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Why Isn't There A Single Good I Wanna Die Song? well , now there is. jk
Stop And Look At The Moving Clouds

the song is about me putting all the songs titled i wanna die on a playlist trying to look for songs i could relate with and i couldn't find a single song i could relate with , some for obvious reasons of course , some noteable examples were : 1.i wanna die in los angels 2.i wanna die at 69 3.i wanna die in paris 4.i wanna die for a gin tonic etc... it wasn't all bad , cause i found songs like someone still loves you boris yeltsin - Think i wanna die Sample : AFI - silver and cold Lyrics : I wish I could come to create more without losing touch and hearing people say stuff they didn’t actually say as I walk away I close my eyes just to rest and I wished I closed my eyes more so I’d actually feel good , so I’d enjoy the little things I just want be happy without a reason , to look at a flower and feel good without knowing why , everything’s so-so for me , creating this song is not fun for me , so I’m a stop looking at clouds now. Self-restraint doesn’t come easy to me, I scroll down then I feel like shit, mindlessly playing games then I feel like shit, I cum then I feel like shit and tired. It’s like I have to tie myself down and throw away the key just to read. And this is an endless cycle , that is my every day, I wish to not make myself hurt with this, this is pain , I just want to know more, that’s what gives me joy, not be stuck in this routine, I dearly want to wake up from this.

Depressive Melodic Piano
Why Isn't There A Single Good I Wanna Die Song? (instrumental version)
Stop And Look At The Moving Clouds

sample from : AFI - Silver And Cold

Post-life sucks and i wanna die , just kidding
Lil Peep - Star Shopping (death metal cover)
Stop And Look At The Moving Clouds

i cry 4 u

Lil Peep
Music For 9 (so-far) Pornogrind Musicians
Stop And Look At The Moving Clouds

SAMPLE : polyester - hecker hi guys , i make a concept song which is based on the idea of the famous musical piece "music for 18 musicians" - but instead of the classical aspect , it be : music for 18 pornogrind/cybergrind musicians , basically i wanna fit as many instruments from these two genres to one song , so basically a choir of as many pornogrind/cybergrind musicians available Lyrics : Age is nothing but a marker, intelligence is an everlong development. Those of us that see it in ourselves want to share amongst all that awake beyond self-awareness and begin to see existence as something they are connected to but much grander than a singular frame of reference

100 men chained to the floor trying to hide from a crossbow killer
Stop And Look At The Moving Clouds

the short story/single scene i had in mind when i wrote this : 100 people chained to the floor naked trying to hide from a crossbow killer while the killer's used-to-be friend is running unchained among them and have gotten the chance to escape and is running through the prisoners trying to survive , he decided to take his clothes off too - to not stand out too much , but his attempts were futile , as while taking cover behind another human an arrow got across - right through the chained person’s face to the friend’s arm , leaving a trail of blood behind him , and the killer chant : la la la la , it was too hard for him to cover up his bleeding blood trail , he decided to stick his hand in a blood stoppage pressure point in his body to stop the bleeding , but as it was difficult for him to move through with no blood circulation , he decided to take short breaks in which he leaves the pressure point , and the huge gash created by the wound kept on bleeding just momentarily without leaving a trail , due to the in consistent trail it was hard for the killer to track him , he also asked for the prisoners chained to cooperate with him and hurt themselves – make themselves bleed , so the killer won’t be able to trace the bleeding coming from his arm , the friend of course offered each one of the prisoners he hid behind that when he escapes he will get help and rescue them , due to the following strategy the friend was managed to escape , and to even call to help from the old cabin that was placed near the abandoned military base in which the event took place , but when the help arrived , it was too late , they have all died from their own wounds , almost like a killer wasn't even there . Credits : Sample by Rosemary's baby Artwork by Lacey

Berserk - My Brother (Short Metal Cover)
Stop And Look At The Moving Clouds

recorded a while back but forgot to upload to soundcloud/bandcamp ♥

I filled my mouth with water
Stop And Look At The Moving Clouds

Lyrics : crawling around you for days and you do not respond , I've stopped counting the ways i tried to get to you , i have filled my mouth with water for so long and i won't even care if you'd be shot dead. Samples : Fort Minor - Where'd you go Man Alive - Fire Phanatic - Mandragora x Devochka - Shiva Style Temporary artwork by Christy Patino

Slamming Psychedelic Ambient Pornogrind
I'm So Fucking Weak
Stop And Look At The Moving Clouds

'How satisfying it is to leave a mark on a blank surface. To make a map of my movement. No matter how temporary' - Craig Thompson Temporary Artwork by sidselk