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Super Junior - 月蝕~Lunar Eclipse~
Tali Machluf 1
There is a place 有一个地方 #yifan
Tali Machluf 1

它像个孩子一样,第一首自己的歌,第一次创作,第一次制作。生日快乐 Just For You #有一个地方主题曲# 送给每一个地方的每一个你,“有你在身旁,终于不再流浪”。

SUKIRA 中秋特輯 銀赫東海Eunhyuk Donghae給大家的MESSAGE
Tali Machluf 1

Ryeowook: Ah, these people.. why did these two gather together? Ai really... What kind of topics will they tell us.. I worry that they will say weird things again. Let's listen. Eunhyuk/Donghae: Hello, we are Super Junior. Eunhyuk: I am Super Junior's Eunhyuk Donghae: Hello, I am Super Junior's Donghae. Eunhyuk: Kiss Family, it has been a while. It's nice to meet you guys like this on Chuseok. Donghae: Me too, it's nice to meet you. Eunhyuk: How are you guys spending Chuseok? Donghae-ssi? Donghae: As for me, I am in the midst of practicing for concert with members Eunhyuk: Yes, we Super Junior have turned in our vacation days and are practicing. I want to quickly meet fans again, and I also want to see Kiss family again soon. I miss you a lot. Donghae: Me too. Eunhyuk: Ai, can't you talk well? Donghae: I also miss you Eunhyuk: Talk longer Donghae: That.... I miss you Eunhyuk: Ai, really. Eunhyuk: You can't leave out music in Chuseok. So we will give you guys a song for a gift. What song should we give them? Donghae: What we thought of was, our member Yesung-ssi's 먹지 Eunhyuk: Our member-, right now he isn't our member Donghae: I recommend Our previous member, Yesung hyung's 먹지 Eunhyuk: It's Chuseok. What should we eat (먹지 mukji) ? Donghae: Eat (mukji) anything Eunhyuk: Eat (mukji) songpyeon. Eat (mukji) chuseok food. Say stuff like this. Sorry, we'll do this again. What should we eat (mukji)? Donghae: Eat (mukji) songpyeon D&E: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Eunhyuk: Sorry. Let's listen to Yesung's 먹지 together~ Have a good Chuseok~ D&E: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ryeowook: Ho script writer's voice at the end was too loud ㅋㅋ You.. call it chemistry right? These two have a really good chemistry, it's an amazing teamwork. There is a unit, D&E. Koreans may not know the unit so well. They had concerts in Japan... and I think their combination will make a great achievement later. I hope they will release an album in Korea soon too. Anyways, they asked for Yesung-ssi's 먹지 for the song right? (The staffs said) they don't have it. I don't know if it hasn't been reviewed yet or what, but they don't have it. So we asked them again. Let's listen again. Donghae: They said they don't have the song. What should we ask for then? Eunhyuk: I already knew Yesung-ssi's songs weren't famous but.. since we chose him once ... It's sad. Donghae: so what kind of song? Eunhyuk: We have to keep our loyalty, so let's choose another song by Yesung-ssi Donghae: 너 아니면 안돼 Eunhyuk: Yes. KBS probably has this song. Donghae: They probably have it... but they didn't stop the song, just because he is stopped right now, right? Eunhyuk: Stop what? Ah, Yesung-ssi is 'not working' right now? Eunhyuk: We recommend Yesung-ssi's 너 아니면 안돼. Let's listen together~ Donghae: Listen together~ Ryeowook: He really is bad at talking. Donghae hyung is handsome. Handsome, that's enough. If you are both handsome and at good at talking, ... I am doing DJ because I am somewhat good at talking. It's a relief that Donghae-ssi is handsome.

DONGHAE & EUNHYUK Wonderland Full Audio
Tali Machluf 1
Tali Machluf 1