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Dubloadz - Savage Wonk Undead Vol.2 (Riddim Reckoning)

Some said it was over. Some said that a dark force of evil had overcome the music industry. They said the powers of the legendary savage wonk would never be again in this world.. But the prophecy was foretold. On the 897th day the savage wonk king rose from the dead a second time to present to the world one final gift: The Savage Wonk Undead Volume 2 Mixtape. Faint gasps were heard from the crowd as the wonkster stepped down from his portal, dripping with riddim sauce. "It is here, drink from it" he said as he handed the soundcloud link out to the people. "And then it was and shall never be again." a strange voice whispers from afar. Poof! In a cloud of smoke the wonk master disappears. Now here you stand, a mere mortal about to hear this otherworldly entity. Will you choose to accept the powers of the wonk within or suffer a life of boring riddim? Sit back with some sort of quality sound setup and some time to really take it all in, and methinks you too can discover the answers that you seek within the wonk and wonder... ...*evil laughter echoing out* *crow caws loudly* *church bell rings* *other assorted sound effects happen* Much love to all the amazing artists involved for making this mix possible. Hope you guys and gals enjoy it! New MerchLoadz webstore is live, grab something here!https://shop.kt8merch.com/collections/dubloadz Tracklist: >Dubloadz x Suahn - I Am The Light* >Dubloadz - Pepper VIP* >ID - ID* >The Widdler - Octacon* >>Krimma - Das Wonk VIP* >Black Tiger Sex Machine x Kai Watchi - Rebels (Feat. Macntaj) (G-REX Remix) >>Liquid Stranger - Hot Box (Peekaboo Remix) >>Suahn - Peach Tree* >>>ATLiens - Shelter >Plazid - Sex Bott >ID - ID* >>Oddprophet - Check (Clip) >Snails - Smack Up (Feat. Foreign Beggars) (Svdden Death Remix) >>ID x ID - ID* >>>Tisoki - Different Idea >>Dubloadz x Chibs - ID* >Dubloadz - Space Goats* >Tynan x Wooli - Harbinger* >Dubloadz - Mind Eraser VIP* >Riot Ten (Feat. Rico Act) - Railbreaker (Clip) >Dubloadz x Sullivan King - Break the Rail (Clip) >>ID - ID* >Dubloadz x Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Don’t Deal With the Devil >>Detrace - Hunger Pangs >Valentino Kahn - Deep Down Low (Tynan and G-REX Remix) >>Quix x Matroda - Lambo >>Tynan - Dusk* >Dubloadz x G-REX - Leviathan (with. Crichy Crich - Cringe Control Acapella) >Peekaboo x G-REX - Babatunde (ID Remix)* >Dubloadz x ID x G-REX - Grease* >ID - ID* >ID - ID* >Dubloadz - Riddim Rats VIP* >Dubloadz x ExtremeAction - WOW Filter Biz 2018* >Dion Timmer - Dreaming Out Loud* >Dubloadz - Blue Bomber (Interlude)* >Svdden Death - Yo This Sucks* >>Barely Alive - Wompum >>Svdden Death - Rise >Yookie - Human Annihilation >Lev3l x Sweettooth - Impending Doom >>Excision x Space Laces - 1 on 1 >>Badklaat - Campers >>Oolacile x Svdden Death x Ubur - Savceboys* >>Gammer - The Drop (Dubloadz Remix) >Space Laces - Kaiju >Phelgmatic Dogs - Cautrocats >Dubloadz - Nitro* >Suahn - I Think I’m Lost!* >>Hydraulix and Oski - Spooky* >Dion Timmer - Precursors* >Suahn - Respond* >Joyryde x Skrillex - Agen Winda (Badrapper and JACKNIFE Flip) >Dubloadz - Dark Dimension* >The Legend Of Zelda - Saria’s Turn Up (GTA Remix) (Clip) >Dubloadz x Dack Janiels - Final Weapon* >Wooli - Throw It Up >>ID x ID - ID* >Zomboy - Rebel Bass (Clip) >ID - ID* >ID - ID* >Excision x Space Laces - Rumble (Clip) >ID - ID* >PhaseOne - Welcome to Mayhem (Clip) >Dubloadz x Spag Heddy - Chunks* >Excision x Space Laces - Throwin Elbows (Clip) >Snails - King Is Back (feat. Sullivan King and Big Ali) (Metal Remix) (Mastadon Remix) (WOW that is a long track title!) >ID - ID* >ID - ID* >VCTMS - Crippling // Form >Dubloadz - Dead Inside* >Dubloadz - Infinity Stones* >Herobust - WTF (Suahn Remix)* >Dubloadz x Suahn - Dungeon Crawler* >>Phlegmatic Dogs - High Volume
>>AC Slater - Jaws (Phlegmatic Dogs Remix) >Dubloadz - Cloud Kingdom* >Chon - wut the… (poop)

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