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Tribute To Todd Terry (Pt. 2) - Mixed by The RawSoul (The RAW HOUSE SUPREME Show #210)
Music Is My Sanctuary

Part 2 of the Todd Terry Showcase for The Raw House Supreme Show! Focusing on the works of the legendary producer, this mix features his unique sound which perfectly combines the Hip Hop aesthetics of sampling and slamming House grooves. Straight up classic productions, underground anthems, essential remixes, and lost tracks in the mix! For TRACKLIST:

Classic House
MUSIC IS MY SANCTUARY Show #91 - mixed by Lexis
Music Is My Sanctuary

Back with another well rounded serving of music discoveries for you all. As always travelling across eras, tempos, moods and genres. Show #91 takes you from Dub, Cosmic, Leftfield vibes to Soulful and Electronic head nodding. Lots of new projects under the MIMS umbrella these days: events in Montreal and across the world, I’m enjoying doing a few booking gigs just getting back from Atlanta and we’ve launched a couple new summer MIMS t-shirt colors! ( Hope you enjoy show #91 as much as I did recording it for you. Have a great summer! TRACKLIST >>>>

MIMS Guest Mix: JANK (Mysterious Works, Japan)
Music Is My Sanctuary

After releasing his debut EP on UK's Mysterious Works (@mysteriousworksmusic), Japan-based House head JANK (@jan041) decided to gather some of his favourite tracks together for a mix to show off where his unique style comes from. "The mix includes cool tracks I love from Moodymann and my precious friends NY*AK, Simba, and MannMadeMusic are also included. It also contains tracks from a few from my favourite Japanese artists. I do not make DJ mixes so often, it's very rare, so I hope you like it!" For TRACKLIST:

Lo-Fi House
Exclusive Premiere: Rippps "Pose" (Alpha Pup Records)
Music Is My Sanctuary

Netherlands' Niels Broos and London's Hyroglifics have teamed up for the collaborative project Rippps (@rippps), unleashing their debut EP "Hue" on Alpha Pup Records (@alphapup), August 3, 2018. Five tracks of futuristic electronic music that blends stylistic synths and dynamic production work, "Hue" is equal parts unique, striking, and propulsive. The grooves are nonstop, and the electricity is boundless, giving the album a distinct vibe that further establishes their legacy in modern music. 'Pose' comes blazing out of the gate right from the start, with bent and tweaked electronics running all over the map in perfect harmony. Rippps draws styles from anywhere and everywhere - Jazz, Beats, Funk, Electronic Dance and everything in between. Although quirky and off-kilter, the duo clearly has a firm grasp on their instruments and musical knowledge making their forthcoming "Hue" EP more and more enjoyable with each listen. Recorded and shaped over the last two years, Rippps began when they met through their selection at Red Bull Music Academy Montreal 2016. The artwork on the "Hue EP" was also a result of the time they shared together at RBMA. Julian Mayorga and his wife Marta Orozco Villarrubia completed the artwork (their artist name for reference is: Poetas Menores) Preorder EP:

Future Jazz
VOYAGE FUNKTASTIQUE - Show #166 (Hosted by Walla P w/ Grandhuit)
Music Is My Sanctuary

Lots of new Modern Funk in this week's show, courtesy of The Kount, Nickee B, Pho-Queue, Sven Atterton and Donell Pittman. Also, Grandhuit (@legrandhuit-1) from Tour De Manège provided us with an eclectic all-vinyl set in the 2nd half of the show. For TRACKLIST: Listen & Subscribe on iTunes:

Modern Funk
Exclusive Premiere: Jank "Send You" (Mysterious Works)
Music Is My Sanctuary

After an extremely successful first release from Krewcial, Mysterious Works (@mysteriousworksmusic) returns with more meticulously sampled dancefloor-friendly cuts, this time calling upon the services of Japan’s Jank (@jan041). "Send You" perfectly encapsulates the style and feeling of the five track EP which blends Soul chops and dusty MPC House grooves with a sound-collage mentality. "Jank EP.1" bridges the gap between the Instrumental Hip Hop scene and the Lo-Fi House sound, making it a great listen for both your headphones and the dancefloor. Preorder EP:

Lo-Fi House
Exclusive Premiere: Insólito UniVerso "Vuelve" (Olindo Records)
Music Is My Sanctuary

We are proud to present the second release in Olindo Records' (@olindorecords) Venezuelan 7" trilogy, coming from Paris based quartet Insólito UniVerso (@nslitoniverso), a project that takes inspiration from a wide range of sources such as Psychedelic Folk, Baroque singing, and traditional Latin American music, particularly through the rhythms and instruments of Venezuelan folklore. The 7" serves as a preview for their full LP to be released late summer / early autumn also on Olindo and inspired by music from Aldemaro Romero, Cecilia Todd, Un Dos Tres y Fuera, Stereolab, Ennio Morricone, and Delia Derbyshire to name a few. 'Vuelve' is a Joropo, which is Venezuela’s most recognizable traditional genre. There are many variations within Joropo, but the most widely spread one hails from the western plains. This style is usually played with harp, cuatro, and maracas. However, 'Vuelve' is far from a traditional song as it incorporates drums, electric bass and a Farfisa organ; imagine for a second what would be if Stereolab was born in the Venezuelan “llanos”. 'Vuelve' was mixed by Alex Figueira at Barracão Sound Preorder 7":

THE CLASSICALISZT - Show #02 "The Legacy Of Pablo Casals" (Hosted by ASMA)
Music Is My Sanctuary

For our second instalment we will be exploring the life, times and music of legendary cellist Pablo Casals. Apart from being one of the first and finest cello interpreters in the world, Casals brought Bach's Suite for Solo Cello back to life; inspiring a generation of musicians. This show will go over his legendary career as well as showcase rare recordings from the White House to Casals conducting from within and in front of the Orchestra as well as one of his most ambitious compositions. Enjoy the soothing sounds of a true master. For TRACKLIST:

MIMS Radio - Season 2 Episode 10 (Shay Lia, Husser, Zara McFarlane)
Music Is My Sanctuary

What a season it's been! MIMS Radio presented by the Phi Centre has been a favourite project for a lot us, and we're so happy how Season 2 turned out. This last episode features Lexis & ASMA as your hosts, with in-studio performances from Montreal lyricist Husser as well as the rising Montreal R&B singer Shay Lia. We were happy to host London Jazz musician Zara McFarlane in studio for an interview ahead of her Montreal performance. For this episode's Geek Down, ASMA has researched and dug up music that was recorded in prison! Again, a big shout out to the whole team at Phi for being so amazing and hardworking, all the artists and guests who have come through the studio throughout the season, and of course a big thank you to all the listeners from around the world! Listen & Subscribe on iTunes: For TRACKLIST:

Internet Radio
Tribute To Todd Terry (Pt. 1) - Mixed by The RawSoul (The RAW HOUSE SUPREME Show #209)
Music Is My Sanctuary

A Tribute To Todd Terry Showcase, Part 1. Focusing on the early works of the legendary producer, this mix features his unique sound which perfectly combines the Hip Hop aesthetics of sampling and slamming House grooves. Straight up classic productions, underground anthems, essential remixes, and lost tracks in the mix! Listen & Subscribe on iTunes:

Classic House
session #090 – Lexis (Nepetalakton series)
Music Is My Sanctuary

Introducing our collaboration with MAMA JAZ, the Nepetalakton series, an ode to jazz and its influence on other sounds. Artists and friends around the world have been excited to bring their own touch to this series which we are launching on this year’s International Jazz Day with a pillar of the Montreal music scene. Active for over 15 years, versatile DJ, influential tastemaker and respected record digger, Lexis. In 2007, he founded Music Is My Sanctuary, one of most respected independent music websites in the world, in 2007. He crafted a fresh jazz influenced house selection which brilliantly kickstarts Nepetalakton. In our sense, a series which is meant to stimulate jazz cats as we reach for their pineal glands through their ears. Jump on board and enjoy the ride cymbals! *** Tracklist & interview : ***

VOYAGE FUNKTASTIQUE - Show #165 (Hosted by Walla P)
Music Is My Sanctuary

This week's show features new material from Nickee B, Sven Atterton, DâM-FunK, Stimulator Jones, Shiro Schwarz and East Liberty Quarters, and a load of Boogie Funk to satisfy your Funk cravings! Listen & Subscribe on iTunes: For TRACKLIST:

Modern Funk
Exclusive Premiere: Kool Customer "Blackberry (Somebody Told Me)" (Bastard Jazz Records)
Music Is My Sanctuary

First leak of B. Bravo & Bay Area singer Rojai's upcoming Kool Customer project on Bastard Jazz that brings in the sounds of Future Funk, '80s Boogie, and little bit of strip club sleaze. "Blackberry" is a dancefloor smasher with a big bassline, funky guitar licks, horn section and a mad catchy chorus! The single is being released digitally and on 7-inch June 29, 2018 with the full project expected mid-September. Preorder:

Modern Funk
LAZY DAYS - Show #72 (Hosted by Fred Everything)
Music Is My Sanctuary

Back with another episode of the Lazy Days Podcast #72. Going through different styles while keeping it in the 4/4 format. New music from Henry Wu, I:Cube, DOP remixed by Deetron, new Remix by Jimpster on the new Ransome Note label and a forthcoming Dub by Ian Pooley of my track Silverlight feat Jinadu, off my album Long Way Home. Hope you enjoy! Listen & Subscribe on iTunes: For TRACKLIST:

Deep House
Exclusive Premiere: Hugo Fattoruso "La del Cheche" (Far Out Recordings)
Music Is My Sanctuary

London-based Brazilian specialists Far Out Recordings (@faroutrecs) venture further out to Uruguay to record a new album with Fusion legend Hugo Fattoruso. After a twenty-year search for the man behind the cult '70s Jazz-Funk group Opa, Far Out are honoured to present Hugo Fattoruso Y Barrio Opa: a new work from Fattoruso and his team of world-class musicians, including the sensational Candombe drumming of the renowned Silva brothers. Recorded at Sondor Studios, Montevideo, the album is the natural development of the original Opa sound, fusing Afro-Uruguayan rhythms, Jazz harmony and heavy Funk attitude, under Hugo’s unique musical vision. "La del Cheche" is a great introduction into what to expect from the rest of the album. Pure class and excellent musicianship make for an exciting and enjoyable listen. The band seamlessly pulls together a lot of different styles and presents them in a straight to the point fashion. Born in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo in 1943, composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Hugo Fattoruso has had a profound influence on every aspect of Latin American musical culture. From early beginnings, playing in his family band at street festivals around Uruguay, to fronting Los Shakers: South America’s answer to the Beatles, and one of the most successful rock and roll groups from the continent. At the end of the sixties Fattoruso was looking to broaden his musical horizons, and in 1969 he moved to New York where he formed Opa and went on to rub shoulders with the likes of Ron Carter and Creed Taylor. Fusing Candombe (traditional rhythm of Uruguay) with Rock, Jazz, Funk and other Latin American rhythms, Opa created a distinctive Afro-Uruguayan voice within the global Jazz vernacular, influencing a generation of musicians throughout the seventies and beyond. During the eighties Fattoruso moved to Brazil, where he continued to work and record with Brazilian artists including Milton Nascimento, with whom he composed the World Music Grammy winning Nascimento album in 1997. Fattoruso also famously collaborated extensively with Airto Moreia, arranging and playing on a plethora of hit records including "Fingers" and "I’m Fine, How Are You". More recently Fattoruso’s music has been sampled by the likes Flying Lotus and Madlib. With such a prolific career, Fattoruso’s relative obscurity seems odd. Uruguay is dwarfed on either side by Brazil and Argentina, and while geography may have something to do with it, Hugo’s own elusiveness may also explain why someone so influential has been hitherto, so underappreciated. A deeply humble figure, never settling for too long in any one place, Hugo has dedicated his life to music and little else. It has taken twenty years for Far Out to track down the man behind Golden Wings and Magic Time, and it wasn’t until label boss Joe Davis met a Uruguayan producer (over one too many artisanal beers) at a world music conference in Budapest, that he finally made contact with one of his musical idols. Preorder Album:

MIMS Radio - Season 2 Episode 9 (Glenn Astro, Fred Everything, Nik Brovkin, Christian Pronovost)
Music Is My Sanctuary

A very special episode of MIMS Radio presented by the Phi Centre broadcasting from the great outdoors! The sun was shining in Montreal so we decided to try something different and set up shop at La Station FMR along The Lachine Canal. To compliment the scenery we had the legendary Christian Pronovost (aka Lost Heroes) drop by to dive into the wild world of Balearic music. Germany's Glenn Astro was also able to come by after playing a show in town to discuss his musical influences. Ahead of his album release party another Montreal legend, Fred Everything, performed a couple tracks live from his new record "Long Way Home". We also were joined by Montreal artist and illustrator Nik Brovkin to discuss his relationship with music and how it affects his visual craft. A big shout out to everyone at Phi for making this wonderful outdoor episode a reality! The One Tash & Lexis are your hosts, enjoy! Listen & Subscribe on iTunes: For TRACKLIST:

Internet Radio
MUSIC IS MY SANCTUARY Show #90 - Mixed by Lexis
Music Is My Sanctuary

Hope everyone is having a splendid summer so far! Certainly is a beautiful one in Montreal. Here is 120 minutes of hand-picked gems from me to you. The new, newish and unreleased tracks I've been playing these past few weeks. I've got a nice Jazz to House to Soul to Dub trip laid out, how musically adventurous are you?! Hope you make a couple nice discoveries, and let me know what your highlights are. Have a great summer everyone!

Exclusive Premiere: Comfy Bella "Be-Side" (Released records)
Music Is My Sanctuary

Comfy Bella (@comfybellamusic) shares a real jam of a tune which comes right in time for the summer heat! Released on Released Records (@releasedrecords) this cut is perfect for the beach or poolside, and if you listen closely you can even hear the faint sounds of waves in the background to amplify the feeling. Comfy Bella is the crop of an organic musical adventure which began in vocals and songwriting and has since evolved to DJing and producing. Even after working with the likes of Flood, Youth, Chris Martin, MJCole and spending an Australian summer (that turned into 8 years) touring and writing with Nightmares On Wax. CB describes the ‘Be-Side’ as the ‘bubble and squeak’ of the EP, mixing up ‘left overs’ from the single with ‘fresh ingredients’. This 12 minutes (originally 26!) of gorgeous simplicity and woozy grooves, confirms the ‘Be- Side’ as integral to the identity of the EP as the A-side. Comfy Bella is available for bookings worldwide, through Liam McIntyre at Released, please email [email protected] to discuss further. Preorder EP:

Minimal House
The RAW HOUSE SUPREME Show - #208 "Nervous Records Showcase Pt. 2" (Hosted by The RawSoul)
Music Is My Sanctuary

The "Nervous Records Showcase" Part 2. Another crucial and essential label, Nervous Records (@nervous-records) was very influential to the development of the New York underground House movement. It was founded in 1990 by Sam Weiss (of the legendary disco label Sam Records) and his son, Mike Weiss. Their extremely catchy logo and their raw and slamming releases made the label a favourite among the DJs and House heads within only a few releases out. As the years went by, Mike Weiss created an impressive catalogue of music embracing House, Techno, Hip Hop & Disco amongst others. Many legendary and upcoming producers were releasing tracks on the imprint building a varied but cohesive identity that was very representative of the excitement this music was generating at that time. More classic and lost tracks on this second part as we go deeper along the label vast variety of sounds. Essential cuts from Wayne Gardiner, Mood II Swing, Loni Clark, Burrell, Todd Edwards, Frankie Feliciano, Danny Tenaglia, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, The D.AT. Project, Kerri Chandler, Armand Van Helden, Kim English, Byron Stingily and so much more. There's a also a Hip Hop interlude in the mix showcasing some classic jams that became crucial for the label. Feel the vibe!!! Listen & Subscribe on iTunes: For TRACKLIST:

Classic House
Exclusive Premiere: Kwalia "Pulse"
Music Is My Sanctuary

Jordan Rakei and Richard Melkonian have teamed up to release their debut EP Pursuit under the name Kwalia. An unlikely combination of effected string compositions and soulful vocals flow effortlessly alongside one-another, giving a sense of an easy and natural inception which didn't take much movement against the grain to create. The forthcoming EP from Kwalia (@kwaliaband) brings to mind the sounds of certain orchestral chapters of Radiohead's catalogue, with an uplifting energy perfect for listeners with a curious ear. The pair, a Blue-Eyed Soul vocalist / producer and a Classical composer met working on the track Rooftop from Rakei’s album "Cloak". They quickly realized that a hybrid sound incorporating free moving Jazz rhythms, Rakei’s expressive soulful vocal and Melkonian’s Armenian harmony could be very interesting. The EP features a string quartet, a woodwind live band and heavy synths throughout. Kwalia's "Pursuit" EP releases June 22, 2018 by Pinkbird Recording Co. Preorder EP:

Contemporary Classical