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Episode 167 | "Hov's Greens"
The Joe Budden Podcast

This week, Joe, Rory and Mal had a lot to unpack. Joe begins by discussing the untimely passing of XXXTentacion and how it affected him (3:54). He also questions Rosenberg's loyalty to Hip Hop (8:47), addresses Akademiks (22:43) and speaks on getting out of the hood. While the guys were on tour Nas dropped his album “Nasir”, and they give their honest review of the project which was solely produced by Kanye West(40:25). Jay-Z and Beyoncè also released a surprise album the day after Nas and Kanye, and the guys determine if this was done strategically or coincidentally (57:23). They also speculate on some of the lyrics they feel were aimed at Kanye and/or Drake (1:09:11). This week is another loaded episode, enjoy. Thanks to all the listeners who showed up on tour! XXX artwork by: @Jediah Sleeper Picks of the Week: Joe: Jacquees - “London” | Rory: Amber Olivier - “When It’s Over” | Mal: Adonis and V Don - “Silli Boi” | Cash App Host: Joe - $MouseBudden Co-Host: Rory - $RoryFarrell Mal - $Jellybean221 Production Team: Parks - $Parksmusic Savon - $SavonSB Erikson - $EriksonCorniel

Episode 166 | "Nasty Awards"
The Joe Budden Podcast

This week Joe, Rory and Mal begin with discussing Summer Jam and some of the performers who took the stage (7:00). They then comment on Tekashi69's failed attempt to sneak in and determine if he was right or wrong for it and should hee have performed (32:50). Joe also decided to address Ebro's antics on Twitter(47:04), Cyhi the Prynce (1:13:54), K. Forest dissing him (1:17:58) and Peter Davidson (1:57:11). And the guys discuss iHob (formerly known as iHop) failed attempt at strategic marketing (1:45:30). Another loaded episode, salute! Sleeper Picks of the Week Joe: Khalid & H.E.R - "This Way" | Mal: Guy - "Get to Know" | Rory: Baker Aaron (feat. Aanu) - "Change" |

Episode 165 | "Eucalyptus"
The Joe Budden Podcast

On this episode, Joe, Rory and Mal continue their speculation on the beef between Drake and Pusha T. Joe reveals his theory regarding Hip Hop and the importance of “who backs you” in the industry (10:33). They also discuss how Drake is the biggest bully in Hip Hop but doesn’t respond well to pressure (29:14). Somehow Kanye attempted to make Wyoming cool for a day and the guys discuss the event and those in attendance (46:30). And Joe gives an in-depth breakdown of the Future story and discuss at what point he was right or wrong during their conversation (1:13:38). Sleeper Picks of the week: Joe: Luke James - “These Arms” | Rory: The Internet - “Come Over” | Mal: K. Forest - “Blue Moon” |

Episode 164 | "Outstanding"
The Joe Budden Podcast

Hip Hop has been filled with headlines this past week and Joe, Rory and Mal unpack it all. Beginning with Pusha T’s album review (4:25) which led to the speculation of Drake and Pusha T’s beef (8:45). Then the guys break down Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” (30:13). And yes, they discuss and react to Pusha T’s follow up diss-track, “The Story of Adidon” (1:05:09). Joe then switches gears to address Nicki Minaj and Eminem’s marketing “relationship” (1:28:22) and Kanye/Kim vs Rhymefest (1:33:46). Ultimately, the guys predict how they think the “Drake vs Pusha T” battle will play out (2:18:56). The episode you’ve all been waiting for. Salute. Other topics include -A$AP Rocky album discussion (1:26:15) -What’re the rules for dating co-workers? (1:58:20) -ABC cancelling Roseanne (2:03:29) -Morgan Freeman allegations (2:07:42) Sleeper Picks of the Week: Joe: Tyga (feat. Offset) - “Taste” | Rory: Gallant - “Gentleman” | Mal: Westside Gunn (feat. Conway) - "Fendi Seats" |

Episode 163 | "Attachment 1"
The Joe Budden Podcast

Slow news week? No problem for Joe, Rory and Mal. They begin this weeks episode by recapping "DP" and attempt to cover the Royal Wedding (12:45). Also, should Tekashi69 be allowed to perform at Summer Jam? Mal believes he should but Joe and Rory argue otherwise (1:09:06). And last week, Joe spent some time in Miami and came back with several questions. Are long distance relationships sustainable (46:57)? And what is proper etiquette for responding to nudes (1:20:56)? You don’t want to miss out on the guy's answers. Enjoy another loaded episode! Tickets are sold out for the Joe Budden podcast tour. Salute to all who are coming, we will see you soon! Sleeper Picks of the Week: Joe: Summer Walker - “Deep” | Rory: Alex Da Kid (feat. HER and Rapsody) - “Go” | Mal: Sy Ari Da Kid (feat Eric Bellinger) - “Read Receipts” |

Episode 162 | "Revolt Boyz"
The Joe Budden Podcast

Revolt boyz in the building (not really)! Joe kicks off this weeks episode discussing his Revolt deal as Rory and Mal congratulate him and let the jokes fly (10:10). Also, Tidal has been accused of manipulating and enhancing their streaming numbers for certain artist, which leads the crew to speculate. In addition, another streaming service, Spotify has decided to remove R.Kelly and XxxTentacion from all playlist (33:24). And friend of the show, Cardi B seems to be surrounded by drama as women in hip-hop are starting to turn against her (46:18). Thank you all to those who have purchased tickets to the tour. We will see you soon! Other Topics Include: -DJ Jazzy Jeff talks plaques vs money (40:52) -50 Cent vs Rick Ross (1:03:32) -Joe and Wale exchange “Twitter words” (1:42:41) Sleeper Picks of the Week: Joe: Ty Dolla $ign “Number” | Rory: Stimulator Jones “Soon Never Comes” | Mal: Jag (Feat. A-F-R-O) “King Me” |

Episode 161 | "Joethos"
The Joe Budden Podcast

This week, Joe, Rory, and Mal begin with the MET Gala and recapped some of the outfits that your favorite entertainers wore (4:41). Also, Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” video became a viral moment which led them to discuss the impact and talent of Gambino (34:50). And a lot of new music was released this past week, Joe covers Royce da 5’9, Rae Sremmurd, and Desiigner's new projects(1:04:58). Another loaded episode, enjoy! Other topics include: -Crooked I Interview (1:21:01) -Is Everyday Struggle Over? (1:25:34) -Avengers Infinity Wars Recap (2:02:05) Sleeper Picks of the Week Joe: Rae Sremmurd (Feat. Young Thug) “Offshore” | Rory: Leon Bridges - “Bad Bad News” | Mal: Ye Ali - “Oceans” |

Episode 160 | "Factory, Factoid, Fendi"
The Joe Budden Podcast

No time was wasted on this weeks episode, as Joe, Rory, and Mal address the Kanye situation immediately. They discuss Kanye’s interview with Charlemagne and his TMZ meltdown and decide it’s time to cancel Kanye West (2:53). Joe then addresses Chance the Rapper and others, who attempted to defend Kanye (33:15). Also, is Black Twitter trying to cancel Issa Rae? The guys discuss her stance on black women dating Asian men (53:37). And Joe announces that Slaughterhouse is over (1:28:53). Another loaded episode, salute. Sleeper Picks of the Week Joe: Post Malone - “Blame It On Me” | Mal: K. Forest - “Playa” | *Song Coming Soon* Rory: Robert Glasper and Alex Isley “No One Like You” |

Episode 159 | "Cleared"
The Joe Budden Podcast

This week, Joe had a lot to get off of his chest. He, Rory and Mal begin with Kanye’s latest antics, Joe questions why no other prominent media personality challenges Kanye but instead gives him a pass for his behaviour (6:53). He also addresses Rosenberg’s Twitter comments regarding the podcast (35:13). Also, J.Cole dropped his latest album “KOD” and the guys decide he may be the most difficult rapper to judge and Joe also compares J.Cole to himself (46:13). And lastly, former member of Slaughterhouse, Crooked I, announced his departure from the rap group and Joe speaks on it (1:06:10). Sleeper Picks of The Week: Rory: Khalid (feat. Ty Dolla $ign and 6lack) - “OTW” | Joe: JMSN - “So Badly” | Mal: NBDY - “Used To” |

Episode 158 | "Tim Hortons?"
The Joe Budden Podcast

This week, Joe clarifies his stance on Nicki Minaj as he, Rory and Mal discuss Nicki’s latest music and Joe proclaims that the Barbz are back! (6:40). Also, J.Cole has announced that he’s dropping an album on 4/20 and unlike his previous albums Joe has a theory that J.Cole is ready to compete again (31:49). And what does Drake’s new album Scorpion mean? The guys have no idea but they do speculate on its meaning (1:05:57). Again, a day late. But always on time! New “Do We Have Sleepers?” T-Shirts are available in new color ways! Make sure you check out the link below and show the guys from the podcast that you’re a friend of the show! Salute. Sleeper picks of the week Mal: Dave B “Dreamboy” | Rory: Snakehips (feat. St Rulez) “Cruzin” | Joe: THEY. “Ain’t The Same” |

Episode 157 | "Dip It Low"
The Joe Budden Podcast

This episode Joe, Rory, and Mal begin with Cardi B’s debut album, the impact she’s had (5:00) and Nicki Minaj’s strategic decision to release new music immediately after Cardi (20:47). Unfortunately, former “friend of the show” Sabrina Claudio has been linked to tweeting racist statements and the guys give their take on it (51:14). Also, an NBA veteran makes a rookie mistake and is caught cheating on his pregnant girlfriend. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the guys break down the Tristian Thompson and Khloe Kardashian situation (1:19:56). And a surprisingly heated discussion regarding J.Cole takes place, which Joe reminds everyone how passionate he is when it comes to music (2:16:04). A day late but always on time, enjoy! Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: Summer Walker - “CPR” | Mal: Sebastian Mikel - “Acid” | Rory: Alina Baraz - “Fallin” |

Episode 156 | "Freaky Man"
The Joe Budden Podcast

Although most of the media has decided not to discuss Fabolous and Emily B’s situation, Joe, Rory, and Mal don’t shy away from covering the incident. They discuss the seriousness of the allegations and give their thoughts on the matter (8:48). New music from Cardi B and The Weeknd dropped this past week and the guys give their take on it (41:38). And unfortunately, “Friend of The Show”, Safaree was recently robbed, Joe shares his thoughts and concerns (1:29:14). Due to a previously scheduled event this week, the podcast was recorded a day earlier than usual. We’ll be back to our regular recording schedule next week. Salute. Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: Guordan Banks “Dead Friend” | Mal: Childish Major (featuring DRAM and 6lack) “I Like You” | Rory: SAINt JHN “Selfish” |

Episode 155 | "Daily Mail"
The Joe Budden Podcast

On this week’s episode, Joe, Rory, and Mal had a lot to discuss without any interruptions from Billy. They started off with Cardi B and the revealing of her album cover. They also discuss the “Strategic Marketing” behind her roll-out and if the album is being rushed (4:58). Also, Is Tekashi69 really the hottest rapper? Surprisingly, Joe gives his thoughts on the self-proclaimed “King of New York” and makes a comparison between Tekashi and one of the biggest hip hop artist to live (24:06). And yes, R&Beef is back! Eric Bellinger had words for Tory Lanez on his latest diss track "Yikes". The guys listen and react (34:20). Another loaded episode, salute. Other topics include: -Chris Brown and Lil Dicky’s video. And Chris commenting on Karrueche’s picture (56:00) -Hell Rell dissing Joe in a freestyle (1:17:01) Sleeper Picks of the Week: Joe: Ro James “Smoke” | Mal: Keys N Krates (featuring Ambré Perkins) “Glitter” | Rory: Anders “I Don’t Want Your Love” |

Episode 154 | "Strategic Marketing"
The Joe Budden Podcast

Guess who’s back! Joe, Rory, and Mal are joined by Bridget Kelly to discuss this week’s topics which kicked off with DJ Envy vs Desus and Mero, plus Envy’s beef with Rory (12:37)? Trey Songz made headlines this week and the guys give their take on his situation (33:13). And yes, Trey Budden had bars for Joe in his new song “Thoughts After the Courtroom” and Joe reacts (1:21:08)! The guys covered a lot this episode and Bridget was great as usual, so tune in! Salute. Other topics include: -Migos video and Drake’s latest verse on N.E.R.D’s Lemon remix (44:15) -Is it time for Joyner Lucas to invite Logic to the dance floor? (59:30) -The Game vs Tekashi69 (1:09:42) Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: Kyle Dion “Brown” | Rory: Sango “Out My Way/ Around You” | Mal: J MARS “Myself” | Bridget Kelly premiered new music from her upcoming project. Her sleeper is titled “In The Gray”!

After Thoughts | "SMFH"
The Joe Budden Podcast

Episode 153 | "La di da di da"
The Joe Budden Podcast

This week Joe, Rory, and Mal discuss the biggest headlines within the culture starting off with Big Sean and Jhene Aiko’s rumored break-up (15:32). Juelz Santana found himself in an awkward situation this past week which caused him to flee from an airport, the guys discuss (1:10:30). And is Joe disloyal? After Royce da 5’9’s interview on Rap Radar, some are questioning Joe’s loyalty to Eminem. Joe responds to Royce and to those who believe he isn’t loyal(1:31:47). When it’s all said and done, nobody wins when the family feuds. Other topics include: -Cardi B announcing her album release date (43:46) -The guys predict when Drake, Kanye West, and Beyonce will release their albums (52:01) -New music from Jeremih and Wale (1:58:03) Sleeper picks of the week: Rory: Arin Ray (featuring Ty Dolla $ign) “Take” | Joe: Jeremih “Cards Right” | Mal: Vado “Walk” |

After Thoughts | "Cut Off"
The Joe Budden Podcast

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After Thoughts | "Enhancement"
The Joe Budden Podcast

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