
÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ - 777 (PROD. EXSCOOB)
÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ -🐍
÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ -(*)>
÷☥X♵♹♳♵X☥÷ - > (prod. bedwetter)