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Undertale - Spider Dance (Symphonic Metal Cover)

Download: https://instaud.io/2pYj tried to do my best even if not with great headphones, i think it turned out alright

Pawn Shop of New and Used! - [Original Temmie Village] (Read Desc)

Played a bit around FL, got this, sounded nice to me, also just to warn that my headphones broke so i wont do "big" stuff till i get new ones. art by Exactly#3353 The Choir effect is a recorded sample of me humming, congrats to lemon for figuring it out

FL Studio 12.5 - Export Sound

oh wow double upload, and new trend

[Self-Insert Sans] beehold!

Download: https://instaud.io/2lC2 Been kinda busy lately so not been doing much, holidays start in a week or so and i will have more time then (i didnt have anything better to put as thumbnail lol) if ya want the flp just ask me or smth

Jazz e Blues
We Are Number One (Metal Cover)

Download: https://instaud.io/2bFx this was really fun to make, transcription made from memory also if you're gonna come with the "dead meme lol" just fuck off mate

[Tubertale] Noglovios Act: 1 (Unbeelievable Cover)

Download: https://instaud.io/2ayg Started doing this for fun and liked how it turned out, so here it is, might cover the other acts but dont count on it, anyways, enjoy.

[Filler] Tuberfell? - i stabbed you in the eye.

kinda busy and shit lately, uploads should resume soon flp by shyruxian and extendedfun tumortale by sonixayra https://instaud.io/28nA

nogla is bipolar
Sans Hopes And Dreams & you should've saved somewhere else. [Updated]

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1mucxz35qsz0yx/sans%20hopes%20and%20dreams%20updated.wav?dl=0 Art: https://www.pixilart.com/art/sans-hopes-and-dreams-ae5b3d6ca611316 Updated to fix the most occurrent problems, the old one will be deleted in the next days, the his theme will be updated too Also used somethings from https://soundcloud.com/wintuu arrangement

[Fallen Stars] Our Broken Constellations (Unbeelievable Cover)

Uncompressed Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8aeiwjnmgjdbcme/our%20broken%20constellations.wav?dl=0 edit: for all of you saying empty, its more like a "chill" cover After a long time, i finally released this, originally planned to be 10 minutes but i just can't, well, enjoy. also uh obc v1 transcription by shaxis

nigga we in space
[700 Followers Extra] Innauguration of The Hive (My Discord Server)

https://discord.gg/SCauD4B Gateway (edit: now fixed lmao) What is The Hive? It's my new hangout server, not au or undertale related, just a hangout server (you can still talk about those topics btw), it was created for people to join and have a good time so feel free to join! the music is supposedly the server's theme (more like some shit edm i made lol) if ya like it here https://instaud.io/1Wy4

Social Interaction
[700 Followers Special] Breaking the Silence - A Sound of Silence Cover

Download and uncompressed: https://instaud.io/1Vxn (listen to this one instead) This is basically a tribute to drop, not much more to say also, there's another surprise coming for the real 700, its a bit different from expected but oh well

Chrono Trigger - Corridors Of Time (Cover)

Uncompressed and Download: https://instaud.io/1UTJ this song is just amazing and it wouldn't get out of my head so highly inspired by richaadeb's cover

[Shitpost but not really] doctorwhotale - the doctor in the tardis.

download: https://instaud.io/1Seb i had an epiphany to do this dont ask obviously inspired by taxes and tolls hah be sure to check sometime from now because s̶̨͠o̷̢͠m̴̧̛͠e̢͞͝͠t̸́́͢͟h̶̛͟͝͝i͠ń̴̸g̸̸̡̡͡ ̶̛͜͡i͝͏͏͏̵s̴̨͢ ̸̧͝c͏̷͝͠ò̢̢̢m̵̛̛̕í͏̡͢͜n͟͡҉g̸̶

¿Ilusión o REALIDAD? (REALIDAD Unbeelievable Cover)

download: https://instaud.io/1Msr original by good boy https://soundcloud.com/shad3 inspired by https://soundcloud.com/attempt_117 this took more effort than i would like it to, intended to be a more "ingame" like version, or just a cover if you prefer

100% real no fake
Run Fast, Laugh Hard, Be Kind... (A Breaking The Wall Cover)

download: https://instaud.io/1Lv8 one of my favorite pieces of all time, originally by murray gold i didn't post this into the alt account because this took extra effort, and the "my fav covers" will be posted here, doctor who is a great series, you should watch it, you already know the deal, oh well, till next time

Underswaplovania: The Finale (Updated Cover)

https://instaud.io/1JDx hey it's here boys, not much to say, art and original by https://soundcloud.com/junnboi-2-orbital-boogaloo (you may want to go there if you want an flp, no trash tho) and yeah, see ya next time also funfact this was almost not released so you're lucky cause you're on a universe where this released

[600 Followers Special] No Half Measures - A Neutral Route Breaking Bad Megalo

Download: https://instaud.io/private/ff0ab0164120781e90b15fdfe208d92795c2c20b edit: name sligthly changed to fit with the "full" version (about that,you might wanna check the end of the description ; ) Oh well, where do i start? Damn, 600 Followers already, i can't believe how fast this is going, and i can't express how grateful i am and yeah you know the drill, but really, thanks. For the song now, huge thanks to https://soundcloud.com/marcos-david-jacome-reyes for making the song as good as the final product ( https://soundcloud.com/x-tendo also helped ), here's the "beta" for comparison: https://instaud.io/1yAz this is also one of the songs i put most effort into, like a total of +8 hours, also, if you want the flp (either final and beta) ask me on discord if possible with a sc link, i'll only pass to who i feel "worthy", sry bout that but i dont want my "hard" work turn into a sf swap. https://instaud.io/1GsI : )

[Original] [Concept] (Wip) My Cool Metal Song

something i made somedays ago, its pretty neat imo, it would be cool to finish and stuff (and no that wont be the final name of course)

[First of The Year] [Storyspin] Oh! Bright Supernova + The Final Act (+FLP)

Download: https://instaud.io/private/84184cf3f0351551cb698be6ed701cbf495eb879 well, after new year celebration and some alcoholic beverages, here i am again, well first track of the year, i'll be posting some other things, slowly cause school starts like tomorrow so yeah, a remaining happy new year and happy celebrations! flp: https://www.dropbox.com/s/81mkafgp2vz9e6b/mettaton%20bath%20period.flp?dl=0 all that i have to say about it its in the flp description art: https://believethehorror.deviantart.com/art/Mettaton-NEO-606453147

Dance with Death
[Goodbye 2017] Goodnight Reprise (Once Upon A Time Mashup)

i always wanted to do one of this, so why not? well, its the end of a year, a year of joy, of sadness, it wasnt nor the best nor the worst, oh well, i hope a good year for everyone and that all your dreams come true, till next time! big thanks to the chord lab guys, they're a bunch of really cool dudes, and to some other people, they know who they are ; p (i mean, dont go very far, in like 1 hour there's gonna be a first of the year special so yeah, see ya there)

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