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Episode 28 | “Pusha-Tea?”
The Need to Know Podcast

Who better to recap the biggest interview of the year? Savon, Alex, and Steph have an in-depth conversation about the Pusha T's interview with the Joe Budden Podcast. Who crossed the line in the Drake vs Pusha T feud. Also, why do men catcall women? The bromance we've all been waiting for and much more! Unpopular Opinion: Pillow Talk Dishonorable Mention: Teresa Klein aka Cornerstore Caroline

Episode 27 | "Nasty Bae"
The Need to Know Podcast

Savon, Alex, & Steph are back for another topic filled week! The highly anticipated Carter V has finally released , the crew talks its affect so far. Also Birdman is in talks of allegedly being involved in the Lil Wayne tour bus shooting from 2015. Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber decide not to get a pre-nup, the crew weighs in. & As always Steph takes relationship questions ❤️ Unpopular Opinion: You Don’t Need Marriage to have kids Dishonorable Mention: Yeimy & Jesus Barrios LIKE | SUBSCRIBE | COMMENT

Episode 26 | “The Plight of Greatness”
The Need to Know Podcast

This week Savon, Alex & Steph tackle a ton of topics! The crew give their personal opinions on the Bill Cosby scandal, Is comedy getting too serious? Also, do you always conform to what your significant other wants to do over & over again and not enough of what you want to do? Unpopular Opinion: There is no such thing as “No Strings Attached” Dishonorable Mention: School bus driver from Indiana : Joandrea McAtee Special shoutout goes out to : Guru House, A West Philly publication who did a feature page on The Need to Know Podcast for their September issue.

Episode 25 | "Easy Kill"
The Need to Know Podcast

This week Savon, Alex and Steph had a lot to discuss! Slow news week, no problem for the trio! The crew talks People with erratic behavior like Kanye West, who has made headlines once again for wanting to move to Chicago, 2018 greatest year for music? Or is this just the new precedent?Also Steph accepts relationship questions from a listener. Tune in! Dishonorable Mention: Vontae Davis

Episode 24 | "A Messy Week"
The Need to Know Podcast

This week Alex & Steph are joined once again by Devvon Terrell for a content packed week! The crew reacts to the Sudden death of rapper Mac Miller, praises John Legend for becoming apart of the prestigious EGOT group, and dissects the beef between Nicki Minaj & Cardi B. Steph also takes relationship questions from a listener. Unpopular Opinion: There’s nothing wrong with showing more support to an act after their death. Dishonorable Mentions : Louisiana Mayor Ben Zahn ||| & The NYPD Don’t forget to sign up for our Adidas Sneaker giveaway!

Episode 23 | "$ecure the Bag" (Feat. Ramel Newerls and Issac Grace)
The Need to Know Podcast

If you're looking to increase your income and have it told by businessmen that are relatable, this episode is for you! Ramel Newerls (IG: @mogullifestyle_) and Issac Grace (IG: @ike_ymc) stop by to break down financial literacy and share their story of earning over 1 million before the age of 30. The two upcoming businessmen have been sponsors by Jay Morrison and are going on the "Young and Wealthy tour" to drop gems for anyone willing to increase their income! The Young and Wealthy tour kicks off in Brooklyn: 9/29

Episode 22 | "Cheques Over Stripes"
The Need to Know Podcast

This week Savon, Alex and Steph are back and there's a ton to discuss! The crew dives into the feud between Eminem and Joe Budden and also compares the careers of Eminem and Jay-Z. Also,what’s really going on between Drake & Kanye West? They speculate on the real issues between the two artist and have different thoughts on the beef. Nike has quickly become everyone’s favorite or most hated sports brand after announcing their partnership with Colin Kaepernick. Let's talk about it. Unpopular Opinion: "Eminem is not smart" Dishonorable Mention: Maria Gonzalez Don’t Forget to sign up for our Adidas Sneaker giveaway with 3 simple steps! 1. Tune into the show 2. Leave a comment through SoundCloud | iTunes | YouTube Etc. With your feelings about our show, along with your @ name & size sneakers. 3. Follow the @thentkpodcast on Instagram

Episode 21 | "Loyal Ties" (Feat Evan Combest & MsTeeTalk)
The Need to Know Podcast

This week Savon & Alex are joined by Tiana AKA MsTeeTalk & YouTube personality & Comedian Evan Combest. The crew weighs in on Birdman’s public apology to Lil Wayne. They also discuss loyalty in friendships, buisness, and relationships. Savon takes a question from a listener on “The hoe phase”. And Evan elaborates on how he got into comedy and the rigors of a hard-working comedian. Unpopular Opinion: “No coming back from crossing the line with loyalty” Dishonorable Mention: Michaela Pearson & Candice Little

Episode 20 | "Plan A-Rod"
The Need to Know Podcast

This week, the crew discusses the importance of consistency and hard work. Savon answers questions on how he maintained a role on the Joe Budden podcast. They also discuss the VMA's, the stigma of interracial dating for women and much more! Alex also reveals his pornstar name! Unpopular Opinion: "Colleg is NOT Overrated" Dishonorable Mention: Volusia County School

Episode 19 | "Petty Is The Game" (Feat. Raffy)
The Need to Know Podcast

This week Savon, Alex and Steph are joined by Raffy to discuss some of the pettiness that took place last week. They begin with Nicki Minaj vs Safaree and some of the double standards that are placed on men in society. Savon then questions Travis Scott's first-week album sales and if his billionaire girlfriend could've enhanced his sales. Steph also answers this weeks question from a listener who wanted to know "how can men tell a woman isn't into the relationship anymore". It gets deep (pause). Also, we've reached over 100,000 listens total!! Salute to the early listeners for rocking with us thus far. Unpopular Opinion: "It's okay to be petty in a relationship" Dishonorable mention: Danny Gonzalez

Episode 18 | "100 Million Weirdos" (Feat. Devvon Terrell)
The Need to Know Podcast

Over 100 million streams on YouTube and host of the "Weirdo Podcast" Devvon Terrell joins Savon, Alex and Steph to talk Travis Scott and discuss his journey as an independent artist (21:06 interview begins). Also known as the living weirdo, Devvon elaborates on being a nerd and his comparisons to Childish Gambino and Jamie Foxx. Steph asks the guys why do men feel hesitant to commit first, Devvon credits Ne-Yo as the reason for becoming an artist and Savon shares his "Unpopular Opinion". Much to learn and consume on this episode. Also stick around to hear Devvon Terrell's single "You Different". Devvon Terrell - "You Different" | Dishonorable mention: Curtis Collman Unpopular Opinion: Cheating Isn't a Reason to Leave

Episode 17 | "Bust It Open"
The Need to Know Podcast

On this episode Savon, Alex and Steph began with Lyor Cohen's interview on The Breakfast Club and ask if it confirmed that he is a culture vulture. The crew accepted fan question's on celibacy and dating as a millennial and one of the hosts reveals they are practicing celibacy. They also discuss LeBron being the G.O.A.T, Kim K clapping back at Tyson Beckford and discuss if the "filter bubble" is hurting society or not. And a new segment was introduced to the podcast this episode as well, enjoy! Dishonorable Mention: Danueal Drayton & The N.R.A NEW SEGMENT: This Week's Unpopular Opinion - "It's okay to go bald"

Episode 16 | "Clout Chasing" (Feat. Dro Hef)
The Need to Know Podcast

This week Savon and Alex are joined by rapper Dro Hef. They discuss artist and media who capitalize off "clout chasing" and Akademiks going off on an Instagram thot. We know 50 Cent is an instigator, but is his latest fallout with Floyd Mayweather a form of snitching? Also, Dro tells us how he connected with Shiggy, making music with Dave East and his relationship with Max B. And the guys give their top 5 rappers of all time. Dro Hef (feat Dave East) - "Talkin' Bout" |

Episode 15 | "Context Is Key"
The Need to Know Podcast

This week Savon, Alex and Steph are joined by Omari and laugh from start to finish. They begin by discussing albums they believe were underappreciated this year. They also talk about society enabling racism, why Azealia Banks is overlooked, Michelle William's admits to dealing with mental illness, Scott Storch wasting 100 million dollars and much more on this loaded episode.

Episode 14 | "The Red Head" (Feat. Chow Lee)
The Need to Know Podcast

This week Savon, Alex and Steph were joined by upcoming artist Chow Lee (@thankschow). Chow joined the conversation and didn't hold back on his opinions. They discuss Charlamagne tha God's recent allegations and if the timing should be a concern. The crew discusses Kevin Hart vs Mike Epps, and Alex discusses his personal relationship with Mike Epps and is Kylie Jenners run more impressive than Kim Kardashian's? They also talk Chow Lee's unique sound and how he emerged on SoundCloud with over 500,000 listens. Make sure you check out our YouTube page this weekend where we announce the winners for the Adidas give away! Thank you all for rocking with us. Dishonorable mention: Kevin Durant Chow Lee - "Slimey" |

Episode 13 | "Still Loading...." (Feat. Trap Dev)
The Need to Know Podcast

This week Savon, Alex and Steph are joined by Trap Dev (@xTrapDev) to discuss Drake's new album, Pusha T's effect on the album, and did the album live up to the hype? They also list their top 3 albums of the year thus far. Is Blac Chyna the new rollout for upcoming artist/athletes? Alex gives his conspiracy on her. And the crew addresses the complications of not knowing your ancestry, enjoy! Dishonorable Mention: Boonk Gang We're giving away 2 pairs of Adidas of your choice for FREE! Comment, rate and contact us to verify([email protected]) to qualify.

Episode 12 | "Two Birds, 1 Stone" (Ft. Miss Billy Joe and Elijah Horton)
The Need to Know Podcast

This week Savon and Alex are joined by two guest - Miss Billy Joe (@miss_billyjoe), who’s a freehand painter/3D graphic artist and Elijah Horton (@ElijahHorton94), Newspaper Editor/Photographer. They discuss Terry Crews sexual assault case and if society has become too sensitive or dismissive. Miss Billy Joe brought in her latest painting and describes her process behind it, goes in on Kanye and shares her story. Elijah describes the music scene in Florida and his journey as an upcoming photographer. They also discuss Teyana Taylor, people owing you money, Drake and more! We're giving away 2 pairs of Adidas of your choice for FREE! Comment, rate and contact us to verify([email protected]) to qualify. Nothing more, nothing less. #NTKGiveaway

Episode 11 | "Conspiracies In The City" (Feat. Ivana Renee)
The Need to Know Podcast

After taking a week off, Savon, Alex and Steph had plenty to discuss. This week they're joined by Ivana Renee of the "Homegirls In The City" podcast and she tells us what inspires her. They also share their thoughts on XXXTentacion's untimely death and the conspiracy theories behind it. Nas released an album on Friday, Jay-Z and Beyonce dropped on Saturday? Were they being petty to overshadow Nas and Kanye? And Ivana helps the crew out with some relationship advice, discusses her podcast and her dislike for corporate America. Dishonorable Mention: The Donald Trump Administration We're giving away 2 pairs of Adidas of your choice for FREE! All you have to do is comment (honest feedback), rate and contact us ([email protected]) to qualify. Nothing more, nothing less. #NTKGiveaway

Episode 10 | "KimYe the Con-Artist?"
The Need to Know Podcast

This week Savon, Alex and Steph are joined by Uncle Nar-Nar and Angie. They discuss Kanye's "ye" album as well as his mental state and debate if Kanye's message is sincere or not. Also, Angie gives us insight into the Wyoming listening party. The crew then revisits Kim Kardashian's role in Alice Johnson's clemency, can Drake still be considered the best rapper after taking an L to Pusha T and we pay respect to Kate Spade and more! Dishonorable Mention: Tekashi 69 and Cheif Keef We're giving away 2 pairs of Adidas of your choice for FREE! All you have to do is comment (honest feedback), rate and contact us (email or dm) to qualify. Nothing more, nothing less. #NTKGiveaway